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Chapter 444: Speaking, never reply (Part 1)

Ji Fengyu and Nannuo Yao were planning to start with Lin Chujiu, but they can’t find an opportunity for the meantime …

Xiao Tianyao won the battle . Of course, the person who benefited the most was Lin Chujiu . Recently, no one in the capital dared to mess with Lin Chujiu . And because Princess Fushou Zhang had eaten such a big defeat, she didn’t dare to find Lin Chujiu trouble, rather she stayed honest . She let the emperor sent her out of the capital again .

Originally, when the emperor heard that Princess Fushou Zhang was injured, he brought her back to the capital . He wanted to use the attempt to Princess Fushou Zhang to suppress Xiao w.a.n.gfu, but he didn’t expect that he was trying to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice used to lure it .

At the Dali Temple, Jing Chi and Tang Tang accused Princess Fushou Zhang of forcibly robbing man, which angered the emperor . For the emperor, this was a shameful act .

Under such circ.u.mstances, and not to mention that Princess Fushou Zhang was only slightly injured, but even if she was about to die, the emperor will not let her settle in the capital .

Princess Fushou Zhang may only add more problems . The emperor arranged 18 eunuchs to take care of her . Apart from these eunuchs, the guards were not allowed to approach the princess .

He doesn’t believe that with these group of eunuchs, Princess Fushou Zhang could still use a backhand .

As for Jing Chi and Tang Tang?

The emperor and Shadow Moon Tower reached an agreement in private . They will not let this matter left aside . As for what agreement they reached, Lin Chujiu didn’t find anyone to inquire .

The Shadow Moon Tower never took a business to the imperial family, so she was not worried about Shadow Moon Tower sending an to kill her or Xiao Tianyao .

In the past few days, Lin Chujiu just read historical books in Xiao Tianyao’s study room, and then wrote three pages review . She wanted to share the content of the book she read to Xiao Tianyao .

No one can’t blame Lin Chujiu for being lazy . Because she doesn’t know what else to write to Xiao Tianyao . She needs to send a letter every 3 days . She couldn’t think enough words to say .

After seeing the three letters acc.u.mulated in the drawer that waiting to be sent out, Lin Chujiu was very satisfied that she doesn’t need to write a letter for Xiao Tianyao in the next 10 days .

Seeing these letters, Lin Chujiu suddenly thought of a very serious question: “I seem to have sent 4 letters to Xiao Tianyao, why didn’t I see Xiao Tianyao reply?”

Did the letter he sent eaten by a dog?

“Even if he doesn’t reply all the time, after sending 3 to 4 letters, he should give me a reply even once, right?” The more Lin Chujiu thought of this, the more she felt wrong . When Su Cha came back to get the letter, she will ask him about this .

Did Xiao Tianyao not receive her letter or he didn’t want to reply to her?

If Xiao Tianyao didn’t reply to her letter, then starting from the next letter, she will just use the template to record what she did every hour of the day . She will never write a formal letter to Xiao Tianyao again . Because that man will not reply to her anyway .

*Kacha* Lin Chujiu locked the drawer with a gloomy face . She had this inexplicable feeling in her heart . However, she hasn’t had the chance to think about it much, when suddenly, Housekeeper Cao came and said: “w.a.n.gfei, you can leave now . ”

Lin Chujiu was going out to visit Meng Xiuyuan today . Meng Xiuyuan’s wound inflamed last time . Lin Chujiu prescribed new medicine to him . And today, the Meng Family sent a letter saying Meng Xiuyuan’s wound has completely healed .

Lin Chujiu said before that she wanted to keep filial piety to the old lady of Meng Family, so this time, she also wanted to stay low-key . If she leaves at night, no one will notice her, and so she quietly left the house .

Lin Chujiu wear black clothes in the room and also put on a hat . After completely dressing up herself, she went out .

Housekeeper Cao arranged a green-colored carriage, it looked very simple compared to Xiao w.a.n.gfu’s carriage . But inside, it was very comfortable . Although it was smaller, it was not suffocating .

The carriage drove out of the gate of Xiao w.a.n.gfu and went towards the house where the Meng Family lived temporarily in the capital .
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