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Chapter 445: Open the mouth, the simple joy (Part 1)

Lin Chujiu’s attention was all focused on Meng Xiuyuan’s injury on the neck . She didn’t notice Meng Xiuyuan’s abnormal behavior . She only thought that he was nervous, so she said to comfort him: “Your injuries have recovered well, you’ll be able to speak soon . “

When Meng Xiuyuan heard Lin Chujiu’s words, he immediately returned to his senses and found out he was staring at a place he shouldn’t have been staring at . His brain had an idea he shouldn’t have . Because of this, his face got pale, he must be crazy!

In order not to let Lin Chujiu know, Meng Xiuyuan quickly turned his gaze away, and secretly adjusted his emotions to calm himself .

Meng Xiuyuan’s response was extremely fast . The servants near him didn’t notice his abnormality . Even if someone saw it, he wouldn’t think much about it . He will only think he was nervous about his disease if it can be cured, but… …

No matter how good Meng Xiuyuan covered it up, he cannot hide it from Meng Daren . Meng Daren was more worried about Meng Xiuyuan’s disease more than Meng Xiuyuan himself . When Lin Chujiu began to cut the thread, Meng Daren’s attention was always on his son, he was afraid of him to have an accident .

Meng Xiuyuan looked at Lin Chujiu’s eyes, he seemed to be calm, but in fact, his guilty conscience was all seen by Meng Daren .

How can this be?

Meng Daren froze on the spot . He had no idea that his son admired Xiao w.a.n.gfei . This, this, this shouldn’t be happening!

How many beautiful ladies were there in the four countries, but his son didn’t even look at them . So why would his son have affection for a married woman?

Oh my G.o.d!

Meng Daren felt like he was going crazy . The next moment, he thought of taking away Meng Xiuyuan away in the east country as soon as possible . He wanted to separate him from Lin Chujiu . He mustn’t let his son’s feelings continue .

Their Meng family had been excellent scholars from generations, they never had such an ugly incident . He must let Meng Xiuyun entangled with Lin Chujiu .

Meng Daren firmly believes that his son must never have close contact with women, so he couldn’t distinguish between grat.i.tude and love . That’s why he looked at Xiao w.a.n.gfei differently . As long as he takes him away, nothing will happen .

Leave, they must leave the east immediately . After returning to Weichang College, he must find Meng Xiuyuan a suitable wife . As long as he got married, this feeling will fade away .

After thinking like that, Meng Daren felt like the anxiety in his heart lessen a bit . He could see that Xiao w.a.n.gfei had no interest in his son . As long as Xiao w.a.n.gfei doesn’t feel the same, according to his son’s character, he will not be rude .

While Meng Daren was on deep thoughts, Lin Chujiu had cut the last suture and put the tweezers and surgical scissors on the tray . Then, she took a deep breath and said: “Alright, Meng Gongzi, open your mouth and try to make a sound, tell me if you feel any pain in your throat, okay?”

Hearing what Lin Chujiu said, Meng Daren immediately put away the messy thought he had in mind, and then hurriedly came forward: “Xiuyuan, try it… …”

Meng Xiuyuan had calmed down at this time . The admiration in his eyes for Lin Chujiu had long disappeared . His eyes looked as gentle as usual . He looked at Lin Chujiu and opened his mouth: “Ah …”

A simple tone, but the sound was clear .

“Xiuyuan, you, you can finally make a sound . ” Meng Daren was so excited as his eyes got teary .

For more than 20 years, he finally heard his son’s voice, his son can finally live like a normal person and read books… …

“Mmm… …” Meng Xiuyuan could only make a simple sound at this time, but everything was new to him . Meng Xiuyuan, who has always been rational and calm, for the first time he was like a child, he constantly issued an ‘Ah’ sound .
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