Phone App: Portable Armory Chapter 63: Old Friend: Part 6


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Lizeth was sleeping on her bed with her phone near her pillow and an earphone plugged to her ears. Little did she knew, tonight would be a very long night.

Tininit. Tininit. Tininit. That was the sound of her phone at 11 o'clock in the evening. She fell asleep on 9, but she wasn't in a mood to answer her phone. She rejected that call, but the same number called her again shortly. She answered the phone.

Lizeth: "Evening?"

Unknown: "Lizeth, please help me."

Lizeth: "Sorry, wrong number."

She unplugged the earphone and mute the phone. She went back to her bed again and tried to sleep.

Brrrrrrr. Brrrrr. She forgot to turn off the vibration on her phone. She woke up again. The call was from the same unknown number. She answered the call again.

Lizeth: "Evening."

Unknown: "Lizeth, help me. Please."

Lizeth: "With whom am I speaking to and who's this?"

Unknown: "It's me. Iris."

Lizeth: "I see. Why the fuck do you need me at 11 o'clock in the evening?"

Iris: "Help me. I'm being kidnapped."

Lizeth: "What? Who the fuck do you think I am? Some kind of spec ops? Ask your dad for a swat team."

Unknown: "That's it. Hear that girl. Give us a hundred grand and she will be free tomorrow."

Lizeth: "Fuck off. As if I have a hundred grand."

Unknown: "Pay off by next week or she would be dead."

Lizeth: "I don't know who the fuck are you and I'm not even her parents. Call her parents damnit."

Unknown: "Really? Wrong number."

'What the fuck is wrong with people these days?' she closed the phone and opened her wardrobe. She grabbed his ACR and put it under her pillow. She went to sleep again afterward. BUT, another phone call had arrived, this time was from the Armory System.

Lima: "Do you want to see Clara's progress?"

Clara's progress? It would be nice if it weren't that late, but she would want to see that. She accepted Lynn's offer.

Lizeth: "You damn right I do."

She put her ACR back into the armory in the Armory System and she went outside of her room. She walked downstairs to that dormitory. Several students were still awake. They were watching Korean Drama on the television. Lizeth got out of the dormitory, in her pajamas while wearing flip flops.

She entered her car and drove out of the school. As soon as she got out of that school, she changed her car color and changed into a combat loadout. The location of them was in the downtown of the city.

The location of the meeting was a parking garage in the middle of downtown. Inside that parking garage, Lynn and Clara/Anastasia were waiting in front of a car.

Unlike before, Clara was more armored than before. She wore a helmet and a heavy body armor. It was very likely that Lynn bought that for her or she was buying that for herself. They were very armored. Not stopping there, both of them were mounting NVG on their helmet. AGM NVG-50 was the name of the NVG. It featured dual lenses that could be mounted in a helmet.

"Hi Lima, nice setup to the new girl," Lizeth commented both of them.

"Thanks. Nighttime operation. You got your laser sight ready?" Lima asked her.

"Yes," Lizeth showed her customized ACR at her. Lynn took off the NVG on her helmet and gave it to Lizeth. Lynn opened her car trunk and brought out a designated marksman rifle. It was an H\u0026K G28. It was basically an H\u0026K 417 with a longer barrel. It was equipped with a suppressor and a night time scope.

It looked like she would be a marksman for that day. She would be Clara and Lizeth's guardian angel. "Your target is a night club three blocks from here. I will provide long-range fire support," Lynn said as she entered her car and drove to the top floor.

"I see," Clara sighed.

"How's your wound? Is it much better now?" Lizeth asked her.

"It's better now. I just have to take a medicine every day now," Clara said.

"What's your codename?" Lizeth asked.

"Serval. That's my callsign for now," Clara answered.

"I see. Well then, Serval, please address me as Lynx ok," Lizeth said.

Her weaponry was a silenced M4A1 Block II. Lizeth entered her car and told Clara to ride shotgun. She sat down on the passenger seat and she closed the door.

They drove to the nightclub. Well, it was an ordinary nightclub. Why wouldn't Lynn spit out the details with her? Lizeth felt that she was hiding something from her.

"Serval, do you have any idea what might be inside?" Lizeth asked.

"Lima said that there will be a dossier that needed to be retrieved. I don't know anything else, to be honest," Clara answered.

Lizeth parked her car in front of that nightclub and she did a quick look at the security of the nightclub. It was tight. Very tight. It was almost impossible to be penetrated stealthy.

"10 guards. Five guards on the front door. Two guards on the loading area. A guard near the staff door and two guards are patrolling by walking around the perimeters," Lizeth said.

Lynn: "Need a hand?"

Clara: "It's no use Lima. The guards will notice the dead bodies. Not to mention that the civilian will notice that body quicker than the guards."

Lynn: "That's why I call Lynx on the first hand. She has a hacking skill."

Clara: "Really?"

Lizeth opened her phone and opened the System Hack app. She turned off the car lights and engine. "Observe," she pressed her phone and all of the lights on the nightclub got turned off. Screams could be heard from the nightclub as the people were panicking due to the sudden blackout.

"Wow," Clara was dumbfounded by that.

"Yeah, c'mon, let's go," Lizeth and Clara got out the car and they observed the chaos in the night club.

"Minimize civilian casualties ok," Lizeth flipped her night vision goggles and they walked to the nightclub. The guards were in chaos as they tried to calm the people on that club. They ran to the front entrance and blasted the head of two guards with their rifles.

"Everybody get down!"

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