Phone App: Portable Armory Chapter 69: Old Friend: Part 12


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Lizeth pushed Lynn's body away. "Excuse me?" She asked for the sudden aggressive action.

Lynn's face turned red after she said that. Not that Lizeth mind about the kiss, she just wondered why she did that. Still, she really wanted more of that.

"Sorry, eh, it's my reflex," Lynn stuttered.

"Really?" Lizeth stood up and walked to that problematic wardrobe. She wanted to know why the door jammed.

"To be honest, your mouth reminds me of a dead person?" Lynn caused a misunderstanding between both of them.

Lizeth remembered that she brushed her teeth. "Does my mouth really that stink that you have to compare it to a dead person?" she inspected that crappy wardrobe.

"No, I mean... Your mouth reminds me of a friend," Lynn said.

"Is she dead?" Lizeth asked as she pried that wardrobe.

"Yes, he is dead," Lynn said referring to the person that she was talking with right now. Lizeth knew who the person was.

"I'm sorry to hear that," Lizeth opened that crappy wardrobe alone and Lynn thanked her. Lynn put her clothes inside of the wardrobe. Lizeth wanted to ask questions to her, but she decided that it wasn't the right time for that. She must be very tired.

"Where's Clara by the way?" Lizeth asked.

"She's in the next room isn't she?" Lynn answered.

"I see," Lizeth said as she continued studying.

Lynn observed that room. She seemed to want to know something. It could be that she was looking for a surveillance device, but she couldn't risk that her new form friend to see her using a weird gadget to detect a surveillance camera. Still, she still had the taste of Lizeth's mouth left on her mouth, but she was too busy with her homework. Besides, she was still a total stranger that she accidentally kissed.

Lynn's mind was complicated with that accident, unlike Lizeth. All she thought was whether she would reveal her identity to her in an accidental manner and hope that she can go one on one with Lynn or wait until Lynn find out by herself. Either way, that one on one duel would happen sooner or later due to the circumstances.

"What happened to you?" Lynn asked.

"What do you mean?" Lizeth asked.

"That," Lynn made a hand gestures by circling her hands around her face. Aline hadn't and wouldn't tell her about what was happening to her. Lynn shouldn't have any idea, right?

"My face?" Lizeth asked her back.


"Car crash," Lizeth answered.

"Really? What happened?" Lynn was curious.

'Oh shit, I shouldn't tell her. Now, what made-up story should I make' Lizeth regretted the decision of telling her.

"Mmm, I was riding a motorbike then a truck hit me," Lizeth told her.

"And then?"

"The truck was carrying nails and some of them got stuck on my face. I was in a coma for two months before I entered school again," Lizeth ended her story. Lynn felt sorry for her.

"I'm sorry to hear that," Lynn said.

"I see," Lizeth continued doing her homework.

'Is this the same person that bombed an entire nightclub? She seems harmless,' Lizeth looked at Lynn who was opening her phone. It was most likely that she was opening the Armory System app.

Lizeth continued struggling with her task while Lynn was unpacking her things. Lynn approached her from behind.

"What are you doing?" Lynn asked.


"I see. Could you help me?" Lizeth asked her since Lynn was smart, but she also knew that Lynn was most likely to be not attending a school like her since the condition of her old town.

"Mmmm no," Lynn answered.

"I see," Lizeth grumbled as she continued struggling with her homework.

They continued doing their work until someone knocked on their door again. Lynn came to the door and opened it. It was Clara and Iris. "Looks who I found walking on the hallway?" Iris said as she knocked on Clara's back.

Lizeth stood up from her chair, "Clara, how are you?" Lizeth hugged her.

"I'm good. How about you?" Clara asked back.

"I'm fine. I was in a car crash again yesterday," Lizeth showed the bandage on her shoulder.

"Same here," Clara said as she showed Lizeth the bandage on her arms and on her chest. The auto-doc might have fixed her quicker than she thought. Iris and Clara entered their room.

"Wow wow wow, who said that all of you can barge into my room?" Lizeth said.

"Our room," Lynn said.

"Yeah, our room," Lizeth said.

"Why? Is that a problem?" Iris asked.

"Nah, what is in your hands?" Lizeth asked Iris who was holding a newspaper on her hands.

"This?" She gave her the paper, "This is the school newspaper. It's freshly published, looks like you enter the headline," Iris said as Lizeth read the newspaper.

The title was clickbaity by standard, "Library Club Revival. Will Our School Get Shoot Up Again?"

"Dafak? The shooter wasn't me. I don't even know them," Lizeth said as she put the newspaper away to her bed.

"Well, congratulations, Lizeth. You earn it," Clara said, "You're the leader of the Librarian club for now."


"Yeah, librarian club is all yours. I will stay as a member," Clara said with a smile on her face.

"Me too. I will join for the free drinks," Iris said. Well, she always came to the library for a cup of tea.

"Well, it's good, but it will be an unofficial club since the member is only three of us unless the transfer student will join," Iris said.

"My name is Lynn, Lynn McGrath," Lynn said to Iris.

"Will you join us, Lynn?" Iris asked, but Clara had already known the answer. Something crossed Lizeth's mind for a second. It was something about Clara and Lynn.

'If Clara came here together with Lynn, does she know who Lima really is?' Lizeth thought. She was afraid to ask because she didn't want to blow her cover. But one thing for sure, it was highly unlikely for Clara to know who Lynx was.

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