Phone App: Portable Armory Chapter 61: Old Friend: Part 4


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3 days later

'Math again. Damn it. If not for the skill that I purchased on the skill tree. I will be fucked badly by this subject,' she took a rest on her chair as she finished the task and the school bell rang, indicating the school was ending.

She checked the balance on her Armory System deposit. She wondered how much money she needed to pay the bounty to the FSB.

[Balance: 300,000$]

'Damn, I need nine million dollars left. How the hell am I suppose to do that? International contract?' she checked the FSB reputation.

[FSB Reputation: 42%]

Favor Unlocked:

[Call a backup: 5%]

[Call a favor from Russian embassy: 10%]

[Put a bounty: 20%]

[Call a mercenary backup: 25%]

[Call a Spetsnaz backup: 40%]

'I can put a bounty, but I can't erase it. Well, I still have a long way to go,' Lizeth thought to herself as she looked at her phone and put it back at her skirt pocket.

Iris approached her from the back of the classroom, "Lizeth, who's this?" She closed her eyes with her hands.


"You're correct," she opened her hands. Lizeth looked back and saw Iris was looking at her.

"You're making quite a ruse, aren't you? Transfer student."

"What do you mean?" Lizeth cared to listen.

"Three days ago, a bunch of angry mobs that were a part of our seniors' gang was massacred by two armored persons. Apparently, they were looking for you," Iris explained.

"No shit? I was outside when it was happening," Lizeth lied as she was one of the persons that shot those mobs. Still, she didn't feel guilty for that, especially since she was the one that made sure that they wouldn't be standing again.

"Yeah, the seniors won't mess with you again I think. They fear that they will be assassinated in the middle of the night if they tried to harass you. They also won't try to call the cops," Iris said. The message was retrieved by the seniors. No one would mess with Lizeth again.

"Oh, I see. I feel sorry for them, but I don't have an assassin at my disposal, but good for me since no one will try to harass me again," Lizeth replied to the statement.

"Though, due to the unfortunate event, the police have been sent to investigate the accident," Iris said.

"Police? I haven't seen any police today or yesterday. How can you know about this?" Lizeth asked.

"Easy. My father is the head of the police in this region. In fact, he leads the investigation of this incident and I'm proud of it," Iris said.

Lizeth got a bad feeling once she heard that. Not because she and the contractors must hold the police forces, but because she was worried that Iris would somehow be involved. Clara was enough, she didn't need another Clara. She didn't want to send Iris to Europe either.

"Oh, good for him. What did your father say about me? I'm quite worried you know, I don't want to get involved in all of this," Lizeth said.

"Don't worry. You came up clean since you weren't in the crime scene and you don't have an army of assassins either. Plus, my father suspected that it wasn't involved with the parents of the students either," Iris said.


"He said that it wasn't the work of an ordinary criminal. The way that they worked was militaristic. They used military tactics and all. The recordings didn't show anything either since it was erased by the said person," Iris said.

"I see. Good luck for your father then," Lizeth said as she packed her bag and both of them left the classes. They were walking to the library for some good tea since Lizeth had stockpiled a good amount of drinks inside the library.



"Have you seen Clara lately?" Iris asked. Lizeth stopped moving. She was thinking about an appropriate answer. The letter of excuse said that she was in a car accident and needed a rest for a good amount of time, but Lizeth knew the real situation.

She just needed an appropriate response that wouldn't make Iris ask another question. "She was in a car accident, wasn't she?" Lizeth asked back.

"Oh, I see. Well, hope she comes back soon," Iris said.

"Yeah, I wish she come back alive," Lizeth said.

One statement meant, "Get well soon," while the other meant, "I hope she doesn't get killed."

They entered the library and put their bag on the carpet. Lizeth grabbed two glasses and put two bags of tea inside of the glasses. Lizeth poured hot water to the cup and the water turned brown.

Iris was sitting on the couch near a bookrack that was cleaned by Lizeth yesterday. She tried to make that library similar to the one in her old school.

"Here you go," Lizeth handed her a cup of tea. Lizeth sat down in front of her and sipped her cup of tea.

"So... Why do you restore the library?" Iris asked her.

"You know, the library is actually a shelter from the school madness. It's nice to act normal," Lizeth said.

"Yeah. You're one of the crazy kinds of class. I mean, who the heck had the idea of pouring a marker ink at an eraser. The teacher was surprised when the whiteboard turned black instead of white," Iris referred to Lizeth mischievous action.

"I know," Lizeth sipped her tea.

"School is boring you know, a little bit of stunt like that will be fine," Iris said.

"Haha, I see."

"It must be fun doing some shootouts as a gang member," Iris said. Maybe she wanted to be a gang member, but Lizeth didn't think that her father would approve. Still, shootout could be fun. What was in her mind? Lizeth had no idea.

"Haha, I see."

"I wish that someday a crew of armored gunmen came to our school and did some shootout," Iris said.

"Hell no. Especially if the said hired gunmen were threatening my freedom," Lizeth protested that dumb idea.

"I see, so you aren't down for some fun?" Iris said.

"No. And what kind of wicked fun is that?" Lizeth asked back.

"Shooting up the whole school?" Iris showed that her bag. Inside the bag was something disturbing. An AR-15.

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