Princess Medical Doctor Chapter 444: 2


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Chapter 444: Speaking, never reply (Part 2)

Lin Chujiu’s trip was very low-key, but many people were staring at her . As soon as she went out, the spies followed her all the way . When the carriage drove into the Meng Family’s house, this news spread to some people .

“The Meng family? This empress wants to see if Lin Chujiu can cure the Meng young master’s disease . ” In the imperial palace, the empress said with a smile after reading the news… …

She’s looking forward to Lin Chujiu contacting the Meng family . After all, the relations.h.i.+p between the Meng family and the Central Empire was not ordinary . Presumably, Lin Chujiu will soon contact the people of the Central Empire .

After receiving the news, the emperor said with a bad tone: “Send people to keep an eye on her . If the Meng young master’s disease is cured, immediately cause misunderstanding between the two, so that the father and son will leave the capital immediately . ”

Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao cause him enough headache, he doesn’t want the Meng Family to stay in the capital any further . The status of Wenchang College of Meng Family among the scholars was too high . If they support Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao, the emperor will have big trouble .

“This subordinate understood . ” The Spy Leader bowed his head and leave .

Lin Chujiu didn’t take off the black hat on her head until she walked into the Flower Hall and then said to Meng Daren: “Meng Daren, forgive me for being rude . ”

“It’s because we’re troubling you . w.a.n.gfei, please sit down, Xiuyuan will be here soon . ” Meng Daren let Lin Chujiu sit down on the main seat, but Lin Chujiu refused . She simply put her medicine box on the table near the light and said: “The lightning is good here, Meng Gongzi will be here soon, so I’ll stand for a while . ”

Meng Daren wanted to persuade Lin Chujiu, but before he could open his mouth, he saw Meng Xiuyuan walking towards the flower hall .

Meng Xiuyuan walked slowly with a faint smile on his face . His deep eyes were like autumn water . Lin Chujiu felt that he was looking at her from afar .

This gentleness can drown people . Unfortunately, Lin Chujiu has always been hard-headed . As a married woman, she would never think about it . She just turned around and opened the medicine box to prepare in advance .

Meng Xiuyuan’s neck was wrapped in a bandage, and he couldn’t speak at this time . After entering, he nodded his head toward Lin Chujiu . Lin Chujiu also said nothing, she pointed her finger to the chair next to him and signaled Meng Xiuyuan to sit down .

Lin Chujiu put on gloves, a mask, took out surgical scissors, and then walked close to Meng Xiuyuan . The light was too dim . She turned around and said to Meng Daren: “Meng Daren, please put two candlesticks beside Meng Gongzi . ”

Candlestick was hardly convenient to use, she needs it a bit closer . Meng Daren directly let two servants hold the candlestick and stood to aside .

The human candleholder can adjust the position and height of the candle . Lin Chujiu nodded her head slightly in satisfaction .

When she looked at Meng Xiuyuan again, Lin Chujiu wanted to comfort him, but the other party looked calm . Lin Chujiu felt that this man must be strong enough to face failure, so… …

Lin Chujiu said nothing . After removing the bandage on Meng Xiuyuan’s neck, Lin Chujiu leaned forward, she held the tweezers, pulled the thread gently, and then carefully cut the suture with the tip of the surgical scissors… …

Every time the surgical scissors moved, it will make a *kachik* sound . The cold tweezers and scissors kept touching Meng Xiuyuan’s skin, but he doesn’t feel any pain, he only felt a tingling sensation, which unconsciously made his body felt tight .

When a person was nervous, his senses will become more sensitive, and because the wound was on his neck, the two were inevitably close to each other . Lin Chujiu was a doctor . She has long been accustomed to getting close to the patient, she will not put it to heart, but… …
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