Phone App: Portable Armory Chapter 55: Situation


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In a restaurant near the airport in the capital. 1900 hours. Planes were taking off from the runways as two contractors were eating in a fancy restaurant right outside of the airport. They were eating in that restaurant because Aline wanted to tell Lizeth about the situation in her city.

Aline gave her a newspaper, "Hmm, how the hell a riot broke out there?" Lizeth asked her.

"Trust me, the city of Fallujah is better than that city. You will be caught in a crossfire between the rioters, terrorists, soldiers, Russians, and occasionally contractors. Well, that's one reason why I moved you to the capital," Aline sipped on her drink.

"Ok, I see. About that girl, well, she's moved to the dorm, I can't trust her living alone like that," Alone continued after finishing her drink.

"I agree. Well, when will she move?" Lizeth sipped on her drink.


Nice. At least she didn't have to worry Clara stepped out of her house to kill her on her sleep. One thing though, which room she would be staying. It could be funny if she stayed in the same room as hers.

"I wonder how the contractors doing in my city. Are they ok?" Lizeth asked.

"They're doing fine for profits I guess. Alpha and Bravo are doing attack run and CAS with their Apache helicopter. Echo and Charlie are always on the lookout for sniping contract. Foxtrot and Hotel are doing fine transporting the contractors from one place to another using their Blackhawks. Sierra working offshore now," Aline explained.

"How about her?" Lizeth asked her friend.  Lynn. One thing that she wanted to do to her now. Confess her love.

"Not good. The last time I saw her, she wasn't very stable," Aline replied.

"What do you mean?"

"She has the tendency of not following the rules of engagement now."

"What does it supposed to mean?"

"She will shoot at everything as long as her target dies. Last time she took a contract, she bombed a whole nightclub to destroy alcohol smuggler's base of operation," Aline said.

Efficient? Yes. Is it morally questionable? Yes. Killing civilians was morally questionable especially when the suspect was a 16 years old girl. The death of Patrick really hit her nerve. Lizeth wouldn't know what to say when she saw her again. She would see her reaction first.

"I see. Where is she now?" Lizeth asked.

"You usually can find her on the bar outskirts of the city. She always visits that place. The library vibe in that bar was very strong," Aline said. Lizeth had no idea that Lynn really missed her. She felt that she was too dense to see the sign.

"I see. I've nothing else to talk to you right now. I can go home or will you give me more info?" Lizeth asked as she called a waitress to pay the bills.

"Yes. We should leave now. See you soon Lizeth," Aline said as Lizeth paid the bill and they stood up from the chair. They walked to their cars.

"Blazer and pants? Your taste in fashion is good enough," Aline said as she observed her body. Lizeth was proud of her choice. Still, she felt that she blend in well enough with the crowds. It was because of the fact that the fancy restaurant that they visited was very fancy. She had more than enough money to eat like that every day. Still, she preferred to save it for her bounty.

"Yes, see you later Aline," she said as she entered her car and Aline entered her car.

She started the engine of her car and she drove away from the airport. She went in a different direction from Aline's car. The car radio turned on automatically.

"Back with channel 4. Riot has broken out in the city of ****. Police forces and military have been deployed to deal with the situation. Martial law has been declared. More story tonight on channel 4."

'Damn, things are fucked up aren't they?' Lizeth thought as she drove back to her dorm. She went back to the dorm and got greeted by the same person.

"Afternoon," Iris greeted her.

"Afternoon," Lizeth went upstairs to her room, but Iris kept following her.

"So... How's the date?" Iris asked.

"Wonderful... Thanks to your help," Lizeth's clothes was Iris's choice. She said that she went for a date and Iris helped her picked her clothes. If not, Lizeth would just walk with a plain black shirt and trousers again which was her default style.

She went back to her room and she took a shower. While she took a shower she asked herself, 'Should I do an exploration of this new part or shouldn't I?' she thought as she washed her whole body. 'No. Not now.' she got out of the bathroom and wore her clothes. She wore a shirt and a sweater above it with long loose trousers.

She laid down on her bed and played with her phone. She looked at the online news and saw several riots in her former city. The city was burned. She became concerned about Lynn's condition. Things weren't going too well since she had woken up.

"May I come in?" A knock could be heard from her door.

"Sure," The door opened and Iris was the one who knocked on the door. She saw Lizeth was laying down on her bed while watching her phone. Scars. That's the thing that Iris observed from her, but Lizeth doubted that was the main reason why she came there.

She sat near the bed, "How's school?" She asked.

"Good. Why?"

"Nah, just random thoughts on my mind."

"I see."




Why the hell does this girl come to my room?

I want to go to sleep.

Is she really have a real reason to go inside my room?

Could it be?

She's an agent?



"Say good night Lizeth," Suddenly, out of nowhere, a pistol with a silencer was aimed at her head. Iris was holding it.

'What the fuck?'

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