Phone App: Portable Armory Chapter 75: Old Friend: Part 18


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1800 Hours. Lynn and Lizeth's room

Clara and Lynn mustn't know about her plan. She needed to make a few distractions so they didn't get out of their room or anything else so that they didn't notice that Lizeth was leaving at midnight because it could be dangerous for her life.

Lynn was sleeping soundly on her school uniform. She must be very tired after that fight. Nevertheless, Lizeth planned for her infiltration for that night while doing her homework that she planned to do when she was in the library with the others if not for the sudden interruption.

Lizeth had taken a bath and wore black trousers and a t-shirt behind her thick jacket.

She was listening to a radio with her earphones on her ears. As usual, the news was being brought every time the music changed.

"A state of civil war has been declared in the city of ******. Civilians have been evacuated to the safe zone. The military has a lack of support due to the massive ongoing protest across this country due to the reckless action of the military. More on the news channel at 9 P.M."

As usual, Lizeth was struggling with her homework due to the lack of guidance form Clara and the others. She was also bothered by the newspaper club member's statement about Iris. She was concerned that Iris could backstab them in the back, but she also doubted that Iris had the nerve to do so.

Not stopping there, she also knew that she had two ticking time bombs that were ready to explode right on her face. The only question was when and how. Lynn could kill her, but she needed a reason. Clara would kill her, but how she would do that?

The door was knocked by someone. Lizeth unplugged her earphone and approached the door. She opened the door and it was Mrs. Elizabeth in front of the door. Lizeth smiled at her and greeted her.

"How may I help you, ma'am?"

"Lizeth. Please come with me," she said as both of them walked to the corridors. Elizabeth looked very concerned about her. Maybe it was about the accident that happened in the library.

She stood up beside the window in the hallway and Lizeth asked her, "What's the matter, ma'am?"

She sighed, "Look, I'm trying to defend the three of you. A lot of your friends have filed a report for your misdemeanor for the past two weeks."

"How so? I didn't remember that I do anything wrong," Lizeth said, "Our grades are above average too."

"Yes. I know. You know Lizeth, I value you, but if you keep this up, I don't have any choice, but to expel you. Got it?" Elizabeth said and Lizeth was confused. She didn't remember that she did anything wrong besides putting instant drinks in the library. There must be something wrong.

"I'm sorry for that ma'am," Lizeth said.

She sighed, "I see. Well, stay safe ok," she came closer to her ears and whispered something.

"Listen, I will tell you a secret. Shut up ok," Elizabeth whispered.

Lizeth nodded.

"Some of the students have a grudge on you. I won't be surprised by that. The students that you beat up were the daughter of an important figure in this country. One of them was a student of a minister, be safe ok," Elizabeth stopped. She walked away from her as Lizeth felt powerless about that.

Some might ask why she felt powerless about that. Well, if she didn't care for the last normality in her life, she could just go gun blazing on their house just like what she did on Clara's house. She wanted to keep a little bit of normality in her weird life.

She sighed and entered her room. She heard splashes of water in the bathroom. Lynn must have taken a bath in the bathroom. Nevertheless, she needed to think of a plan for tonight.

The plan was simple. She would be in her usual loadout, but with an urban camouflage instead of her usual black camouflage. She would use a suppressor on her rifle.

She would go to the newspaper club room and hack into the door and camera. She would enter that room and find a computer to hack. She would delete all of the files and pictures of hers. She would get out and go back to her dorm room. It was simple. Well, as long as everything went smoothly.

Lynn got out of that bathroom with a towel on her body. Lizeth looked at her and said, "How's your sleep?"

"Good. How about you?" Lynn asked as she took off her towel.

"Dude, cover it with something will ya?" Lizeth said as she closed her eyes.

"Relax. Both of us are girls aren't we?" Lynn said as she wore her underwear.

"Yeah, where are you going?" Lizeth asked as Lynn was wearing casual clothes instead of pajamas.

"I'm going to a date," Lynn said.

"Oh, good luck," Lizeth said as Lynn left the room. It made her a bit jealous. Though, she was glad that one of the problems went away. She had to deal with Clara. Well, sleeping gas would do the job, but it was too risky. Besides, she wouldn't notice that since she was in the next room.

All Lizeth had to do was wait until 9 P.M and she could go deleting the evidence that the newspaper club took in the afternoon. Lizeth locked her room to make sure that no one got in and inspected her rifle and her pistol. She attached the suppressor to that guns.

She loaded every single magazine with a hollow point to make sure that she didn't cause the risk of over-penetration. She put her rifle and gun back at the storage in the armory system and waited.

2100 Hours. School Lobby.

In a combat uniform, she stood there while cutting a lock with a bolt cutter. Lizeth was surprised that the school still used a traditional lock over and electric lock. Nevertheless, Lizeth cut it open.

"Open Shazam," she threw away that broken lock and opened the door. She went for the administration room to disable the security footage. She turned on the admin's computer and disable the CCTV in the entire school. She set it on a timer so it would turn back on in five hours.

She walked outside of the administration room and she walked in the hallway. It was very dark, she flipped her night vision goggles to help her see in the darkness.

She walked to the newspaper club room and noticed that the door was locked with a keycard lock. She hacked into the door and opened it. It was easy after all with the System Hack app.

The newspaper club room. It was an ordinary club room with two tables in the middle and another table near the corner for the leader of that club. In that table, there were three cameras and two laptops. She needed to find a picture that she didn't even know the name. It's going to take a while for searching that files.

'Alright. Give me access,' she turned on the laptop and hacked it with her phone. She looked at the laptop and it looked like that the newspaper club data was shared in a cloud on the internet. In short, the laptop didn't have the data, the cloud did. She didn't have to erase all of the laptops inside of that room.

She browsed the data in that cloud and didn't find her picture, still, she found a lot of blackmail. She decided to erase everything on that laptop because searching for her file was a nuisance.

While waiting, she took the camera and deleted pictures that were taken that afternoon. The job was done. It was easy, but she figured that she would take her time to inspect that newspaper club room. It should have something interesting.

She unplugged her phone from that laptop and searched for something in that room. She searched for a file about the experiment in that school. She searched the lockers and found a broom and a mop. Well, that wasn't the place where it was located.

She went to the president's desk and found another camera that needed to be taken care of. She deleted all of the pictures in that SD card and put it back in the place where it should be. Since she didn't have any business, she turned off the laptop and left that room.

When she wanted to close the door, she heard something strange. She hid behind the door and peeked from that door. She saw someone was opening the window with a crowbar. That person climbed into the window of the clubroom and did the exact same things as her. She/he was looking for something. She aimed her rifle at that person and walked slowly to that person.

After further inspection, it could be concluded that it was someone none other than Lima. Yes, Lynn thought the exact same things as her.

Lynn aimed her rifle at Lynn, "Well well well, what are you doing her Lima?"

Lynn looked at her, The expression on her face was surprised. She was surprised that she saw Lynx on that room. There were no reasons for them to be in that room.

"Well, you know, the usual, I need to get something from the CIA," she said. Cold sweat was flowing on her face.

"Really? Is that the truth Lima?" Lizeth paused. Lynn was panicked, she wanted to leave that room.

"Or should I call you Lynn McGrath?"

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