Phone App: Portable Armory Chapter 54: Welcome Clara


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The girl opened her eyes slowly. She became frightened the moment she looked at the black person that was standing in front of her. She was very intimidating. She struggled as she was tied down on that chair.

"Who are you? What do you want from me?" She shook her chair to get out of that chair, but it was useless. She couldn't move at all.

"Who am I? It doesn't matter. Do you have any idea what had happened to you?" Lizeth said with a tone as flat as she could. She felt sorry for her friend, but she valued her real identity more than anything in the world. She must become an FSB whore to do that.

"No. Please let me go," she started crying again. Lizeth really tried to hide her emotion.

She grabbed a black handkerchief, "I don't like a girl crying," she wiped Clara's tear. Lizeth walked away from her, "You're lucky that I decided to spare your life."




The room turned eerie as soon as Clara came to her realization. Her face went white as soon as she hears that. It just expressionless without anything.





"I guess... you want to kill me now? But why?" She asked. Realization. That was expected, someone who gave up on life. That question could be answered easily if Lizeth didn't plan to hide her identity, but she must hide the main reason for now.

"Now I will ask you a question. Is killing you worth my time? I guess so, but I will give you another choice," Lizeth grabbed another chair, "I'm giving you a choice to make a living for yourself."



"What do you mean?" Clara asked her. She was confused as hell after bombarded with an unpleasant surprise. Her parents were dead. There was an unknown person standing in front of her that identified himself as an FSB operative.

"What I mean is that you can have a chance to live. Well, unless you want me to kill you, but you better accept my offer," Lizeth said as she stood up while waiting for Clara's answer.

"What will you do If I refuse?" Clara asked back. It was expected. You couldn't turn a nerd into a cold-blooded killer in a single day. You needed something to justify her action.

"Well," Lizeth pulled out her pistol and pointed it at Clara's face, "This is a gun, right?" She put the muzzle inside Clara's mouth. She trembled in fear again, "I won't use it," Lizeth said as she put her gun back at her holster.

Clara breathed, tried to calm herself. She hadn't known that what would come was worse. Lizeth walked away and grabbed a jerry can from the corner of the room. She opened the cap and smelled the content. Gasoline. That was the content. Nice.

"No answer? I guess the answer is no," She poured the gasoline at Clara's clothes. Clara noticed that as she breathed. Her body was slowly covered in gasoline, "If you want to die, I won't give you an easy way out."

"Please... Let me go," Clara begged. Lizeth pulled her lighter. She played with it.

"So... Work with me or... You're smart enough to know what will happen right?" Lizeth turned on her lighter as the reeks of gasoline started filling that small room. The FOB wouldn't be burned by a small gasoline fire, but Clara would be. Obviously, the result was expected. She would comply.

"I will do anything. I promise, just don't burn me alive," she screamed desperately. Lizeth was like, 'Fair enough,' she let her go. She cut the cable ties on her hands and feet. She helped her stood up from that chair and avoiding contact with anything that could ignite her body. She touched her body, it ignited a sudden resistance.

"What do you want to do now?" She struggled as Lizeth touched her body, looking for her smartphone. She might think that she wanted to **** her considering that she still considered she as a he, "Are you going to **** me?" Lizeth fondled the pocket near her breast. She grabbed her phone. It was a black phone. iPhone. Expensive.

Lizeth grabbed her phone and hacked Clara's phone to gain access. Of course, she made sure that Clara didn't see her phone. She used the System Hack app to force install the Armory System app. She gave back the smartphone to Clara. She opened that app first.

"Fill the database first!" Lizeth told her as she gave back the smartphone and threatened her using a lighter on her hands.

Clara quickly went through the form and filled in the blanks. Well, how could she fill the form well considering that she was a nerd? Lizeth took a peek and noticed that the form was different than hers. It only asked her about weapon handling and basic knowledge.

She filled in the form and the black container appeared in front of her. It was the same kit as her. The only difference was that she was given a UZI instead of a standard handgun like Lizeth.

"Ok, remember that always keep your face covered. Ok, good luck. Now, change your loadout to your civilian loadout," Lizeth told her and she complied. She changed back to her uniform which smelled like gasoline.

Both of them went upstairs to the empty lot and Lizeth opened the car trunk again. "Get in, I don't want my expensive car seat dirtied by gasoline." Because Clara was scared, she complied by entering the trunk. Lizeth closed the trunk and entered the car again. She started the engine and called Tango.

Lizeth: "Afternoon. I need a favor."

Tango: "Anything for you. What do you need?"

Lizeth: "Do we have a safe house near Trinity high school?"

Tango: "Luckily, we have one. I will send the coordinates to your map. The door is locked with the key card on your app."

Lizeth: "It's that girl."

Tango: "I see. You have to choose a codename for her soon you now.".

Lizeth: "Is that safehouse properly equipped for a student?"

Tango: "Yes, it has your school uniforms and books the last time I went there."

Lizeth: "Great. One less thing to be worried about."

She drove to the car back to the safe house. It was a small house located around a kilometer away from the school. It was located in a suburban residential area. Her house was a small one-floor house with a garage beside it. She dropped her off on that house.

"The house is yours. Hmm, you have to go to school tomorrow right?" Lizeth drove away from the safehouse. Lizeth knew that Clara had to learn the ropes by herself. She might take a contract during the day, but who knows. Lizeth decided that she had enough for today and drove away from that house as she changed her appearance and the appearance of the car.

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