Phone App: Portable Armory Chapter 48: Back To Normal


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The capital. If not for the help of Google maps, she would be lost. She was a really new person in that world, a new account, new ID, new everything. Her destination was the Trinity High School for Girls. It was located a little bit south of the capital.

She was driving her car on the busy street with her school uniform. It made her a bit worried. She worried if police were going to stop her. She stopped on a light stop and she was impatient.

'I have T.I.M.S system hack hehe,' she grabbed her phone and hacked the traffic lights so it turned green and she drove straight through the traffic lights. The trip was short as she arrived at that school. She parked her car on the side of the road in front of the gate.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" She got out of the car as she was amazed by the school. It was Hardcore.

The school was very large. Larger than an average college. There were five main buildings, the three three-floor school-buildings, and the big dormitories. It was a two-floor building, but it was also bigger than the school itself.

The rest of the school couldn't be seen since it was dark. The school gate was locked with an electronic system that connects to the T.I.M.S system. It was hackable. She tested it. The door opened and closed without the need for a keycard. A very modern school. Very exploitable too.

'The school told me to wait for a female teacher in front of the gate. Where the hell is she?' she asked herself. Since the surrounding of the school was empty lots. She carried a baton inside her school coat for safety reasons.

The front of the school gate was dark with the only light sources were her car lights and the dim red lights from the key card sensor of the gate. It was fun fiddling around with the gate, but it was risky too. She felt lonely in that place. The empty lots were filled with wild grasses. Hell, there were no buildings in the vicinity of one kilometer from that school.

The school gate opened as a female teacher walked from that gate. She was a beauty, her hair was short and brown Maybe she was from Europe or something. Her hair was messy, maybe she hadn't combed yet. She was in a teaching outfit from her observations. She ran towards her direction like a meth head. Maybe she was too excited.

She stopped running in front of Lizeth's car and Lizeth almost had her baton deployed in case she was hostile. You could never be too careful when you've worked with the CIA and FSB. Well, luckily, she was an ordinary teacher that was too excited.

"Lizeth, I assume...," she took the initiative of talking.

"Yes ma'am. And with whom am I speaking too?" Lizeth asked her as she crossed her hands. The teacher looked very clumsy in her opinion.

"Elizabeth. Call me Elizabeth," she said.

"Well then Mrs. Elizabeth. Would you kindly tell me the way?" She said as she got inside her car and Elizabeth entered the passenger seat. Elizabeth pulled out her keycard and the door opened.

"If you want to open the gate. Show your keycard at the sensor and the door will automatically open," she said as she drove through the gate. The school parking lot was filled with a lot of expensive cars such as Rolls-Royce, Mercedes Benz, Cadillac, or Bentley. It made her wonder what kind of school she enrolled into.

She parked her car in that parking lot which was located near the dorm. She counted the car in the parking lot and there were 20 cars including hers in that school. She and Elizabeth got out of that car and entered the dorm.

The dorm was empty. Where were the other girls? It turned out that they were watching TV in the entertainment room. Lizeth and she walked upstairs and went to her room. Her room was numbered 13.

Elizabeth opened her room. It was a simple room with two beds, two study tables, two wardrobes, and one bathroom. "You don't have a roommate currently. So... Enjoy yourself," Elizabeth said. The room had an air conditioner and she turned it on.

"No comments. This room is decent," Lizeth said as she opened the wardrobe. "Hmm, seven uniforms and all of them were skirts. Damn," on the bottom of the wardrobe was a replacement for the bed cover.

The room was empty, she needed to move her stuff too. But bringing a suitcase to the second floor for someone that just got home from Syria was something that was really tiring.

She opened the bathroom. It was a single shower with one toilet and a dumpster. What was the purpose of the dumpster? She had no idea for now, but she would later.

She walked outside her room and got greeted by another girl. She was wearing a hoodie and a pajama underneath, "Hi there, new here?"

"Yes," she answered as she walked downstairs. Minding her own business. But she kept following her. It made her anxious, did she have to take that person with her baton? She walked outside the dorm, to her car.

She looked at her, "Why are you following me?" She asked her. Lizeth started getting ugly feeling just from her following her. She grabbed her phone and readied her combat loadout in shortcut in case that person really wanted to kill her.

"I'm just trying to help you move. That's all," she said. She would trust her moving her suitcase, but not the other things. She opened the car trunk and let her pick up her suitcase. Lizeth picked up her bag and her rugged laptop. They brought all of the cargo to Lizeth's room and she appreciated her help. They went to the hallway again.

"Thanks for the help, but what's your name?" Lizeth asked her.

"My name is Iris Dynn. You can call me Iris," Iris said.

"Nice to meet you. My name is Lizeth Grant, you can call me Lizeth," she said as she shook her hands.

"Nice to meet you, Lizeth. What's your class?" Iris asked.

"Hmm, 11-B if I'm not wrong," She had read the content of the envelope. She knew that "I'm too tired. Could you visit me next morning?" Lizeth asked her to visit her the next morning.

"Ok, see you tomorrow," Lizeth entered her room and locked the door. She wanted to do her personal business. She opened her phone and browsed the Gunshop. She bought a new rifle. 6000$ rifle.

[Remington/ Bushmaster ACR: An assault rifle for the Adaptive Combat Rifle program. The rifle has many features taken from the AR-15 series rifle. Sometimes confused as a SCAR rifle due to its similar appearance. This rifle is chambered in .308 with conversion kit]

Due to the lack of CCTV in her room, she spawned the rifle in the room. It was neat, the rifle felt very nice on the hand. She attached the foregrip and sight from the POF P416 and bought a new crazily expensive suppressor.

[Intermediate Contractor Suppressor: 30.000$: Reduce the sound of the rifle to around 60 decibels.]

Ignoring the law of physics. That was what the suppressor did. 60 decibels was quieter than a regular conversation. It was convenient in an urban area like the capital. Even more when you're shooting .308 bullets. She still needed an SMG for CQB.

She opened the magazine and noticed that the ammo was an armor-piercing incendiary round. It was a very overkill round for an ordinary situation. She put the rifle on her loadout then she took a shower and changed her clothes to a more casual one. Because she was very tired, she went to sleep after that

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