Phone App: Portable Armory Chapter 72: Old Friend: Part 15


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1530 Hours. Coffee Shop.

Lizeth sat on the seat near a window in that coffee shop. She was making an arrangement with Aline since she said that she would teach her some basics that Lynn hadn't taught to her. Well, one of the basics were involving dogs. Still, she had to wait for her to come to that coffee shop.

"Your coffee," a barista gave the coffee to her.

"Thanks," Lizeth replied.

It was a cold latte, well, the coffee quality was far better than the instant coffee that Lizeth put on the library for the others. The library became a better place for studying thanks to her.

She sipped that coffee while waiting for Aline. Her car was a large SUV. It wasn't long until her car appeared in the car park of that cafe. She got out of the car and entered the cafe. She sat down in front of Lizeth and smiled at her.

"Hi. Mind if you share some of that to me?" Aline grabbed the straw and sipped that coffee. Lizeth was annoyed by her. She was kind of a friend that you hate, but you love at the same time.

"What the heck?" Lizeth looked at her cup which only had half of its content.

"I'm thirsty. Don't be like that, as if you can't buy more," Aline said.

"That money is for my head," Lizeth said.

"I see, well, shall we go then?" Aline drank all of Lizeth's latte.

"Bruh," Lizeth packed her bag and put the money to pay that barista. It was the exact amount of payment so the barista didn't have to give her the change. Both of them left the cafe and headed to their car. They entered the car and drove away from that cafe. Aline led the way with her SUV to a quiet street.

Due to the fact that both of their car's windows were tinted, they could change loadout in their own car. They also changed the license plate on their car in case someone tried to follow them or told the police about them.

Lizeth had her ACR in front of her body. It was being put in front of her torso so she could engage anyone that was suspicious when she drove the car. Though it was more practical to use a PDW like P90 and MP7 for that kind of situation.

Lizeth: "Where are we going?"

Aline: "North of the capital. An abandoned empty lot dedicated for infantry training course back in the day for the military in this country."

Lizeth: "I see."

They drove through the busy street of the capital. It took them an hour until they arrived at the empty lot where the military was used to train there. Now, it's full of abandoned obstacle course that was full of muds and many other things.

They got out of the car and looked at that obstacle course. Clara wasn't in an ordinary black tactical loadout. She was just wearing a Bonnie hat and a woodland face paint. Her hair was inside bunned. She also appeared with a brown dog beside her. She also didn't wear any rig or had any weapon in her body.

"You know, you should change your uni to something more appropriate for that lot. You see that there's a lot of greenery and muds there. Black camo is actually a terrible camouflage," Aline said.


"Yeah. If you want to blend in urban building. I recommend something dark-ish like an urban digital camouflage," Aline said as Lizeth opened her phone to buy a new set of uniforms.

As far as she went, Lizeth had two uniforms, a desert, and a black uniform. The desert was from her journey to the middle east and the black one was her ordinary combat loadout uniform. She bought a new uniform and a Bonnie hat with a woodland camo face paint. Her loadout automatically changed into those clothes. She painted her face with the face paint and bunned her hair. She also put her weapon away.

"One thing for sure though, Black camo is good for intimidation," Aline said as she pets her dog.

"What's its name?"

"Brusky," Aline said.

"Oh, Hi Brusky," Lizeth greeted that dog.

"Gaug," Brusky said.

"Brusky, Run!" Aline said as the dog ran through that obstacle course.

The dog ran through those muds and obstacles. He even climbed a wall on his own. It was an amazing dog. Aline was holding a timer on her hands. She stopped the timer when the dog returned to her.


"Not bad, have you purchase the skill points for athletic skill?" Aline asked Lizeth again.

"Athletic skill? Nah," Lizeth answered.

"You should, it's important," Aline said to her.

Lizeth opened her skill tree. She searched for that skill and it was a very cheap skill, to be honest.

[Basic Athletic Skill: Ability for the user to navigate through rough terrain more efficiently. Adding the ability for the user to climb through trees and cracks. Improve agility and stamina of the user.] [1 Skill Points]

She purchased that skill, "Just don't try to jump from one railing to another. You won't make it," Aline said.

"Now try the obstacle course," She told Lizeth to run.

Lizeth started running on that obstacle course. She ran through the mud pool. Jump through the wooden fence. Crawled below the barbed wire. Climbed the obstacle stairs. Rappeled down a rope and dived down a mud pool. It was a one-mile obstacle course with repeating obstacles.

Aline was holding a stopwatch on her hands.


"Dude, you're worse than Brusky," Aline commented.

"What?" Lizeth who was covered in mud said.

"Yeah, you're worse than my dog," Aline said.

"Can you do any better than me?" Lizeth challenged her friend.

"Here, hold my stopwatch," Aline gave her stopwatch to Lizeth.

Aline made a stance, "3...2...1...Go!" Aline started running through that obstacle course. Her movement was so fluid, it's almost unbelievable that she was human.

Aline jumped through two wooden fences at once. She ran through the mud pool and made a huge splash around her because she was moving very quickly. She crawled faster than Lizeth below the barbed wire. She dived faster that Lizeth in that mud pool. Gravels were flying behind her as she ran through that obstacle course. She completed that obstacle course with her body full of mud too.


"What the fuck?" Lizeth said as she looked at the stopwatch on her hands.

Alone looked at the stopwatch, "Hmm, not bad, but Lynn can do better."

"WHAT??" Lizeth said.

"Yup, don't be surprised if you see Lynn jumping from one building to another," Aline said.


"C'mon don't be like that. If you're going to outrun her. You must at least get the Intermediate Athletic Skill. Luckily, that skill is inexpensive," Aline said.


"Yeah, you only need 8 skill points to progress to that level, but when the gun started blazing, you better hope that you aren't hanging on a wall," Aline said.

"Ok," Lizeth said as she opened her phone again and upgrade her athletic skill.

[Mediocre Athletic Skill: Ability for the user to navigate through rough terrain more efficiently. Adding the ability for the user to jump from railings and buildings. Improve agility and stamina of the user.] [3 skill points]

[Intermediate Athletic Skill: Ability for the user to navigate through rough terrain more efficiently. Adding the ability for the user to climb through ordinary walls and jump from two-story buildings. Improve agility and stamina for the user. Improving sprinting skills for the user.] [4 Skill Points]

"Ok, now run through that obstacle course again," Alone told her and Lizeth started running again.

This time her movement was as fluid as Aline. She was faster at finishing that obstacle course. She ran back at Aline.


"Just a different of 10 seconds. Not bad," Aline said as she looked at that timer. Both of them were covered in mud. It covered their face that their face turned dark brown from that mud.

"You can change the loadout to your black combat loadout again, it will clean the clothes," Aline said as she pressed her phone and her clothes changed to the black combat loadout. Aline's weapon was IWI Galil, it was a battle rifle chambered in 7.62x51mm.

Lizeth changed her clothes too to an ordinary combat loadout. As soon as she changed into her combat uniform. She had a phone call from Lynn. Aline noticed that.

"Lynn eh? Go ahead and help your girlfriend," Aline said.

She received the call through the combat headset.

Lizeth: "Yes?"

Lynn: "Lynx. Can you help me? I need a guardian angel for this job."

Lizeth: "Ok. I will be there."

Lizeth closed her phone as she received coordinates from Lynn. She entered her car and left Aline and Brusky in that empty lot. Aline just waved her hands from distance. The coordinate was in a parking garage.

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