Phone App: Portable Armory Chapter 57: Clara's Misfortunes


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She stood in front of a parking garage with a lot of bullet holes. A massive firefight must have happened there, she was quite surprised by the number of dead bodies there. She even saw someone whose throat was slit.

"Hmm, time to test my new weapon," Lizeth inspected her new rifle. It was the ACR with a 7.62 conversion kit. She was wearing her black combat uniform with full-body armor. She also wore a black helmet with a headphone and ballistic visor. She wore a skull balaclava and black tactical goggles.

She walked slowly to that building. The building was full of dead bodies, but the gang that Clara attacked was not that dangerous either due to the fact that the presence of an assault rifle was unavailable. Still, as she climbed on the ramp of that parking garage, gunshots still could be heard from above her.

'Clara should be fighting now, but whose UZI is this?' Lizeth picked up that SMG from the ground and checked that the weapon was cleared. It looks like she had run out of bullets. She could hear tire screeching on the background. It could be the gang's reinforcement. She wasn't glad that she was right. It was the gang reinforcement coming in four cars.

The cars came in fast to the parking garage as Lizeth took cover behind the nearby pillar. She loaded her grenade launcher with a 40mm grenade. She aimed and shot the grenade at one of the cars.

The grenade exploded inside of the car and killed all of its occupants while making a small explosion. The reinforcement got out of their cars and took cover behind pillars on that building. They started shooting at them, Lizeth slightly underestimated them. They were using military-grade weaponry as far as she could see. Looks like Clara got the easy part.

"Die you motherfucker!" Lizeth threw a grenade at one of the cars and it exploded underneath the car and ignited the gasoline. It resulted in a very large explosion. The explosion killed three men that were shooting at her.

The weapons that they were using were military grades, AR, AK, etc. Some of those weapons were strong enough to penetrate the pillar where Lizeth was hiding. Luckily, every bullet got stopped by her ballistic vest and helmet.

She used her [Focus] ability and shot the reinforcement with accurate precision. As time moved slower in her perception, she killed all of the reinforcement in one sweep. It wasn't hard, but she couldn't do it if not for her [Focus] ability.

She continued her walk to the top of the parking garage in the hope of finding Clara. As she walked, she noticed a blood trail on the ramp. Could it be that it was Clara's blood? There's a big chance that it was. Though, for an inexperienced nerd, she's quite good with guns. Could it be that her father taught her how to use a weapon? Maybe, since her father was a KGB agent.

Of course, Clara didn't clean the gang hideout first, she just went straight to the boss. The rest of the gang were angry and thought Lizeth was Clara.

"Boys, Fire!!"

She nodded at that shout direction and noticed that six gang members had already aimed their pistols at her. 'Holy fuck,' she got shot by those people. She fired back the 7.62 incendiary rounds and killed all of them. She remained unscratched due to her body resistance to 9mm bullets. Still, she needed to be careful and on the lookout for rifle cartridges.

'Lucky me for the better bullet resistance,' Lizeth said as she noticed that the bullet that hit her arms only made a small wound that didn't need any immediate treatment. Still, it penetrated her clothes. The bodies of the gang members were burned from the incendiary ammunition that was more lethal than what Lizeth had expected.

She continued walking in the parking garage before she noticed the danger in front of her. Someone had placed a small bomb in front of a car. She had no idea who did that, but one wrong move and she could say goodbye to her own life.

She stepped back and hid behind a car in that parking garage. She took an aim with her rifle at that small bomb in front of the car and shot it with incendiary ammunition. The bomb exploded and shattered fragments in a radius of 20 meters. If Lizeth didn't hide behind a wall, the fragments would hit her.

'How the hell Clara went all of this?' Lizeth referred to the accidents that had happened to her. This wasn't an easy task for a contractor, especially the beginner ones. She kept walking to the top of the parking garage.

She noticed the large number of dead bodies in that building and Lizeth kept following the blood trails. 'Is this what they call a nerd rage?' Lizeth continued walking across the dead bodies.

One of the dead bodies, in particular, caught her attention. One of them was a student in Lizeth's school uniform. 'Jeez, could it be that my friends involved in this gang shootout? No wonder why Clara is very pissed.'

She grabbed the body of that female student. There were no bullet wounds. Only a slit on her throat that killed her. It really questioned Clara's mentality. It looked like that she vented her anger at the gang, especially when the gang members were highly likely to be the one who bullied her.

'Rest in peace although I don't know who you are,' Lizeth closed the eyes of that student. She suddenly heard a loud scream from upstairs. She headed upstairs and noticed that Clara was still alive. She was dealing with one person. Weirdly enough, she also wore Trinity high school uniform.

"Please save me," the person that Clara held with her hands said. Clara cornered her as she was begging for her life at Clara.

"After all you've done, you still want me to save you?" Clara grabbed a pistol on her thigh and shot it at her legs. She fell down on the ground.

"C'mon stand the fuck up, that's what you always told me when you and the others beat me up," Clara told her as her foot was bleeding. She shot her foot again and the student screamed again. Clara kicked her in the stomach.

"Fuck... Who the fuck are you?" The girl shouted in pain and Clara approached her face.

She opened half of her balaclava, "I'm Clara bitch," She closed her balaclava and the expression on that student was priceless. She was scared and surprised as she knew that the person that killed the whole gang members was her own friend. Clara closed her balaclava again and shot her in the head.

Lizeth aimed her rifle at Clara's head, "Hands behind your back, get down on the ground!"

She stood still. She fell on the ground afterward. The blood trail was hers. She had lost too much blood and she fell on the ground.

"Clara! Don't die yet, I spare your life, don't let my work goes to waste" Lizeth approached her as she opened her IFAK and treated her wounds.

Lizeth: "Requesting medevac. Coordinates will be sent ASAP."

"Hold on ok," Lizeth opened a bandage package and she undressed Clara to treat her wounds.

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