Primordial System Chapter 24: Chapter 23: Back to the Forest, Strength Increase


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"Actually not so much an illusion but more like it will be real because the intent of the swords will create a sort of plane in which the fighters will be sent to like a separate space created by Time and Space elements like in the description." said Yue'er as she corrected Yan'er

"So that means the sword can create Space. That also means I can use them to travel just like Yomotsu Hirasaka." said Yan'er

"I guess I'll try them out tomorrow." said Yan'er as she went to bed


After waking up Yan'er wanted to go to the forest to test her Zanpakto's. Sometime later after getting deep into the forest Yan'er starts killing an adapting to her Zanpakto's.

"These swords are great for killing and because they are long they give me a broader range. Obviously they can't compare to my dragon form but it suits me well for my human form." said Yan'er

After some practice Yan'er went in deeper and started fighting for real. When she ran into a hoard of monsters she decided to use her bankai. This put them all into a new dimension created by the swords.

Within the dimension Yan'er was almost invincible due to the fact that she could control time. After some hunting she checked her stats to see how much stronger she got.


Name: Yu Yan

Race: Dragon

Species: Primordial Dragon

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Level: 81

Exp: 22,450,000/25,000,000

Primal Points: 1,979,000

Body: Spirit formation Stage 1

Essence: Spirit formation Stage 1

Soul: Spirit formation Stage 1

[Bloodline: Primordial Dragon: Purity 100%, Primordial Phoenix: Purity 100%, Primordial Fae: Purity 100%, Creator's Bloodline: Purity 100%]

[Special Bloodlines:Ancestral Uchiha Bloodline: Purity 100%]

[Equipment: Kaguya Otsutuki's Attire(Tier 8 Peak Quality)(Upgrade Price: 100,000 Primal Points)





~[Cultivation Manual: Primordial Cultivation Method]~

~[Phoenix Mark[Relationships]]~

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~[Dragon Slash - Mid]~

~[Dragon's Breath - Mid]~

~[Phoenix Ascension - Mid]~

~[Tail Whip - Mid]~

~[Nature's Control - Mid]~

~[Human Form[Clothing]]~

~[Other Techniques(Select for more details)]~


[Recommended Techniques]

~[Innate Techniques]~

Control of Creation(Allows user to finally be able to use Creation element)]

(Price: 500,000 Primal Points)

[Lvl 100 to unlock more]


After looking at her stats she decided to buy "Control of Creation" because she needed for later and she wanted to she what she could do with it.

[Are you sure you would like to buy "Control of Creation" for 500,000 Primal Points]

[Yes] [No]

After she said "Yes" she entered the Tower so that she could rest. Yue'er as always was waiting to take a bath but this time he called over the sisters and Mu Lan to join them in their fun.

Of course they were surprised when they saw Yue'er as she was nearly as beautiful as Yan'er. But soon Yan'er introduced her as her first wife after which they bonded and had fun till they fell to sleep on the bed.

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