Phone App: Portable Armory Chapter 51: New Friend, Odd Problems


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Lizeth demanded an explanation. There must be a good reason why a student had the nerve to extort a club. Could it be that reason why the library club is disbanded?

Clara tried to divert her attention, "Why don't you go back to your dorm? I've to go home. Now," she left her chair, but Lizeth pushed her back to the chair.


"They're listening to us."

"Who are they?"

Clara stood up from that chair. She brought her bag and Lizeth's and pulled Lizeth's hands and walked outside of the library. They walked to the parking lot where the only car was Clara's sedan with her driver. "Ok. I will keep it short, please enter the car," Clara said as she opened the door for Lizeth.

Lizeth entered the car on the backseat, but she kept a shortcut on her phone so she could switch to her combat loadout if she tried anything funny to her. Killing Clara would be a problem, but defending her life was the highest priority. She also wanted to test his new ACR. What's better than moving target practice for her new weapon. Besides, the terrorist would be blamed if what remains in Clara's body was .308 incendiary rounds.

The car was driven out of the school complex. The car headed to the capital, the place where the skyscrapers existed. Maybe she lived in a high rise apartment around there. Clara opened a fridge in her car and offered Lizeth a can of beer. Lizeth gladly accepted it and opened the can. The can was still sealed. It couldn't be drugged by Clara.

"So... Why did you pull me to your car?" Lizeth asked her as she took a sip from that can of beer.

"If someone listens, I'm fucked. Or we," Clara said. Her expression was like someone that just saw someone doing a very stupid thing. Maybe she was bothered and concerned about the lack of understanding that Lizeth had.


"We will be damned if someone hears us talking about them," Clara said.

"What do you mean?"

"Them. The unknown. The people that are extorting clubs from time to time. But it is always the same people from time to time," Clara said to her.

"I see. Did anyone stand up to them?" Lizeth asked her. A school with a lot of martial art clubs would surely do resistance in the past. The question was how about now?

"Yes. The martial artist," Clara replied.

"How did it go?" Lizeth asked.

"They beat the extorter. The extortion stopped for a short amount of time," Clara said.

"Short amount of time? What happened? I thought the martial artist taught them a lesson or two," Lizeth half-smiled. She might know what happened, maybe the martial artist got beaten up by more superior forces. It was her guess, but that was the most likely thing to happen.

"A group of mob suddenly stormed the school. The security was useless back then. They beat up all of the martial artists. Aikido, Karate, Taekwondo, Wing Chun, Jujutsu, Kendo, you name it. All of them got beaten up by the angry mobs with their samurai and baseball bats.

Most of them were either carrying blades or blunt weaponry, it was scary you know. The police arrived when all of the mobs were gone, coincidence? I don't think so. Hotel? Trivago," Clara explained. What was the purpose of the last statement? Lizeth had no idea, but it was for a good laugh.

Lizeth got the points. This group with whatever the name was, was very dangerous. They might have the power to control the local police force and delayed the armed response team. Judging by the mental impact that it gave to the clubs, the group was most likely to be very reputable.

Lizeth decided to play along for now. First, because she was rich enough to pay the seniors that extort her. Second, she had to keep a low profile. Third, she wasn't in the mood to kill some lowly street thugs using her new battle rifle. She preferred to kill the person that sat down next to her than the street thugs.

"Where will you drop me?" Lizeth asked as the driver continued driving far enough to the capital. Lizeth had known enough.

"Hmm, want to visit my home?" Clara offered. Lizeth refused, she hadn't felt close enough to Clara.

She refused and told her, "You know. I can call my driver here. Please drop me here," Lizeth said as the car stopped in front of a parking garage. Lizeth got out of the car and Clara waved her hand at her. Lizeth waved back.

She stood in front of the parking garage until the car left far enough from her. She headed to the empty parking garage and opened her phone for a contract in the armory system. She decided to do a contract for the FSB that afternoon.

[Eliminating Former Undercover Agent]

A sleeper agent is discovered to be a double agent. The agent has given the agency lots of false Intel and caused heavy casualties on the field. Eliminate him. Make sure there is no survivor in his family. Kill everyone, his wife, his children, his driver, his employees.

The location of the agent has been sent to your phone. Deal with him swiftly and efficiently. Target is most likely to be unarmed. A loadout is provided for the job.


[FSB Rep +++]



She accepted the contract and spawned her car to that garage. Her car color was changed from black to blue and the license plate was also changed. It was specifically designed for that job so Lizeth could maintain her incognito status.

She changed her school uniform to the combat loadout that was specifically provided for the job. It was a green combat uniform with a plate carrier. It only gave her a helmet, a balaclava, and black sunglasses. Her weapon was Ash-12.7 battle rifle. It wasn't suppressed. The moment she fired that gun, she must quickly kill the target. Her sidearm was a silenced Makarov luckily. She still kept her baton though.

"Ok, time to get some money," Lizeth entered her car and started the engine.

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