Phone App: Portable Armory Chapter 5: Another Mission: Escor


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Class 11-H, the last class in that school. It also could be said that it was a residual class in that school due to the fact that the class only had 20 students on it. Each student was sitting in pairs, male with the male while a female with a female. If you think for a moment, there were only 10 long-tables in that class. Though, since their class leader was a good one, the class was properly equipped.

"Patrick, look at your left, 10 o'clock," His best friend said.

"Yeah, Shaddam. I see that girl, hmm look proportional isn't she?" He said as they were looking out at the street through the window.

Shaddam Hussain, a small little boy with short black hair and a very thin mustache. His height was around 165 and had some kind of athletic feet. He was Patrick's best friend. He would accompany her whether it was sad, happy, or just pure stupid. Because of his name, their class was used to be called a terrorist nest. Hell, even some of the students would call the 11-H as the Republic of Iraq. So going to our class was usually called going to Iraq.

Suddenly, a girl was hitting their butt with a broom, "Oy you two, keep cleaning or else."

"Yes ma'am," they said.

It was their class cleanliness section, her name was Aveline Cordier. She was a little girl, her height was around 153 cm. Her hair was short and curly and also very black. Though her posture was short, her anger wasn't.

That 20 students were split into five groups according to their schedule. They had a cleaning duty every day. They had to clean the class every day due to the absence of the cleaning service. Though, today after that duty. Patrick had to help Lynn doing her work of cleaning computers in the library. After he finishes cleaning the window with the dictator, he immediately headed downstairs for the library.

Inside the library, he saw that girl, Lynn, was opening the PC server one by one. It was dusty as hell so she was wearing some kind of industrial respirator. Besides her was a jerry can of 99% isopropyl alcohol. The library was a place with a lot of books and Lynn was opening the PC in the reading area where there was a huge carpet.

She saw him and he greeted him, "Hey there Patrick. Would you kindly help me?" She asked.

"Sure, that's the main reason why I come here," Patrick said.

"Great, go to the art room and get a gas mask. It should be in a container somewhere," he said as she was cleaning every single part of the dusty server. Well, they had around 20 racks to clean, so it would be a long afternoon with Lynn.

Patrick walked to the art room and picked up a gas mask and went back to the library. When he wore that gas mask, he felt as if he was in a nuclear apocalypse. He got back to the library and started unscrewing the screw from the server.

It was a hassle since every server has around 100 screws. He used a wipe of alcohol to clear the dust and submerged the parts inside an alcohol bath that had been prepared in a small container while he was cleaning the casing.

"Do you have any idea why do the teachers told you to do this?" Patrick asked Lynn.

"Mainly because I reported that the server performance has dropped by 79% and they told me to do this," Lynn said as she wiped a dirty fan in the alcohol container.

"Someone will think that we are having an alcohol party don't you think?" He said as he cleaned the casing and put the server back to its place.

"Yeah, the vapor of the alcohol is quite lethal in here," Lynn said while she put the server back to its rack. She went to the main computer after that. She pressed the power button and went to the bios to check if everything was fine.

[Town Infrastructure Management System 2.0: Educational Version]

"Ah yes, I remember when the major decided to network everything on this city. Yeah, good times," Patrick said as he looked at the booting screen and it took them to the login screen.

[User: LibraryAdmin]

[Password: HitlerDidNothingWrong]

He smiled when he looked at the password, "Did you make the password?"

"No, my male senior was the one that gives me this admin account," she commented before she initiated the system test.

[Initiating System Test]

All of the lights were green and their jobs were done. Now, because they were taking a very long time to service those servers. The school had become very lonely, there were some students that were dating, but overall, there were only two of them alone in the library and the door to the library was closed.

"Hmm, it looks like it's late now. Still, the school hasn't closed yet. Well, are you going to go to the rooftop again or are you going to read books here?" Lynn asked.

"I will be playing my phone here," Patrick said as he sat down on the carpet and Lynn went to the librarian table where she was going to take care of several documents on the library. While he was opening his phone, he saw a message from the armory system.

Unknown: "Have you taken a contract yet?"

Patrick: "Not yet. Why?"

Unknown: "Well, a contractor will get terminated if they don't take it for a week. For a new contractor, it's even worse, a day."

Patrick: "No shit. Well, I guess so."

Unknown: "Take escort mission this time. You will like it I think. Vigilante mission ok?"

Patrick: "Copy that."

He opened his phone and searched for another contract. This time it was an escort contract, he must escort a person to prison. Luckily, it was a juvenile prison, so the prisoner couldn't be dangerous right?

[Escort The Prisoner]

A juvenile prison by the name of prisoner #127893781982 is needed to be escorted to ********** prison. The juvenile is a high ranking member of a dangerous street gang and a son of a billionaire. His parents have been hiding him from the news to protect his reputation. Prevent any escape attempt from that prisoner. You will be working alongside the police as external firepower. A vehicle will be provided.




'Ok, I hope there isn't any attack,' he said as he put his phone in his pocket and spoke to Lynn, "I have to go now. I have a business."

"Fortunately, I have a business too. Well, let's close this library," Lynn said as she stood up from the chair and went to the door. Patrick grabbed his bag from the carpet and he got out of that library and Lynn locked the door of the library.

"See you soon Patrick. Thanks for the company," she put her hands on his shoulder and Patrick blushed before he ran away in awkwardness. He got out of the school complex and he had three new messages.

Unknown: "Where are you?"

Patrick: "I do not even know where the bike is located and I can't change the loadout because there is no discreet place."

Unknown: "Change anywhere. It happens instantly and nobody will notice that. Trust me, I've done that all the time, and nobody bats an eye."

Patrick: "What if someone you know sees you?"

Unknown: "During the changing, there is an invisibility phase. Basically, you will disappear and appear in another place as a different person. Trust me, nobody will know you. If you have known me, you will be surprised as hell."

Patrick: "Do I even know you?"

Unknown: "I can't decide that. You can decide that."

Patrick: "I trust you."

In that busy street, he pressed that loadout button and changed into his combat loadout. The difference was that the tactical rig has AK magazines and has a Glock 17 on his thigh. He put his AK in front of his body. He had the same appearance as before, full black tactical.

[Location has been shown on the map]

The location was far enough that he needed to take a bus. He took a bus at a bus stop in front of his school. A bus stopped and he let the passenger that wants to get out, get out first before he entered that bus.

Once he took a step inside the bus, he saw that the passengers and the driver was trembling a lot. Well, someone with a full black suit and holding an AK in a gun controlled country was terrifying to be honest.

The trembling bus driver asked him, "Are you... Highjacking this bus?"

Gerald pokes his shoulder and the bus driver screamed, "Nah sir, I'm just the ordinary," he said as he walked to the backseat and the bus started moving again. The destination was an empty land that was located 2 blocks away from a police precinct. He paid for the bus and left the bus.

He then saw them, three-person with an identity as unknown as him waiting near a Terradyne RPV armored pickup truck with an M134 minigun turret on top. One of them was the unknown girl that was contacting him while the others were unknown.

The girl that was holding a SCAR-H approached him and gave him a black ballistic vest and a black helmet that has a headphone, "Wear this but return it. It's mine ok," she said and Patrick wore it beneath his tactical rig and above his black combat shirt.

"Hi there, we heard from Lima that you're a good combatant, I hope you don't disappoint us," someone said.

He was holding an M4 carbine and had the same issue armor and clothes as him. He was very friendly from his observation. But it was too early to judge that. Then there's another person that was standing in the back of the pickup truck.

"I hope you do a good job. I trust you," that person said. He was using a Beretta ARX160, an assault rifle made in Italy. He was quite small for men.

"Ok, let me introduce you to the other. We have agreed on a callsign, he is Bravo," she said as he introduced the one that held M4.

"She is Alpha," She introduced another person that was holding the Beretta ARX160.

"She?" Patrick asked.

"Yes, now let's go to the motorbike," She said as she walked to a dirt bike. It was a black dirt bike and that short girl entered the driver seat of the armored truck. She turned on the engine and the brake light shined so brightly.

Patrick was riding the bike with Lima as the passenger. "What's your codename for this op?" She asked.

"Delta, I think Delta will be my codename," Patrick replied as he turned on the dirt bike and he followed the truck from behind. They headed for the precinct.

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