Phone App: Portable Armory Chapter 79: The Contractor and Russian's Stratagem: Part 3


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Monday, 1600 Hours.

Lynn and Lizeth were sitting down in the coffee shop. They were in their school uniform. They were there to celebrate. They also invited Clara in case she wanted a free drink. Everyone had a million dollars so everyone was practically a rich person now.

"Cheers, for nice work," Lynn tossed her coffee cup to Lizeth to celebrate the success of that operation.

"Yeah. Sure, I sent what I found to the FSB. They should send me the analysis soon," Lizeth said as she sipped on her coffee.

"I see," Lynn said as she put a laptop on top of the table in that coffee shop.

"How's the newspaper club btw?" Lizeth asked.

"Well, they don't publish something today. That's for sure. Hell, even I see one of them was running with a bullet casing in her hands," Lynn said.

"Welp, they won't find the ballistic since our rifle is untraceable," Lizeth replied as Clara arrived at that coffee shop. She sat down in the chair next to Lizeth and Lynn.

"So... Where's my drink?" Clara asked as she smiled and Lynn gave her a latte.

"What are you opening?" Lizeth asked.

"I'm doing a PowerPoint for the presentation on Wednesday," Lynn said as she typed a few letters using her keyboard.

"Clara. How's your Sunday?" Lizeth asked her.

"It was fun. I met a couple of new friends," Clara answered, but it didn't directly tell them that she was meeting other contractors.

"Ok. Good for you," Lynn said as she continued typing the PowerPoint.

Lizeth sipped on her coffee while looking outside at the busy streets. She was thinking about something, The bounty on her head. 3,000,000$/10,000,000$ was the only thing in her head at that moment. To make matter worse, she had her potential killer sitting right in front of her while sipping a cup of latte.

"Lizeth? Are you daydreaming?" Clara asked.

"Yeah. Well, sort of," Lizeth said as she slapped her own face.

"What's the matter?" Clara was concerned about her.

"Nothing. Please, just help Lynn," Lizeth said to her as she opened her phone while searching for a contract to take. She needed the money.

[Meet Me]

As the description says, meet me at this coordinates. There's something I need to tell you.



[FSB Rep ++++]

[Reputation ++++]


"Well, guys. I have to go now, I need to buy a new pack of tea for the library," Lizeth packed her bag and went for her car.


Lizeth waited on a parking garage in the middle of the capital for the arrival of her employer. She might get the analysis result or she might be killed by Marinka. Anyway, three hundred grand was a lot of money and she needed money at that time.

A car arrived at the car ramp. It was an old car that clearly resembled the appearance of Russian mafia, it was a Lada. The car was parked in front of Lizeth and four people got out of the car. Three of them were Spetsnaz using Ash-12.7 and the other was Marinka.

"So... What did I get?" Lizeth asked her.

"Amar's plan is in motion. You know that Amar still has 40 tons of explosives material right? Well, good luck finding all of them," Marinka said.

"What do you mean?"

"All of those explosives are scattered in multiple car bombs around the city. There are thirty of them scattered around this entire capital. You have a new mission priority now. Find the nuke immediately, there's no use of saving this country from a civil war," Marinka said.

"Ok. I doubt that peaceful protesters will stay peaceful with that massive amount of police brutality. What do you need from me?"

"Well... For starters, you need to kidnap this person," Marinka gave Lizeth a document. It was a document containing a picture of a certain person.

"Who's this?"

"Harris Brecket," Marinka said.

"From the scale of 1-10, how dangerous is he?" Lizeth asked.

"He's just a regular family man that supported the terrorist by giving them access to the delivery services for the nuke," Marinka said.

"So... I need to find him. where is he?" Lizeth asked.

"Well, for starter. You need to make do with what you have. Secondly, you need to extract the information by yourself," Marinka said.

"So I need to dirty my hands?" Lizeth asked.

"Yeah. Look, if you can't do it, why don't ask one of your friends?" Marinka asked.

"Yeah, I agree, but I will see what I can do," Lizeth crossed her hands and she nodded.

"Ok, great. My flights to Russia is in two hours. All of the Intel that you gathered is in that document with a flash disk. Happy hunting," Marinka entered her car with her bodyguards and she drove away from the parking garage.

Lizeth opened the document and read it.

[Profile: Harris Brecket]

The CDO of the GHE delivery service. One of the COs in that delivery service that is responsible for managing the deliveries of that company worldwide.

He was giving services to IS by lending them a cargo jet to transport 60 tonnes of explosives from Libya. The nuke was also included in that package.

He's still working at the main office of GHE in the capital of *******.

Age: 49

Relatives: 2 Parents, a wife, and two children.

Bounty: 3,000,000$

[End of Information]

Lizeth put the document inside her car as she entered her car. She's going to need help for the kidnapping. Lynn was a good option since both of them were involved with the intelligence agency. She changed her loadout to the student loadout since she promised to buy a new package of tea for the library.


Lynn was cleaning her rifle on top of her bed. She had the nerve to do so since Lizeth did the same thing with her PKP. She cleaned it thoroughly.

"So you need my help to kidnap a random chief officer from a certain company?" Lynn asked as she cleaned the barrel of her rifle.

"Yeah," Lizeth said

"Sure, I will do that. But why don't we just kill him? I'm the best assassin that you have ever met," Lynn asked.

"No thanks. I need him alive," Lizeth assembled back her PKP and put it back into the Armory inside the app.

"Well, it will be easier if I just shoot his desk with .50 and be done with it, but hey, it's your call," Lynn put her SCAR-H back at the armory in the app.

"I will form a plan soon. Btw, how's your PowerPoint?" Lizeth asked.

"Good. Well, if you can fix it, I will appreciate it," Lynn said. It might indicate that her PowerPoint wasn't that good.

"What will I get?" Lizeth asked her.

"Something...," Lynn said as she gave her laptop to Lizeth.

"Just kidding," she opened her laptop and fixed her presentation. It was a good presentation, but the animation was quite lacking. She fixed it and gave the laptop back to Lynn.

Suddenly, someone knocked on their door. Lynn was on standby immediately by pulling out her pistol that she hid under her pillow. "Don't worry, I got this," Lizeth slowly opened the door and peeked it. It was Iris. Iris was in their door. She was wearing a thick jacket and a MAGA hat.

"Guys, Hi, I just come here to stop by," Iris said as she war bringing a duffle bag on her shoulder.

"Hi, Iris," Lizeth gave the all-clear signal to Lynn as she put her pistol below her pillow.

Iris entered her room and put the duffle bag on the bed. Iris opened it and Lynn and Lizeth were surprised by the content of that bag. Well, it wasn't an assault rifle, it was worse than that. It was three bricks of cocaine.

"Dude, where the hell did you get this stuff?" Lizeth asked as both of them didn't want to get involved in Iris's mad business.

"Look, guys, easy money. 100 grand in one sell. I just want to tell you guys," Iris said as Lynn was looking at Iris cocaine. It must be from a renowned cartel judging from the looks of the brick.

"Iris, this is a serious crime," Lynn said. Ironically, she assassinated one of the ministers in that country.

"Man, I won't tell the cops, but please don't involve us in this shit," Lizeth said to Iris.

"Dude, it's ok," Iris went grabbing for a pistol in a duffle bag, "I can take care of myself."

Iris really put them on edge now, especially Lynn since she didn't know that the gun was airsoft, "That's an airsoft pistol right?" Lizeth asked as Lynn was secretly putting her hands under the pillow.

"No, this is the real deal," Iris said as Lynn stood up and walked behind Iris. Iris didn't realize that Lynn had put her pistol on the back of her head. She only needs to pull the trigger of that Glock.

"Look, Iris. Please leave, we don't want any cocaine trace in our room," Lizeth said.

"Fine," Iris left the room with the duffle bag on her shoulder.

'Crisis averted,' Lizeth took a deep breath as Lynn put her pistol back at the bottom of her pillow.

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