Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1150: Cleansing the meridians, strengthening the arteries 4


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Hmph, what kinda lousy spiritual pet was it, it had no ability to make discerning judgements and still dared to ridicule its Master? Continue to stay in confinement!

Huang Yueli had just kept the Phoenix Blood and changed into a new set of clothes as she left the room.

Huang Zixiao was just outside the door, waiting for her.

Seeing Huang Yueli coming out, he looked at her from head to toe as he gave a surprised expression.

"You're finally out, you actually stayed in the Phoenix Blood Pool for such a long time, I almost thought something happened to you! Now it looks like you've benefited a lot from this Phoenix Blood Pool. From…. Fourth stage realm third level, you advanced to fourth stage peak??"

Huang Yueli smiled as she asked, "Why? Have I broken the record again?"

Huang Zixiao said, "That isn't so. Phoenix Blood's strengthening effect differs on each individual. Some effects are especially good, even possible to leap over two large realms! But as your previous cultivation speed was slow, fourteen or fifteen years old and still have not advanced to fourth stage realm, so now you suddenly advanced so quickly so that made me slightly surprised."

Huang Yueli gave a dry cough, "Heh heh, in the past I have not been cultivating properly….."

She didn't tell him about her cultivating for just one year as instinct told her that this shocking matter would be better be left as her ace.

Huang Zixiao continued, "Now you know how good the inheritance tower's rewards are? Now that you've passed the second stage of heaven grade assessment perfectly, then when you reach ninth stage realm, you can come to the inheritance tower once again and accept the third stage refinement. If your refinement succeeds, you'd obtain an even better reward! Of course, that includes the chance to enter the Phoenix Blood Pool again."

Huang Yueli blinked, thinking to herself that she had already collected a huge pool of Phoenix Blood in the Sky Phoenix Ring, so she had a guilty conscience.

She had already taken so much Phoenix Blood, and whether she had the second chance to enter the Phoenix Blood Pool, it didn't seem that important now.

Only….. this resourceful thinking, surely she wasn't the only one who had thought about it right?

Huang Yueli was puzzled so she might as well have tried to probe to get the answer, "Senior, earlier when I was in the Phoenix Blood Pool, you didn't keep an eye on me, aren't you afraid that I'd steal some Phoenix Blood?"

Huang Zixiao was stunned for a moment, then subsequently as though he had heard an especially funny joke, he started laughing out loud.

"Ha ha ha! I say, young lass, aren't you thinking just a little too much? Actually you can try to keep some Phoenix Blood into your realm ring earlier! Then you'd know that this is practically impossible!"

"Ah? Why?" Huang Yueli went blank.

Huang Zixiao replied, "Because Phoenix Blood is an existence which is much higher than God Relic so ordinary realm rings practically aren't able to contain the pressure from the Phoenix Blood, so it's cause the space to distort, thereby causing the realm ring to shatter directly! Want to put the Phoenix Blood into a realm ring and bring it out? That's just a beautiful wish! Phoenix Blood can only be stored in a higher levelled existence than a God Relic! For example… this inheritance tower!"

Huang Yueli was stunned, "So that's the case, I've gained more knowledge again….."

Although she said that, but her heartbeat was starting to speed up.

Realm ring would directly shatter when it meets Phoenix Blood? Some higher levelled existence than God Relic could store the Phoenix Blood?

Then why… had she easily stored the Phoenix Blood into the Sky Phoenix Ring?

Linking it to her innate testing earlier, her Profound Energy was depleted, and the Sky Phoenix ring unleashed a gust of energy, helping her pass the difficult juncture…..