Phone App: Portable Armory Chapter 76: Old Friend: Part 19 End


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Lynn didn't bother to ask Lizeth any question. At that point, Lynn tried to grab her assault rifle that was laying on the table. Lizeth shot her with her rifle in response when she saw that a peaceful solution couldn't be achieved.

7.62 Bullets were flying to Lynn's torso. As scary as it sounds, the bullets were stopped by the ballistic vest, and the one that hit her hand didn't stop her from charging to Lizeth's direction with her combat knife on her hands. Lynn's movement was very fluid, it was very fast that Lizeth almost didn't have enough time to disarm it.

She threw Lynn's knife away, but Lynn immediately threw Lizeth to the storage locker and made a dent in that locker, "Who are you?" Lynn punched her in the face and her helmet abruptly fell off from her head.

Lizeth kicked Lynn in the crotch and stood up, "Does it matter?" Lynn grabbed her by the neck and threw Lizeth to the president's table. Lizeth's equipment combined with her weight was very heavy. Lynn was very strong to be able to throw more than 90 kilograms like an ordinary punching bag.

Lynn ran for her blades and Lizeth stood up and hit Lynn's back with her baton as her nose was bleeding from that threw. Lynn fell on the ground and her head hit one of the laptops and broke it. Lizeth grabbed her pistol and shot Lynn on her legs. It didn't affect her, just like Lizeth, she had a resistance to 9mm bullets.

Lynn threw her knife at Lizeth's shoulder and it was attached firmly at her shoulder, "damn, it hurts," Lizeth threw a chair at Lynn and she just threw it back at her. Lizeth pulled Lynn's knife from her shoulder, but Lynn had charged at her like an angry bull.

Lizeth dodged that with her [Focus] ability, but Lynn grabbed her clothes and threw herself and Lizeth to the window. The window broke to pieces as their bodies were flying out of that window. Lynn was on top of Lizeth's body who was laying down on the ground, "Who are you?" Lynn punched her face like crazy people.

Lizeth Grabbed a piece of broken glass and stabbed it on Lynn's thigh. She screamed in pain and Lizeth took the turn to beat her up with her hands. She punched her in the face to knocked her out, but Lynn threw her again with her foot and Lizeth's body landed on a tree.

'Is this girl a gorilla or something?' she tried to stand up, but the pain on her body was intense. Lynn ran to her body again and she pulled her baton to beat Lizeth up. Lizeth needed to think of a drastic measure, she grabbed a hand grenade and threw it and Lynn's direction. The grenade exploded and threw knocked Lynn got knocked back from the explosion. No more, no less, she only flinched a bit.

'Oh my God,' Lizeth looked at Lynn that only got thrown about 2 meters from the blast radius and stood back up again. Lizeth grabbed her flashbang and threw it at Lynn's direction.

She closed her eyes and Lynn was blinded by that flashbang, she stood up desperately and pulled out her combat knife while charging at Lynn's direction. She stabbed her knife at Lynn's foot and threw Lynn at the ground. Lynn stood back up again and threw Lizeth's blade at Lizeth's shoulder, "Holy fuck, what are you made of?" Lizeth pulled out her knife from her shoulder and threw another hand grenade at Lynn.

The grenade exploded and threw Lynn to the exterior wall of the newspaper club room. Lizeth threw her knife and it hit Lynn's other foot. Lynn stood up and pulled that knife out and threw it at Lizeth's hand, 'Dude, not again,' she pulled that knife and put it back at her sheath.

She tackled Lizeth with her baton and Lynn punched her while she was falling down. "Who are you?" Lynn asked as she punched Lizeth in the face. Lizeth pulled the pin on her grenade as her last attempt to keep Lynn away. The grenade exploded between them and made a shockwave that threw them into two directions. Lizeth was flying to a tree while Lynn was flying to the exterior wall of the newspaper club room.

That grenade blast couldn't kill both of them, still, it was hurt as hell. Both of them stood up from the ground and pulled their combat knife. They made the last charge, both of them ran against each other with their knife on their hand.

Lynn stabbed her knife on Lizeth's hand and vice versa. Lynn pushed Lizeth to the ground and pulled Lizeth's knife from her hand. She stabbed the knife on Lizeth's shoulder that was already wounded.

"Who are you?" Lynn pulled Lizeth's balaclava in rage. And oh my God, the expression on her face was priceless. The FSB contractor, the driver, was her roommate that she only knew for a week.

"Hi, Lynn," she smiled as blood was flowing out her mouth and nose. She smiled at her, even though both of them were trying to kill each other.

Lynn was more surprised and immediately pulled Lizeth to the newspaper club room and closed the curtain in that room. Lynn turned on the lights in that room. Lizeth sat down on the floor.

"Lizeth, why don't you tell me sooner?" Lynn took off her helmet and balaclava.

"I suppose you can answer that question by yourself," Lizeth said as she opened her IFAK kit. Lynn just realized that she tried to kill her roommate and her very first friend. Well, the person that stole her kiss.

"Are you afraid that I will kill you?" Lynn asked. Was she stupid or something?

"Let me see. 7.62 bullets? Check. Countering my attack? Yes. Surviving two hands grenade? Yes," Lizeth said sarcastically as she bandaged her wounds with hemostatic gauze and sterile bandage.

"Need a hand?" Lynn asked.

"Nah, thanks," she covered the last stab wound and opened a purple injection pen, the ordinary hemostatic drug, Theoramine. It should recover her from internal bleeding. She injected it on her neck.

"How's Clara?" Lizeth asked Lynn.

"Good. Suicidal. I need to convince her that she couldn't kill you," Lynn said to her.

"So she's still planning to kill me?" Lizeth said as she took a deep breath.

"Sort of, but shooting yourself with 9mm isn't the brightest that you had," Lynn said.

"Why?" Lizeth asked.

"She abandoned the plan of assassinating you with a pistol," Lynn said to her.

"Ok, so I still have a death warrant in my head," Lizeth said.

"Yeah," Lynn said as she grabbed something from her pocket, "Lozenge?"

"Yes, thanks," she grabbed that candy from Lynn's hand, and Lizeth smoked a cigarette.

"Are you a smoker?" Lynn asked.

"Sort of. I rarely do it, maybe only on a certain stressful event like this," Lizeth said.

"Oh, I see. Smoking while eating lozenge eh, you're kinda reminding me of my old friend," Lynn said.

"Hmm, may I know who?" Lizeth asked.

"His name was Adrian Patrick Grant. You know, he's dead. You kinda remind me of him," Lynn paused for a moment, "Do you have any relation with him?"

"Yeah. I'm her twin sister," Lizeth said.

"Oh, I see," Lynn said.

"God bless his soul," Lizeth said as she puffed a smoke.

"What are you doing here?" Lynn asked her.

"Same as you more or less," Lizeth said.

"I see. Well, the newspaper club won't disturb us anymore," Lynn said as broken glass and spent bullet casings were scattered everywhere. The broken laptops and cameras were just a bonus for that. They would be out of commission for a very long time. Besides, no one would suspect the library club had access to military-grade hardware.

"We did something the last time we were in this room right?" Lynn asked.

"Yeah, like almost bombing the room and purging the whole school," Lizeth said as she stood up and grabbed her balaclava to wear it again. Lynn wore her helmet and balaclava again. Lizeth put her cigarette on the floor and put it out with her combat boots.

"So... You're a CIA contractor right?" Lizeth asked.

"Yeah," Lynn said as she opened the door of the newspaper club after she grabbed her rifle that was laying on the desk.

"It would be nice if we exchange Intel," Lizeth said.

"Fine. I think this can be my apology. What do you want to know?" Lynn said as both of them walked in the corridor of that school. The grenade explosions would be mistaken as other fireworks by the students at the dorm so they didn't have anything to story about.

"How many bombs do IS have?"

"60 Ton of explosives," Lynn said.

"60 minus 20. So there's still 40 tons left."

"I see. So you have removed 20 tons of their bomb," Lynn said.


"Well, I guess we should be closer from what we're used to be Lizeth," Lynn said as she got out of the school lobby.

"Yeah. Want to go on a date?"

"What do you mean?"

"I guess there must be some sort of cheap contract that we can take before we end this evening," Lizeth said as she opened her phone.

"I guess so."

"Let's go then," Lizeth and Lynn ran out of the school complex.

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