Phone App: Portable Armory Chapter 45: The Russian's Gambit: Part 21


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Abdul and Lizeth. Those persons that walked into a suicide mission without any fears on their heart. Abdul who wanted to serve his motherland and Lizeth who wanted her normal life back.

The village was dimly lit. The lamps weren't enough to shine the whole village. Lizeth didn't have NVG. It was dark. Insurgents didn't have NVG either. Good for them. They started their infiltration. Their codename was Sandman. Sandman 1 and 2. They communicate through their headphone.

Lizeth crawled through the desert darkness with her rifle aimed at the village direction. She wore her dark balaclava to blend in with the darkness. She hid behind a building and peeked a little. Insurgents. Lots of them were standing below a makeshift street light.

Lizeth: "Sandman 1, do you copy?"

Abdul: "Sandman 1 here, loud and clear sandman 2."

Lizeth: "I'm moving to the main buildings, but could you find a power generator?"

Abdul: "Copy that, Sandman 2 out."

Lizeth waited. Both of them gambled. She hoped that the terrorist had a flashlight so she could tag them. She peeked again, the insurgents disappeared. Where were they going? No idea. She hoped it wasn't Abdul they were after.

She gripped the pistol grip of the rifle tighter as she heard it. Footsteps from the corner. It came closer and closer. She activated the [Focus] ability and peeked from right behind the corner. It was a cheeky brat.

Kill him or not? Fuck. She pulled the trigger of her silenced rifle and killed the boy in place. She felt guilty about it. But it was him or her at that point.

The lights suddenly turned off. The village turned pitch black. The insurgents were cursing in Arabic about the lights that turned off again. Lizeth used this chance to approach the main building which was suspected to be the hiding place of Amar and the dossier.

Abdul: "I placed a claymore in front of the power generator."

Lizeth: "You did what? You stupid Iraqi."

It would only take a little time before someone went checking for the power generator. Lizeth moved faster to the main building and she opened the door of that dark building slowly.


Time moved slowly and three people were highlighted by a white outline. None of them was Amar. She shot her rifle at them. They fell down to the ground. Dead. They wouldn't wake up.

A loud gunshot could be heard. It wasn't suppressed, who could it be? She didn't have time to find out. She only had little time before Amar went escaping. She went running to the second floor of that building and searched from room to room for Amar.

Lizeth: "Sandman 1, do you copy?"

Static. He must have died. Poor Stupid Iraqi. She noticed loud footsteps right behind her. He nodded behind. It was Amar that tried to attack her from behind using a knife. She deployed her baton.

Amar swung his knife. It missed and scratched Lizeth's face. Lizeth bashed Amar's legs with her baton and made him fell down to the ground. Amar screamed in pain as he fell to the ground. Unluckily, it alerted the whole compound.

"Motherfucker!" She kicked Amar in the nuts and he passed out. The insurgents were in a hurry to catch Lizeth. She looked on where Amar was coming from. It was a room with a leather briefcase on top of the bed. She came inside and retrieved the said laptop and carried Amar on her back. She put her rifle away and readied the pistol in front of her.

The footsteps got louder and one of the insurgents spotted her. He started engaging her and Lizeth used her focus ability to slow down time. [Focus] she shot the terrorist in the head. She saw a window. She knew what to do. She jumped from the second story and used Amar's body as a cushion.

She stood up and ran to a pickup truck that was parked in the village. She grabbed her phone and hacked that car to open its door and turned on its engine. She put Amar on the back of that truck and she drove away as the car was fired with everything that the insurgents had.

After a while, Lizeth managed to leave far enough and the insurgents weren't longer in pursuit of her. She stopped the car in the middle of the desert to catch a breath. She felt exhausted and searched her body for bullet holes.

Legs? No holes. Hands? Safe. Torso? Safe. Face? A little bit of scratch, but it wasn't bad at all compared to the sensation of being mag dumped by the Russians. She wore her clothes again and opened her smartphone to check on how to send the dossier to Langley.

[Gaining Intel]

This is a personal Contract from a CIA agent. An Intel about the stolen WMD has been discovered in the south of Qaim. The good news is the Intel was relatively guarded by 100 terrorists. The bad news is that the US doesn't want to risk a team for an Intel that could be false. Retrieve the dossier then sent it to Langley.


Reward: [200.000$+ Level up to 48], [CIA reputation +++]

She clicked that button and noticed that it opened her camera app. She photographed all of the documents inside that briefcase which was written in Arabic and sent it to Langley. She completed the mission after notification appeared on her phone.

[Mission Complete. Reward has been sent to Account.]

[40 Skill Points Unused]

[New Contact: Agent Cheetah]

[New International Contract Available]

'Hmm, if this contract still took place in Central Asia. I will take it,' She opened that contract and noticed that the source was the opposite of what the previous contract was.

[Capture Terrorist]

Intel suggested that Nuke Amar has been spotted in the South Of Qaim. Capture the terrorist alive and bring him to a location in Syria. The border guard will let you pass. You will meet some of our representatives in the location.

Reward: [250.000$ + Level up to 50], [FSB Favor ++++].

'Well, how lucky I am,' she smiled at the passenger on the back of the truck and pressed the button to accept that contract. She wanted to replace the P416 which was shot during the gunfight.

Damn. The receiver was blasted with bullets. There was no hope of fixing that. She hoped that there was an AK in the trunk. There was. An Iraqi AK. Not bad, but not the best weapon either. She grabbed it and drove the car to the Iraqi border.

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