Phone App: Portable Armory Chapter 80: The Contractor and Russian's Stratagem: Part 4


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Tuesday, 0135 Hours, Lynn, and Lizeth's room.

As usual, Lizeth slept with her earphones on her ears. Lynn was sleeping soundly with a very loud snore so she really needed that ear protection. As usual, her earphone was connected to her phone.

[Incoming Call]

Lizeth: "Morning?"

Iris: "Lizeth, you have to help me."

Lizeth: "No thanks, just call Lynn. Btw, wrong number."

She closed her phone, but Iris called her again. Lizeth expected that she was in trouble again, but what could she do? She was just an ordinary high school student. Nevertheless, she retrieved that phonecall again.

Lizeth: "WHAT?"

Lizeth shouted at the phone. It was so loud that Lynn woke up due to that voice. Lynn was annoyed as hell, "Lizeth, this is half-past one in the morning!" Lynn said.

"Ask Iris," Lizeth threw her phone at Lynn and she retrieved that call. She grumbled as she retrieved the call.




"That's your fault dude."


"Here you go," Lynn gave Lizeth's phone back and blocked Iris number so she didn't call her again for the duration of the night. Little did they know, the consequence was severe enough that they would regret rejecting that call, but that was a story for another day. Right now, all they wanted to be was going back to sleep.


"And that's all from us, thank you for listening," Lizeth closed the presentation.

The whole class clapped as Lizeth finished that presentation and turned off the laptop. She went back to her chair and the teacher said, "Nice one scarface."

"Thanks, ma'am, my name is Lizeth," Lizeth said.

"Haha, I know that. Great presentation Lizeth, Lynn, and Clara. A for all of you," the teacher said as she wrote the grade for them.

"Thanks, ma'am," Clara said as they looked at the teacher. Lynn and Lizeth noticed that Iris was missing from her table. It might be that she was in juvenile trial or some sort of that thing when you're guilty.

However, she might be kidnapped. Her status was still vague, but that's not the most important subject here. The most important thing for Lizeth was Harris the terrorist. She must kidnap her, but Lynn said that she needed to do a favor for her and the CIA first.

The school bell rang and the students could go home. Clara invited them to the library, "I will go to the library, want to join?"

"Nah. Lynn and I have a business," Lizeth said as she packed her bag and left the classroom with Lynn holding her hands like a couple. Clara acknowledged that both of them were dating and she understood it. She smiled and wished them a safe trip.

They walked to Lizeth's car since Lizeth was the driver for that time. She put her bag in the front seat and Lynn entered the backseat. Lizeth drove away from that school.

"Clara smiled all day long you know? She might be very happy that she got a million-dollar from a single job," Lynn said from the backseat as Lizeth focused her attention on the street.

"I see," Lizeth replied as she changed her loadout to a combat loadout. Lynn did the same thing as her.

Her uniform camouflaged in olive drab. The color of the uniform was green instead of ordinary black. Their body armor and protectors color changed into the same color too. Their helmet was also included. It looked like your whole uniform color would change based on the color of the combat clothes. Well, the color of the weapons remains the same.

"You know. I'm worried about Iris," Lynn said.


"Why? Dude, she's holding into a lot of coke. Don't you think that the cartel will come after her?" Lynn asked.

"I don't think Iris is involved with the Cartel or the conspiracy that we are involved to," Lizeth said.

"Ok. How about her safety then?" Lynn asked.

"C'mon, her daddy is the police commissioner. Of course, the SWAT will rescue her from the cartel if she is kidnapped by one," Lizeth said.

"What kind of cartel? Cartel with a TOW? The SWAT will be massacred with that kind of cartel," Lynn said as Lizeth was become annoyed by that.

"Look, I'm here to help you and not talking about Iris. So what's the job?" Lizeth asked.

"Well. It's actually a complex job. Can you fly a Jet?" Lynn asked.

"Well, technically, I can," Lizeth said as she had bought the basic flying skill.

"Can you jump from an airplane then?" Lynn asked.


"As I thought. Well, you can help me just by piloting the plane then," Lynn said as she told Lizeth to drive to the airport.

"Wait... There's a skill for parachuting?"

"Yes," Lynn said as Lizeth opened her phone as the car was driven to the airport.

[Contractor Level: 75]

[50 Unused Skill Points]

[Basic Airborne Skill: Adding the ability for the user to jump from a plane with a parachute] [4 Skill Points]

[Mediocre Airborne Skill: Adding the ability for the user to do a HALO jump] [6 Skill Points]

[Intermediate Airborne Skill: Adding the ability for the user to do a HAHO jump] [5 Skill Points]

"Now I can jump," Lizeth said to Lynn as she showed off her new skill, but Lynn disapproved that plan since that business was a CIA business and not the FSB.

The car entered the airport gate and the security asked for their clearance, Lynn showed the guards her phone and the security let them through the airport.

"Go to hangar number 33," Lynn said as Lizeth drove through the taxiway at high speed due to the massive amount of planes that were there. She arrived at the hangar and saw a plane that was stationed there.

C-17 Globemaster was the plane that was stationed there. It made Lizeth wonder since the plane had U.S AIR FORCE written on it. Weirdly enough, there weren't any US personnel stationed there.

Lizeth bought another skill.

[Mediocre Flying Skill: Ability to pilot any aircraft. 8G limitation. Mid-air refueling unlocked. Increase the survivability, maneuverability, and stability of the aircraft by 10%] [7 Skill Points]

[Intermediate Flying Skill: Ability to pilot any aircraft. 12G limitation. Increase the survivability, maneuverability, and stability of the aircraft by 35%] [9 Skill Points]

She felt confident enough for piloting that aircraft and she could saw that Lynn had worn her jump equipment. She also greeted by someone from the U.S air force itself. Well, it was the loadmaster of the aircraft. He was Staff Sergeant Heriot Trinket.

He approached them, "So... Both of you are the contractors? Well, nice to meet you, my name is Heriot Trinket."

"Nice to meet you, Sergeant," Lizeth said to him. The cargo door of that Globemaster was opened.

"Look, I need to tell you this, but your job isn't only dropping me to the target. You also have to drop some supplies in Afghanistan. So you will return here tomorrow at 6 A.M or 5 A.M," Lynn said.


"Yup, enjoy the non-stop 15 hours flight," Lynn said as she opened the cargo door.

"What?" Lynn entered the cargo door with that goddamn loadmaster. The range of C-17 was around 5000 kilometers and she needed to refuel it three times at the very least. Well, she would refuel in mid-air.

Lizeth entered the cockpit of that aircraft and the engine of the aircraft started spinning. She requested permission from the ATC to take off according to the instruction that was written in paperboard in that aircraft.

Lizeth: "***** ground, good afternoon, ***567."

Ground Control: "***567, go ahead."

Lizeth: "****** ground, Globemaster **567, on Hangar 33, with information Zulu, Requesting V-F-R flight to the north with an altitude of 15.000 meters."

Ground control: "***** ground, Globemaster **567, cleared to taxi runway 23."

The plane started moving to that runway and waited at the taxiway. She waited for the ATC to give her permission to take off.

Lizeth: "***** tower, Globemaster ***567, on taxiway Golf-Lima-six-niner, requesting take off at runway 23."

ATC: "****** tower, Globemaster ***567, Cleared to take off at runway 23 right."

Lizeth: "Affirmative. Globemaster ***567, taking off at runway 23 right."

The plane turned right to the runway and Lizeth pushed the throttle of its engine as the plane gain altitudes.

"V-1," the display showed 200 knots, "Rotate," the plane took off from the ground and climbed to the altitude. The plane took 3 minutes to reach the altitude and Lizeth opened the cargo door of that airplane.

Lynn: "Good luck mate."

She jumped from the plane at a high altitude into a skyscraper. Lizeth closed the cargo door and she flew to her destination in Afghanistan. It was a very long flight and she switched her radio channel to the military channel. After six hours of the flight, she requested a refuel.

Lizeth: "Globemaster Flight Zulu-Lima-Niner-Two-Seven requesting refuel at sector Charlie Niner."

???: "Tanker will be on stand by on sector  Charlie Niner."

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