Phone App: Portable Armory Chapter 52: FSB Traitor


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Lizeth was still at the parking garage. She was waiting for her backup to come there. She called her combat medic. Aline. Or Tango. She also requested her to look as Russians as possible. Lizeth was a bit worried though because of Aline's last stunt in Iraq.

She wasn't particularly wrong though. The thing that she expected happened and she saw it with both of her eyes. She really came there with full Russian loadout, but not the way that Lizeth expected her to be.

She came there with a black plate carrier and an AS Val on her hands. She came with light armor and an NVG on top of her helmet. It could be her Infiltration loadout. She was wearing a balaclava and a green combat outfit.

Lizeth approached her, " I thought you will be wearing an Adidas tracksuit and an AK-47," she greeted her friend.

"Hmm, I will try that later. Now, where is he? Is he on the other side of town?" Aline asked her. She entered the car shortly. She instructed her to drive the car. Lizeth entered the car and wore her black ballistic glasses. She put the coordinates on the GPS in her car and found the location. It was a location outside of the capital on the west side.

The trip was around an hour and a half from that parking garage. Lizeth started the engine of her car and they drove out of that parking garage. The car window was tinted as hell, no one could see what's on the inside of it. It really gave an aura of mysteriousness.

"How's your first day?" Aline asked her.

"As usual. I just missed a lot of materials during the coma period. I need to catch up," Lizeth answered.

"I see. Have you allocated your skill points to Personal Engineering?" Aline asked her.

"What is that? No, I haven't," Lizeth answered as she opened her phone. She opened her personal skill trees and saw the option that Alone mentioned. The skill trees were more similar to a skill bushes due to the large variety of skill in that skill tree.

[Mediocre Information Gathering: Increase the ability of the user to gain information. Increasing the ability of the user to make use of information.] [7 Skill Points]

She spent the last skill points that she had to that skill in hope that it could help her to understand the subjects in her school. She put her phone back in her pocket and continued driving through the capital.

After some time had passed, they finally arrived near the location. The location was located in the middle of a rich residential area. The houses there were very big. It was so big that her boarding house would probably fit in the garden of one house alone.

The house that they were going to attack was surrounded by a tall concrete wall. Their only entry points were the main gate which was located in front of the building. Climbing the walls was an option. The problem was the question of whether the house was guarded or not.

"So... Who's going to climb on the wall? We need to do this stealthy," Lizeth asked. She charged the charging handle of her rifle. They were doing the operation in the afternoon so it was a bad idea from the start, but since the police wouldn't be involved. It would be fine as long as the target didn't escape.

"You will," Aline said. Lizeth was like, 'Ok, fine by me,' as she got out of the car. Aline went for the driver seat as she drove away from the position. She threw a grappling hook at the top of the wall and climbed it.

She peeked from that wall and noticed that the house was quite empty. There wasn't any guard, but she noticed the presence of an anti-theft device on that house. If the alarm rang, it could jeopardize the mission. She triggered a small blackout on the house to disable it using the System Hack.

The lights on the house went off and she continued climbing the walls and get to the other side of the wall. She moved into cover quickly after she retrieved the grappling hook and rope back. She contacted Aline.

Tango: "How's there?"

Lynx: "I'm on position. The house is relatively unguarded. Are you ready?"

Tango: "Stand by."

'Let's go,' he started walking on the big house that was relatively close to a mansion. It was weird that she hadn't noticed a single guard on the mansion. Maybe the employees were the guards. She walked on that hallway of the house while avoiding any contacts with anyone although she hadn't seen anyone.

"Gaug gaug," that was the sound of a dog. It could be that the house was guarded by a dog. Well, only one way to find out. Lizeth pulled her silenced pistol and slowly approached the source of the barking sound. She saw a guard was playing with the dog. Weirdly enough, that person was a maid. She took aim with her pistol and shot both of them. The dog and the maid.

Lynx: "Dog is dead. Where are you?"

Tango: "Hmm, how should I say this? But I'm in his workroom. He's dead. I'm moving to clear the whole house."

Lynx: "Roger that."

Lynx acknowledged that and proceeded to clear the house. She would kill everyone in that house. She put her pistol back and pulled his rifle from her back. She switched to full-auto on her rifle.

Lynx: "Let's proceed loudly. There's no use being silent anymore."

Tango: "Copy that. Activating jammer."

The jammer would block all signals coming in and out of the building. It would also cut their radio communication. Basically, the house couldn't call anyone for backup. She kicked the door of a room and threw a flashbang inside that room.

She closed the door again and waited for the flashbang to blow up. After the banging, she opened the door again and noticed the room.

The room must be a room for his kid considering 5hr large amount of books in that room. Especially since the books in that room felt very familiar. It looked like the books that she saw in the library this afternoon.

'Whose room is this?' she asked herself as she inspected the room. Her question was answered shortly after she opened the wardrobe in that room.

"Clara??" She opened the wardrobe as she saw that figure crying inside of it.

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