Phone App: Portable Armory Chapter 7: Operation Anti-D: Part 1


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11-H, a normal classroom. It had a whiteboard, a teacher's table, a small wooden cabinet, 20 chairs, 10 long tables, and a carpet in the back of the class.

"Yup bro, this is some next-level shit." Patrick looked at the whiteboard in front of the class. Due to some unknown reason, there was a frog image that was drawn by someone in front of the class. Not stopping there, the national flag that was always placed in front of the class had been replaced as well by a green flag.

"Yup, I returned here to bring something that I was left behind then poof, this happens. This is some next-gen troll shit man," Shaddam said. He headed back to his chair to avoid the wrath of Aveline.

The sun was still in the east, the school was still quiet. There were only two of them in the classroom. Then, that petite girl came to the classroom. Of course, everyone that entered the class would see the picture of the frog and a Kekistani flag. She suddenly made heavy footsteps and grabbed the whiteboard eraser.

Shaddam stood up, he approached Aveline and grabbed the eraser forcefully from her hand, "Let it go Aveline. Don't you think we need proof for the teacher?" He put the eraser back at the table and Aveline slapped his face.

"Ouch, that hurt," Shaddam said before he slapped Aveline's cheeks with both of his hands. It just went to a full-scale fight shortly after that.

Like a best friend he was, Patrick stood up in the doorway while watching the dictator and the O.C.D office boy having a fight in front of the classroom. The fight was more fierce than he imagined. The other students entered the class one by one and always asked Patrick the same question and Patrick answered it with the same answer.

"Are they fighting?"

"Nah, you know, the usual, they're having a lover quarrel."

The fight continued for around 30 minutes until the bell was sounded by the administration downstairs. When the bell rang, he realized something was odd. The other students noticed that too, but there was one student in particular that shouted it out loud.

"It's Kek's anthem," he shouted from the back.

That particular boy was Ryan Blackburn, the class troll. He was a black short-haired boy with a height of 173 cm. He knew almost every meme from A-Z. But he wouldn't have the nerve to replace the school anthem with Shadilay.

The bell went for an eternity, in short, it didn't stop. It just kept playing Shadilay on the P.A system. Of course, all of them got annoyed.

"I never know that our school has a meme day," Shaddam said.

"Neither do I, but this is a great time to start don't you think?" Patrick said.

"I agree," he nodded in agreement before his citizenship education teacher came in. He bashed the table with the books that he brought. He glared at all of the students in that class. He blamed them for this accident.

It was expected because the glorious national flag was replaced with the Kekistani flag. The students would take this as a joke. The teachers? They wouldn't. They would search for the perpetrators and punished them accordingly. Anyone would agree that this was a next-generation troll's shit.

"No one will turn themselves in? Fine, until the perpetrator is found. All of the students in this class will get D. Period," he shouted after accusing them. All of the students looked down in anger. It burned a fire in their hearts. Even a grade whore would be angry for that teacher's decision.

He then left the class and the break time came in. The "gentleman" club aka the class committee decided to have an emergency meeting on the back of the class. They sat down in the carpet in a circle and discussed the matter very seriously.

Although the sections of the class were a lot, all of them were necessary. Cleanliness division, creative division, tools division, sports division, literary division, the first and second treasurers, the first and second secretaries, and the vice-president of the class were there to discuss their plan.

"I know that he is angry, but this is just ridiculous," the class president said.

The class president, a boy, he had short hair. His height was 170 cm, He was quite big in comparison to that class. His authoritative figure made him the one that became the class representative.

Patrick, tools division said, "I think Lynn can help us, she had an admin account in the school server. Could you edit our score, Lynn?"

She sighed, "Nah, I can edit the library document, but not a teacher's document. Though, I can edit your credentials in that account. Do you want to change your name? I'm the person."

"Ryan, this is your masterpiece, right? Please just confess and our grades will be safe," Aveline said to Ryan which was the creative division. He made a meme and trolled several people in the past. He might be the one who did that.

Of course, he would argue that he was innocent, "C'mon guys. I don't have the nerve to go to the teacher's room. Admin office is another thing."

"We need a scapegoat for this, but I'm afraid that he will be expelled. Hmm, anyone has a better idea?" He asked.




"Well shit, our teacher has been sucking too much D lately," Ryan said. The whole class laughed at that.

"Haha, nice pun.

"No, this is not a pun," he said as the whole classroom came to the carpet to listen to his theory.

"Wow wow wow, what makes you said that?" The class president asked.

"You know? I've seen him in the dark part of the town lately. It was some kind of gay bar in the dark section of the town," Ryan said.

"Why are you gay?" Shaddam, the sports division asked him.

"We have gay here boys," Patrick shouted.

"No, I'm just hanging around there."

"In the gay bar?" The president asked.

"No, outside of it," Ryan said.

"I see. Then, what's the plan. Anyone is free to suggest," The president said as some of the students rose their hands.

"Beat the shit out of him."

"Threaten to kidnap his daughter and his wife."

"Blackmail him to submission."

"Crash his motorbike with a car."

"I love your idea, but let's put the hardcore idea away. Anyone have an idea that's not requiring us to kill him or beat him or anything weird?" The president said.

"Like what you just said. We need a scapegoat," Laura said.

Laura Heren, a girl with reddish-brown hair. Her height was 167, she was flat. She was the class secretary.

"Nice, I love that my idea got accepted. Anyone agree?" The president asked.

"I agree and the scapegoat should be anyone that is NOT in this class. I'm thinking about the 11-B class, the class of assholes," Aveline said.

"Ok, then what should we call this operation?" The president asked.

"Operation Anti-D, no pun intended," Ryan said as the whole class laughed.

"Very well, then lets us proceed with this operation. Looks like we have to continue this discussion later," The president said as the bell rang Shadilay again.

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