Phone App: Portable Armory Chapter 53: Morally It's Right. Practical? Questionable


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The crying girl in a school uniform was looking face to face with someone in an intimidating military uniform. She felt awkward if she had to kill her even after only one day of the meeting. Not because she couldn't, it just left a bad taste on her mouth.

"... Who are you?" Clara trembled as she looked at Lizeth. Lizeth thought about the downsides and advantages of killing her. She could eliminate one of her rivals if she killed her, but she would also lose one of her first friends if she killed her. Because she knew that she could get a lot of friends later just like in the old school, she could kill her. But at the same time, Lizeth felt that she owed her a favor for helping her on the subjects. It really a hard judgment. She decided to stall that decision first.

She aimed her rifle at her head, "No hard feelings, but Russian Federation sends its regards," she bashed her head with the back of her rifle and tied both of her hands and her feet with cable ties. She would be a hostage.

She walked out of that room while carrying Clara on her back. As she got out of that room, she saw a woman carrying a cup of tea and a pantry of cookies, "Clara, I bring you... Who are you? Where are you going to take my daughter?" It was most likely to be her mom. Lizeth pulled her Makarov and aimed it at that woman's head.

"No offense ma'am, but Russian Federation wants you dead," Lizeth pulled the trigger of her gun and that woman dropped dead on the ground.

Lizeth continued walking down the hallway as she heard multiple gunshots from another direction. It was most likely that the security of the house came to engage her. Judging by the sound of the gunshots, Aline had finished them all. It was no surprise since she could be one of the senior contractors.

She walked to the end of the hallway and noticed that Aline was taking down one of the guards. She slapped his head with her knife. she kicked him and shot him in the back of his head. It was very efficient considering that all of that happened in split seconds. Lizeth could see that because she used her focus ability.

"What took you so long?" Aline wipes her blades to that person's clothes. She put her knife back inside of her pocket and noticed the person that Lizeth brought, "Who's that?"

"Well, long story short, a friend of mine," Lizeth answered, but Aline pointed the end of her rifle at Clara's head, "No, don't."

"Either we kill her or she will have PTSD after this. What do you expect her to do? Become a contractor?" Aline commented.

"I don't know, but that could be a good idea for now," Lizeth said as both of them walked outside the house. Aline was holding a detonator on her hand. Lizeth opened her car trunk and put the unconscious Clara inside.

Aline pressed the detonator and the whole house blew to pieces leaving only rubbles behind. Both of them entered the car and drove away from that position. The police siren could be heard from the background, they were most likely coming because of the large explosion.

"Lynx, you're joking right when you want to take her to our line of work?" Aline kept asking that question.

"No, I'm not. She's my new friend and I'm currently running out of reasons for removing her," Lizeth said as she turned on the siren of the car so she could drive faster and ignore the traffic.

"Are you sure? She's a pacifist just from the looks of her. She's different than you," Aline referred to Lizeth's personality before she became a contractor. She once beat someone up because someone disagreed with her. She also used to pose that she held an assault rifle in the middle of the class and aimed it at her friend's head.

"Well, what are the other options we currently have?" Lizeth asked.

"Well, we can kill her which was the most practical option right not, but morally questionable. We can send her offshore, but that is going to cost us like a fortune and we couldn't monitor her. Or your idea," Aline said.

"How much will it cost to send her offshore?" Lizeth asked.

"A million dollars. You must pay for her tuition and her living budget until she's capable of living by herself," Aline said.

"Mmm, on this condition. I won't choose that option," Lizeth said.

"That's why we should dispose of her. You've only met her for a day right?" Aline kept pressing Lizeth to kill her.

"Nah, I won't do that. The responsibility is mine, but I won't let you touch her," Lizeth replied to her statement as they arrived at the empty lot where the FOB was hiding. Both of them got out of the car and Aline immediately changed into her civilian loadout.

She was wearing a red school coat on top of her white shirt and she was wearing a checkered grey skirt. She wore a ribbon tie on top of her skirt. "If I were normal, I would love to flirt you."

"Spaghetti isn't always straight you know, see you," she kissed Lizeth's face. Lizeth blushed a bit. Aline walked away from her as Lizeth opened her car trunk to carry Clara to the FOB. She carried her on her back and went for the dusty warehouse inside that FOB. She grabbed a wooden chair there and tied Clara on the chair.

Her FSB combat loadout disappeared and replaced by her default combat loadout which was black combat clothes with full-body armor. Her combat uniform was colored black this time since she wasn't in a desert environment. She wore the Russian flag on her helmet along with the FSB patch on her back.

She grabbed a bucket of water from the bathroom nearby and poured it to Clara's face. "Rise and shine, Clara!"

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