Phone App: Portable Armory Chapter 78: The Contractor and Russian's Stratagem: Part 2


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The tanks fired their cannons. Two 120mm HEAT rounds were fired at the mansion. The rounds exploded and made two large holes in the mansion. The tanks charges through the gates of the mansion as the guards started shooting at the tank with their assault riffles which were practically useless.

Yankee: "Hitman 2 here. Moving to the objective."

Suddenly, an explosion appeared on top of the Abrams tank. It was stopped by the active protection system of the tank.

Kilo: "TOW. Second floor. The third window from the right."

7.62 bullet flew from the rooftop of the nearby building and hit the TOW missile operator. It rendered the missile useless and the Leopard shot the second-floor window with a HEAT round.

Zulu: "Hitman 2, Hitman 1, TOW missile is out of commission."

Lynn and Lizeth were holding their weapon and aimed it at the ground below them. They took out the incoming backup that came from the nearby building. It looked like that the whole housing block was controlled by that cartel.

Hotel: "Kilo, this is Hotel. Hostile vehicle at the direction of 3-2-0 of your vantage point."

Kilo: "Roger that. Requesting CAS."

Hotel: "I knew that you will say that."

The helicopter flew to the building where the marksmen were stationed. There were two cars that were parked in front of that building. All of them were full of gang members.

Hotel: "In Hot. Watch out!"

Two AGM-114 Hellfire missiles were shot at the cars. The cars exploded and left a burned wreckage of steel. Kilo gave the Blackhawk a thumbs up and continued shooting at the window of the mansion.

Echo: "Alpha, this is Echo. A hostile helicopter spotted from the north. Requesting air support."

Alpha: "Copy that. CAS Inbound."

It was a UH-1 helicopter that was used by the cartel. The door was opened and there was two machine gunner on that helicopter. Both of them were wielding an M60 machine gun.

Bravo: "Fox 2."

AIM-92 Stinger was fired at that helicopter and blew the helicopter in midair. The only thing left was a piece of fragments that were flying from the wreckage of that helicopter.

Bravo: "Target down."

The tanks shot another round at the building. It killed many of those cartel members. The tank moved back from the broken building as their heavy machine gun turrets shot at the mansion. Heavy fire was coming out from that mansion in the form of RPG and 7.62 bullets.

Echo: "Technical coming from the south. I will take care of them."

Echo and Charlie were stationed on a parking garage located on the south of that mansion. Their job was to be on the lookout for backup vehicles. They found it.

"Engaging," Echo shot his Gepard M6 at the technicals to disable the engine.

.50 Raufoss Mk211 bullets were flying from the barrel of the rifle. It hit the car and made a huge sparkle on the engine. The technical engine was disabled and the heavy machine gun operator was killed by the bullet.

Charlie stood up and aimed her Panzerfaust 3 at the technical and shot it. The rocket hit the technical and threw it 2 meters away. The technical turned into burning wreckage.

Charlie: "Target down."

The Abrams tank drove to the garage door of the mansion to make sure that both Lima and Lynx can gain entrance to the mansion that was under heavy fire from the Abrams and the Leopard tanks. The garage door fell to the ground and multiple guards started engaging the tank with their puny assault rifle.

The tank's cannon turned 180° and shot a HEAT round at the guards. It exploded and killed all of the guards in that garage and exploded a car. The tank reversed from the hole in that garage and Zulu peeked from the hatch of the tank.

Just before he opened the hatch, a bullet hit the hatch that he opened. Zulu quickly closed that tank hatch again and the other tankers were looking at him.

"Dude, you shouldn't open the hatch," Victor said as he loaded another round at the cannon.

"Well, if he's curious, no one will stop him," Romeo said and she fired the cannon at the door of the mansion.

"Quebec, move the tank to the courtyard in on the south of the mansion," Zulu said to the tank driver.

"Oki dokie," she replied and the tank moved away.

The Abrams reversed away from that mansion and rammed the wall that led to the courtyard of that mansion. The tank rammed the wall and arrived in some sort of shallow pool. Well, it could be used by the cartel as their relaxing pool. Nevertheless, the tank rammed the wall again got outside of the courtyard, and arrived at the backyard of the mansion.

Zulu: "Hitman 2, Hitman 1, I'm in the backyard. How's the front?"

Yankee: "Not yet. Still full of hostiles."

The Leopard fired a round at the house to suppress the enemy fire. It was a cartridge round so the don't break the already fragile house. Thousands of tungsten balls were fired at the mansion windows.

"Load another round," Yankee said.

"Copy that Bossman," India said.

"Indy the auto-loader eh," Juliette complimented him as she fired a round at that building and India loaded another round at the cannon.

"Rotate the tank to the left," Yankee said to Golf the tank driver.

"Sure," she rotated the tank to the left direction.

"Hmm, stop engagement for now. Switch to machine gun turret, the building will collapse if we continued to do something harsh," Yankee said.

Yankee: "Hitman 2 here, We can't do much more without further damaging the building. We need infantry support now."

Zulu: "Same here."

Hotel: "Roger that. Dropping Lynx and Lima at the mansion."

The helicopter flew to the building and came under heavy fire from the AKs. Lizeth took the initiative and blasted all of the cartel members on the rooftop with her PKP. Lynn fired her grenade launcher at the roof and killed the guards.

The helicopter landed at the broken rooftop of that building. Lynx and Lizeth jumped from the helicopter and the heli took off from the rooftop. Lizeth kicked the door that led to the bottom floor. They were greeted immediately by guards that were shooting at them.

"Damn, it's heavy. Have any idea?" Lynn asked.

"Well, we can always shoot your grenade launcher at them," Lizeth said as she fired her PKP from her hip to provide suppressing fire as they moved from one pillar to another.

Lynn pulled the trigger of her grenade launcher. The grenade exploded and opened the door that led to the cartel boss. Well, the evidence was the quote that they had heard in a movie.

"Say hello to my little friend," a grenade was shot at the door in front of them.

With a smart decision, Lizeth shot at the wall of the building. The ammo penetrated through the concrete wall and killed the cartel boss that was hiding behind them. Lizeth looked at the dead body of the cartel boss and approached that room as Lynn was under heavy enemy fire

She approached that room and found that the table in that room was full of blueprints of a building. From the looks of it, it was the blueprint of their plan of attacking the capital.

Lizeth took the blueprints away since it was written in Russians and Arabic. She put her blueprint in her pocket and Lynn went to that room.

"Dude, we're under heavy fire," she shot a grenade at that crowd of cartels.

"Copy that," Lizeth got out of that room and shot the crowds with her PKP. The tank aimed the turret at them and the coaxial machine gun started firing at their direction.

Lizeth: "Hitman 2, Blue on Blue."

Yankee: "Copy that."

Lizeth went running for a stair in the mansion. She needed to go downstairs to get out of that building. Lynn followed her from behind since Lizeth was holding the heaviest weapon between both of them.

She reloaded her PKP as she ran through the stairs. Lynn covered her back with her SCAR-H as she reloaded her machine gun and ran downstairs. They walked and got greeted by an RPG.

"RPG, duck!" Lizeth shouted as she jumped for cover. The RPG missed and hit the wall behind her. Lynn shot her grenade launcher in the direction of that RPG and killed the guy that was holding it.

Lynn: "Hitman 2, this is Lima. Requesting fire support. First floor, second window from the left."

Yankee: "Copy that. Fire the HEAT!"

A tank round pierced through the wall and killed the guards that were shooting at them. Both of them ran away from that mansion using the hole that the cannon made.

The Leopard was waiting for them in front of that mansion as they fired the coaxial machine gun at the mansion. Yankee opened the hatch of the tank and saw them.

Lynn and Lizeth climbed to the top of that tank. They sat down at the turret and the tank drove away from the mansion.

Yankee: "Hitman 1, you better get out of there. The air support will wipe that mansion out."

Zulu: "Copy that. Leaving the A.O."

An Abrams tank appeared from the house. It rammed the wall of the house again and followed the Leopard tank from behind.

Lynn: "All clear. Level the place to the ground."

Hotel: "Copy that."

Foxtrot: "About time."

Alpha: "CAS inbound in 5 seconds. Missile away."

Ten thermobaric AGM-114 missiles were fired to that mansion and blew the mansion up into rubble from its former glory. The explosion was big enough that Lynn and Lizeth could feel the blast from 500 meters away.

Clara: "Hostiles from your behind Hitman. Don't worry, I got this."

A convoy of makeshift armored vehicle was coming from the bridge behind them. The tanks turned their turret 180° away and aimed at the convoy of reinforcement.

Clara: "Click Click."


An explosion appeared from beneath them. It was so big that it broke the bridge in half. It might be the anti-tank mines that Clara previously placed. She was scary.

[1,000,000$ has been added to your account]

"Nice," Lizeth said as she got that notification and Lynn smiled too. The tank rolled down the streets as the contractors finished their mission.

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