Phone App: Portable Armory Chapter 77: The Contractor and Russian's Stratagem: Part 1


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A Day Later. Lynn and Lizeth's Room.

[Destroy The Base of Operation]

The agency has found a moving hideout for a certain narcotic cartel that provides funding for the ISIS. Your job is to destroy their base of operation. The coordinates are included in this mission description. The hideout is most likely to be equipped with military-grade hardware. Thread carefully.


[CIA Reputation ++++]

[Reputation ++++]


"Well, it looks like we have a job for today Lizeth," Lynn said as she closed her laptop and woke Lizeth who was sleeping on her bed.

"Ok, how's the payment?" Lizeth asked.

"Good enough, let's go," Lynn walked outside of her room with a bag on her back. Lizeth followed her with a flip flops on her feet. 

They would use Lynn's car since Lizeth was too lazy and Lynn felt that she owe something to her. Still, it was good to trust each other. Once they had gone far enough from the school, they changed their loadout to a combat loadout. Lynn told her something.

"You know. The Contractors have an armored vehicle unit," Lynn said as she drove her car.

"Oh yeah? Who is the member of the armored vehicle unit?" Lizeth asked.

"Golf, India, Juliett, Yankee, Zulu, Quebec, Romeo, and Victor," Lynn gave her a bunch of names.

"Ok. What's this? A large scale operation?" Lizeth asked.

"Yeah. The contractors are itchy with their advanced hardware and they want to use that," Lynn said.

"So there will be an Apache and Blackhawks?" Lizeth asked.

"Yes. Everyone will participate in this operation including X-Ray, Serval, and Kilo," Lynn said.

"I see. That's why you put a grenade launcher below your rifle," Lizeth commented.

"Yeah. I also bring a Javelin for this OP. Cool huh," Lynn said.

"Nice," Lizeth replied.

Lizeth attached a grenade launcher to her rifle. She also attached a muzzle brake at her rifle. It would be a fun day. Lizeth was looking forward to meeting that new unit. She rarely saw that unit. They would meet in an empty lot near the town square.

They arrived at the empty lot. Well, there were around twenty contractors standing there with various military hardware. Well, they had the firepower to take over a small archipelago country, to be honest.

Two MH-60L DAP Blackhawks, one AH-64 Apache, an L2A7 Leopard, and an M1A2C Abrams. All of that military hardware was parked in that empty lot alongside twenty contractors.

Lynn and Lizeth got out of their car. Lynn introduced her to the contractor that she hadn't seen. She introduced her to Kilo and X-ray.

"Lynx, this is Kilo and X-ray," Lynn introduced them to her. Both of them were wearing heavy combat gear and were holding the same weapon. SA-58 Battle Rifle with SHV 5-20x56mm scope. It was modified to be a DMR.

"Hi, I'm Kilo," she said as she shook her hands, "If you need to compile a lot of data or analyze it, just call me."

"My alias is X-ray, I'm your intelligence gatherer, if you need to know something, just give me a call. I'm working in pairs with Kilo," He said.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Lynx," Lizeth shook their hands. Both of them were most likely to be a marksman. Lizeth approached the tanks. Eight contractors were surrounding the tanks. If you heard about it, they were arguing on which tank was better.

"Oh, I don't see you there," someone who sat on top of the Abrams tank said to her.

"Ah, that's ok," they stopped arguing and looked at Lizeth.

"Nice to meet you Lynx. We are the armored vehicle units. My team is Hitman 1 and their team is Hitman 2," he said.

"I'm Zulu. I'm the tank commander of this Abrams, she's a beauty isn't she?" he said as knocked on the tank.

"Sure she does," Lizeth said.

"Still, the cannon is not as good as our Leo here," Someone who sat on top of the Leopard turret said.

"Shut up Yankee," Zulu said and Yankee jumped from the top of that turret and approached Zulu. The other tankers were loading ammunition to the heavy machine gun turret on their tanks.

"No. You shut up," Yankee said.

Before they had a quarrel again, Echo intervened, "C'mon, cut it out. Both of them are a good tank." He was holding a Gepard M6 on his hands.

"I know," Yankee said.

"Nice to meet you again Lynx," Echo said.

"Sure. We are packing very heavy aren't we?" Lizeth asked him.

"Yup, everyone wants to have fun," Echo said as Charlie approached him from behind with a Panzerfaust 3 on her back.

"Nice to meet you again Lynx. It's good to be here right?" Charlie said.

"Yeah. I agree," Lizeth said as Lynn approached her again from behind and pulled her away from the tankers. Lynn walked to the Blackhawk where Hotel was waiting.

"Hi there," Hotel said as Lizeth was pulled in her neck by Lynn on her neck.

"Dude, careful, my neck is still hurt like hell," Lizeth said as she knocked Lynn's arm off her shoulder and sat down on the door of the Blackhawk.

"Sorry," Lynn said.

The Blackhawk was equipped with two M230 Chainguns and two racks of AGM-114 Hellfire missiles. It was heavily armed and the door gunner turret was empty since there wasn't any gun attached there. It looked like that no one would be a door gunner.

Alpha and Bravo were sitting on the chair of the Apache helicopter. They were doing a pre-flight check before they took off from the ground. The Apache helicopter was different from before. There were some slabs of ERA under the fuselage of the helicopter. Maybe it was added to increase the protection of the helicopter.

Echo called all of them for a briefing before the mission. He would describe the plan of assaulting the building. Clara arrived just in time for the briefing. She joined the briefing, "Have you done what I told you to do Serval?"

"Yup. All laid down and armed," Clara said.

'What did Echo tell Clara to do? Well, guess what, I don't care,' Echo started telling the plan.

"Ok, X-Ray and Kilo would be our marksman. In short, if you're in a heavy engagement, just pinpoint a target and they would engage it. They would be placed a block away from the target building. Copy that?" Echo said.

All of them nodded.

"Charlie and I will be on the lookout for backup. We will destroy any reinforcement. I will be three blocks away from the target," Echo said.

They nodded.

"The tankers will be charging to the main building while taking the heaviest fire," Echo said.

Yankee and Zulu nodded.

"Air units commence CAS if requested. Please underline the words, "If requested". Ok?"

Alpha, Bravo, Hotel, and Foxtrot nodded.

"Now. Serval, if someone drove through the trap that you placed, please blow them up ok," Echo said.

Clara nodded as she showed her detonator to the others.

"Now. The last one. Lynx and Lima will clear the building out of hostile. Both of you are only allowed to enter the building if and only if the potential hostile outside of the building has disappeared," Echo said.

Lynn and Lizeth nodded.

"Ok. Then. Let's go," Echo said as the contractors entered their vehicles. Lynn and Lizeth entered one of the Blackhawks. The helicopter blades started spinning and the helicopter took off from the ground.

The diesel engine of the tanks produced an almost deafening noise as the tanks got out of the empty lot and moved to the busy streets. The cars moved away from the tanks' way since they were afraid to be shot by the 120mm cannons.

Lynn and Lizeth were sitting on the door of the helicopter. She changed her weapon from the ACR to a PKP machine gun. That was due to the fact that she would stick around in the helicopter for a long period of time.

It took them twenty minutes before they arrived at the area of operation due to the slow speed of the tank. The building was a mansion located in the rich residential area on the capital. One of the helicopters dropped X-ray and Kilo in a building that was tall enough to be a good vantage point for them.

Clara was dropped on a building, she was holding a detonator and an M4 on her hands since she was looking at the bomb that she planted at the roads.

The mansion was surrounded by a steel fence and was guarded by multiple amounts of guards that were holding an assault rifle. They also wore soft body armor. It was expected due to the building that they were going to attack was owned by a cartel.

The tanks parked near the building to let the other team to stand by. Lynn pulled the bolt of her rifle and Echo gave the order to attack.


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