Planeswalker's Journey Chapter 1: Prologue


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Where am I?

…W-who am I?

I…I can't see anything… What is this place?

Slowly, my eyes began to get used to the darkness, allowing me to see my surroundings for the first time. There is a… table in front of me; a silver case lying on top of it, there's also a simple clock hanging from the wall ahead, with two pointers instead of three, both pointing up. There is something about this clock, I think that is important but I can't quite get, I only know this; the clock is important, theimportanceoftheclockcannotbedenied,Imustfocusallmybeingontheclock,theclockmustbeplayedattentionto-


I tear my eyes away from the clock, trying to catch my breath, this…this is not normal, I can feel my stomach twist, my chest burning from my effort, never before have I been so- NO! Don't think about it! I-I have to get out of here.

I try to get up from the chair I was sitting- WHAT!


"HELP!" My scream echoes throughout the tiny room, "SOMEBODY HELP ME!"

Fuck! I can't move!

Even the fucking chair doesn't budge an inch.

Oh, Fuck I can't breathe!

I am dying! I can't see! I don't know where I am! I'm hurt!! Please, I don't wanna die! Please!


My right arm, I can move it now. I quickly try to take out the restraints-


My body is being kept in this wooden chair by some kind of…of invisible force or something, I can move my upper body and right arm, but the rest stay glued to the chair, and the thing keeps challenging physics for not moving when I throw my weight back.

Right-Fuck! This is fucked up!- I have to calm down, this is going nowhere, maybe I could use my arm to-


Everything stops. My body freezes, my mind blanks, and I knew from deep in my soul that something monumental has just happened; I don't even have to look to know that hanging quietly on the wall. The clock began to move.

And deep inside I knew what that means…

My Time is running out.

Before the panic could restart properly, an alien thought jumps to the forefront of my mind, it was my thought, yet it wasn't, it was a Certainty and an Instruction, something that I have to do during my time here, that if I didn't, I would regret it for the rest of my days…

I have to choose.


There was nothing here in this shitty room for me to jump from, I couldn't get the fuck out of a damn chair, let alone make a choice that feels like it would define the rest of my days…Wait…


I hastily threw my arm to grab the object, but the sensation brought by the contact made me flinch, it was like holding my entire fate in one hand, I could feel the magnitude of the choice I was about to make, this moment was going to define my whole life.

Ok…Calm down, I really have to have a clear head to do it, this is the one thing I can't fuck up…




With a shaking hand, I open the damn thing.

Inside there were… shots? Tiny shot glasses filled with some liquid, each in different colors…I don't understand-


ALRIGHT, JUST… Cut it out…

Ok, I picked the colorless one, the one that looked more like vodka to me; maybe it had less chance of being an experimental drug or something…

I take all in one gulp. It's water. Very, very refreshing water. But still water. Is this a joke?

Ok! Choice made, you can release me now.


…And the clock is still ticking, its about to reach the halfway point, fuck! What does that mean? Maybe, I have to drink more?

I pick the red one now. It tastes strong, something like that I can't…


The weight of the world falls on top of me. My movements become sluggish, and each breath becomes an impossible effort… Before everything goes back to normal and I could move again.

OK, FUCK THAT! I know the drink did something to me, I can feel it-


…I have to drink more. I can't afford not to, the drinks were precious, and I have to get as many as I can.

I pick the blue one… It tastes like a mystery, literally, I don't know how I knew that taste but apparent-

My vision darkens, the weight come back twice as dense than before, some of my bones break, I don't remember which, but the blinding pain is too real.

Then it stops, everything went back to normal, and I was left leaning as far as my upper body could get. I could see drops of blood falling to the floor. Breathing hurts so much.


I have to drink…

My hand picks up the yellow one, bringing to my mouth with some difficulty, everything hurt.

It tastes like…



The…Clock…Almost…No time…



It... Falls…



It… falls…





I pick… The multicolored one…White, blue, green, red, black, all of them

Ah…heh… My arm doesn't move.




Don't…Let it fall…





…So sweet.
When I wake up, the information of what those potions were is imprinted in my mind. So rather than caring about the fact that the doctor seems frantic to make me cry or that I am in a stone hut which would fit right in Transylvania. I concentrate on that information.

Essence of the Blank
By taking this essence, I gain but one benefit:
My potential becomes limitless. I can learn any discipline or skillset, even if I shouldn't be capable of it and practice them into mastery, without forgetting it, no matter how many of them I learn. Any abilities I have from other Essences will increase where possible and develop in ways beyond their initial purposes.

Essence of the Warlord
By consuming the essence of the Warlord I was granted several boons:
-A body just above peak human, one sculpted to my tastes and tougher then it should be. This body can grow without limits in both ability and durability through training.
-Infinite willpower to tackle any foe, even bloody and broken I will not stop.
-Endless endurance, stamina, and immunity to pain.
-Regenerative ability able to come back from what would normally be fatal wounds in minutes.
-Supernatural mastery of many weapons and unarmed styles, even just plain old brawling.
-Immense skill in conducting a war on a strategic and tactical level.
-A good handle of logistics and how to raise and train a force from a small band of soldiers to entire armies.
-Charisma to lead and inspire said armies even at my darkest hour.
-The ability to call forth homunculi troops that are trained and equipped (including mounts, beasts, or vehicles up to a certain size) to at the very least of the standard of whatever world you find yourself in. Should I have different tastes or the requisite skills these forces may be called forth with equipment that is produced by myself such as enchanted weapons and knowing any skills that I have learned on my own. The number of homunculi I can call forth is determined by my power, the stronger I am the more homunculi can be called forth. These homunculi are absolutely loyal and cannot be turned on me through normal methods. The upkeep and Logistics of these homunculi are taken into account when summoned as the necessary supports are summoned with them.

Essence of the Archmage
By consuming the essence of the Archmage I gain several boons:
-Perfect memory with infinite storage
-Beyond genius level intellect
-Capacity to learn any 'magic' even unique ones upon seeing it once or understanding enough about it. This also includes things like Ki, Chakra, soul power, etc.
-A supernatural reactor instead of the normal magic-core/circuits/network etc. that can adapt to any supernatural energy to fuel spells, enchantments, powers, etc. This reactor provides a steady supply of power that will grow over time. Right now I can use high consumption abilities with wild abandon and still not make much of a dent after a few hours.
-I can teach others systems even if they previously lacked the capacity.
-Manipulate entire systems or combine then with experimentation.

Essence of the Harem Protagonist
By consuming the essence of the harem protagonist I gain several boons:
-There is something about me that can attract anyone, even strange alien beings beyond the comprehension of mortals and gods alike. What it is that attracts these individuals will vary from person to person but there will always at least be something that will pique their interest. Their interest can easily blossom into fondness, a desire for friendship, or even genuine love if given some time to interact with me in some way whether it be in person or through hearing about you.
- I am quite a bit tougher. Enough that I could survive the rather destructive results of typical harem shenanigans. I will never suffer crippling or lethal wounds from any of those in your harem.
-I will passively draw towards me individuals that have significant power, importance in their world plot-wise or some other reason, grand destinies, and this such as that. Toggleable.
- I am granted infinite stamina and vitality, become a quite able lover and am able to please a mindboggling amount of people into bliss.
-Any individuals that become part of my harem will be more willing to put aside differences and grievances to work towards my happiness and their own if circumstances permit. The feelings and loyalty they have for me will remain eternally strong unless I do something terrible to change that.
Fate, Destiny, and coincidence will bend, twist, warp, and maneuver to keep those in my harem mine. That doesn't mean they are bound to me forever If they honestly want to move on. But things like individuals with mind control abilities, infernal lust powers, or dirty monsters trying to claim them will fail quite spectacularly. I can sense any who try to claim what is mine and who they are.

Essence of the Planeswalker
By consuming the essence of the planeswalker I gain several boons:
-I have a planeswalker spark ignited by drinking this essence. This spark is like those before the mending and independent of said event.
-I become Immortal and nearly invincible as long as my mind is intact and functional.
-I become capable of shapeshifting
-Possess incredible amounts of magical power, can use all colors of magic and possess an affinity for one or several colors in particular.
-Am capable of traveling to all planes in the multiverse and can bring individuals with me safely.
-I can create objects, creatures, people, and even entire planes through your magical power. I am able to create copies of any objects, creatures, or people I encounter. The copies are completely loyal and I can summon them to my side.
-I become able to bond with and tap into the mana of any place you come across whether it be a swamp, ocean, forest, and use it to fuel your abilities anywhere.

Really? That's it? Why not make me omniscient while you were at it? What goals can someone with that much power really have? Well, at least whatever ROB put me here did not want me to end up dead immediately.
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