Phone App: Portable Armory Chapter 67: Old Friend: Part 10


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Pew. Pew. Pew.

Lizeth killed two guards that were guarding the entrance to the warehouse, but she wasn't going to enter through the front entrance. It was too risky. She could be greeted by an RPG. She took the back entrance. 

The back entrance wasn't guarded, but it was locked. She grabbed her bolt cutters and cut the lock on that door, 'They still use a lock? Good for them, I can't hack a physical lock,' Lizeth commented as she opened the door slowly and flipped her NVG so she could see in the darkness.

She entered that warehouse and the whole warehouse was dark. Of course, the guards were holding a flashlight on their hands. She also saw the car bomb. It wasn't a car bomb, to be honest, it was worse. It was a semi-trailer truck bomb.

She opened her phone and searched the type of car bomb on the Armory System app.

[IED type: Semi-Trailer]

[Minimal Evacuation Zone: 2000 Meters]

[Truck filled with explosives that have a yield of 25 tonnes. Tread carefully.]

"So the blast radius is big enough to kill me?" She said to himself as she continued to move through the warehouse while avoiding guards. Killing a guard would be a problem. Why? Because they were holding a flashlight and there was more than one guard there.

If someone fell down, the sudden movement from the flashlight's beam would notice someone. If they found a dead body, the truck would be moved and the two million dollars would be gone.

She only had to attach a C4 on the truck and drove her car far enough from there. The guards were surrounding that truck and she couldn't risk it. All she had to do was waiting for the guards to move because killing them wasn't an option and the gas grenade wasn't that useful at that condition.

'Shit, can I lure them or something?' Lizeth looked for something to distract them besides gunfire. She needed something loud. She had to think about it. Human. Human was enough. She had to scare one of them without the need of gunshot. The question was how?

"Thoib, where is the toilet key?"

"I don't know about it Samir, find it yourself."

'Foreign terrorists. So no domestic terrorist eh?' Lizeth thought as she sneaked closer to Samir. She put something inside Samir's clothes. Something that would surely scare and panic anyone.

"What the?..." Lizeth ran slowly and stealthily. She must run away from him to make the plan works. "Mouse! Get it off me!" Lizeth put a mouse inside Samir's clothes. He was so panicked that everyone started coming to his direction.

'Nice,' Lizeth loaded her grenade launcher with malicious intent. The ammo was that sleeping gas grenade. She shot the grenade at the enemies and cloud of blue gas started appearing once she shot that grenade launcher.

All of them fell down to the ground the grass started dispersing into multiple directions. Of course, the downside was the panic that it created. Still, they hadn't noticed that they were under attack.

She continued walking in that dark warehouse. She finally arrived at the truck. The warehouse was still quiet. So far so good.

'How many C4 do I need?' she unloaded her C4 that she kept on her magazine pocket. 'Thirteen is my lucky number,' she placed thirteen blocks of C4 on that trailer truck. She attached a detonation pin on every single one of them and left the truck.

All she had to do was get back to her car and drove away, but she still had to avoid the guards that were on a higher alert due to the sleeping gas. She had to get out of that warehouse as quickly as she could before the backup generator kicked in and lighted up the lights.

Well, too bad for her since the backup generator started kicking in and the house turned bright again. 'Oh shit,' Lizeth thought as she saw some of the guards were walking to her direction with an assault rifle on their hands.

Black clothes in a pitch-black environment were tactically advantageous. In a bright environment, it was a practical suicide. Of course, without any question, the guards started shooting at her.

"Shit," Lizeth took cover behind a pillar as she grabbed her phone to trigger a second blackout. She pressed the button and the light on the warehouse turned off again, but the guards were kept engaging her in the darkness.

"Die, you Infidel!" A guard with an RPG shouted before a rocket-propelled grenade flew to her direction. It exploded, but it was far enough from her. She only got a little fragment on her right leg. Nothing too fancy. Did it hurt? Yes.

'Fuck,' she said as a steel rod was attached to her leg. It was from the explosion of the RPG. Blood was coming out from that hole. The thing only came out as a black liquid from her NVG. 'I need to get out of here before I blackout,' Lizeth grabbed a stim injection and injected it to her neck to remove the pain.

She reloaded her grenade launcher again and shot it at the guard that shot RPG at her. She made a run between the bullet rains. It was better for her to get shot than pinned down by the guards. As Lizeth said, the contract had the biggest possibilities of killing her in the process.

She ran as bullets were hitting her like droplets of water. She ran as fast as she could to the backdoor and closed it with her hands. She didn't have much time until the terrorist found her running. She flipped her goggles and noticed that blood was pouring from multiple holes in her body. She ran back to her car and sat in the passenger seat as angry terrorists were shooting at her with their assault rifle.

"Start damnit," she started the car engine and pressed the pedal. She immediately left the warehouse and moved away from that area of operation. She called Aline shortly after that.

Aline: "I'm near that position. Where are you?"

Lizeth: "I don't have time to explain. I have to escape the blast radius first."

Aline: "Are you ok?"

Lizeth: "Not so much. I think my shoulder is cracked."

Aline: "I will be there shortly. Anything else?"

Lizeth: "An iron rod is stuck at my leg."

Aline: "I see. Don't worry, your body has experienced something worse."

Lizeth: "See ya."

Lizeth drove around two kilometers away from that building and she parked her car in a parking lot. She got out of the car on that empty lot and pressed the detonator. The bomb made an explosion and created a miniature mushroom cloud.

"I've done it," she observed the explosion from the safe distance. She also got the confirmation that the mission was a success.

[2,000,000$ has been transferred to your account. Reputation level up to 64. 23 Unused skill points]

'Nice,' she said before she released her gas mask and noticed that everything was wrong with her body. She noticed it once she coughed blood.

She walked to the back of her car to grab the car medic bag. It was equipped with everything that she needed. She grabbed bandages, a forceps, a tourniquet, a scissor, and a disinfectant. Why Lizeth knew that? She didn't have any medical qualifications. It was because of the skill tree. [Mediocre Medic Skill]. She sat down near the car and opened her medical bag.

She treated the most urgent wound. She applied a tourniquet on her wound. She removed the iron rod out of her leg first then searched for fragmentation. The blood was stopped by the tourniquet so it was easy to see that the rod penetrated deep enough to her leg. She could see her flesh from that hole. She applied a disinfectant on that wound and covered it with a bandage.

She opened her ballistic vest and opened her upper clothes. She noticed that blood was flowing from her shoulder. It was from a hole on top of her shoulder. It wasn't as bad as she thought, it just hit her shoulder bone. It was simpler than that rod. She just had to cover that wound with a bandage and she would be done with it. She did the usual method of treating a bullet wound.

She searched for another wound on her body and found another one on the back of her shoulder. It was harder to grab than the wound on her shoulder. She covered it with disinfecting bandage.

She searched for another wound and there wasn't any wound left. She was acting too hyperbolic about it because of the amount of bleeding that it caused. Well, she was thinking that until she saw the ballistic vest that she took off.

"Holy shit," she counted the number of bullets that got stopped by the vest. Maybe around 40 bullets. It was impressive. She was glad that she wore the vest.

An armored vehicle, Terradyne RPV, was approaching her. It was highly likely that it was Alpha and Tango. Still, there was only one person on the driver seat. The car stopped in front of her and a person stepped out of that car with a medic bag.

Aline walked right in front of her, "I thought that I will be walking into another emergency surgery situation, but you have treated your wound. Hmm, good job."

Lizeth wore her clothes again and Aline grabbed a purple injection pen. She injected it to her neck, "Hemostatic drug. Theoramine. It will promote the making of more blood clots on your body and stop the internal bleeding."

"I see, thanks," Lizeth said as she wore her clothes.

"You must know that the colorful injection pens in your IFAK are not for nothing. They are combat stimulants," Aline said as she showed multiple pens on her medic bag, but Lizeth stopped her.

"Thanks for the explanation, but I need to return to my school. I think I can do it," Lizeth said as she stood up and packed her medic bag back into her car.

"I see. How's Lynn?" Aline asked.

"I don't know. She seems to be changing. Any idea?" Lizeth answered as she entered her car again.

"You," Aline said.

"I see."

"Change Lynn back. She's too cold-blooded now," Aline said as she entered Alpha's car.

"I see."

She drove away from that parking lot and Lizeth turned on her car engine and bought something on the Armory System. A cigar. She smoked it in the car.

"Phuuh," she puffed a smoke, "Lynn... What should I do?"

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