Phone App: Portable Armory Chapter 42: The Russian's Gambit: Part 18


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"What?" He shouted back.

"Run!" Lizeth fired her rifle at the holes in that building. She fired the rifle worse this time due to the fact that the Focus ability was in cooldown. Lizeth ran to Abdul's direction in order to save him.

Abdul noticed Lizeth who was running in his direction with a rifle on her hands. He pulled a pistol out of his pocket and closed the laptop. The shout noticed the insurgents and they shouted something in Arabic as they started engaging Lizeth. Dozen of bullets started flying from the hole of the building.

"Aaaah," a bullet found its way to Lizeth's left hand. She used his focus ability again to slow down time. There was five insurgent on the building. She flipped the 3x zoom on her scope and made a precision fire on the enemy.

Still, one of those guys decided to bring the big guns. A PK machine gun. It gave sudden shiver down Lizeth's spine. She quickly aimed down sights at the machine gunner and killed him. Abdul was running into the car and started the engine.

Lizeth went for the passenger seat and she pulled the window down to shoot at the insurgent. The focus was on cooldown. One of the insurgents picked up the machine gun and started raining down bullets at her.

The bullets were raining down. Not to the car, but to Lizeth. She got shot in the torso and in the left hand. Abdul managed to drive the car away from that city block of Fallujah. Lizeth, the foreigner, was more shocked than Abdul since she only knew that IS had been destroyed.

"You said that IS had been pushed away from Fallujah," Lizeth shouted to Abdul for the bad intel.

"Yes, IS, not insurgents," Abdul tried to make a good reason, "C'mon, at least we have good intel."

"Good intel your head," Lizeth opened his IFAK and raised the sleeves of her combat shirt to treat her wounds. He opened a bandage and wrapped it around the wounds on her hands. Lucky for her, thanks to the bullet damage reduction, the wound wasn't as painful as she thought it would be. "It's better be worth it Abdul," Lizeth said.

"Don't worry. It's a dead drop that is supposed to be sent for the insurgents," Abdul said. Lizbeth just smacked her hand on her forehead.

"It's not from INIS?" Lizbeth narrowed her eyes.

"Yes. It's supposed to be an intel that will be transported to a country. We intercepted it, I will send it to Langley," Abdul said as he handed down the laptop to Lizbeth, "Could you send it for me Lynx?"

"Yeah, but could you let me see the INIS files? I need some Intel on this village on the south of Al-Qaim," Lizeth said as she grabbed the laptop and sent that file to Langley. Lizeth opened the INIS server through Abdul's laptop. It was a server with multiple files.

"Hmm, Abdul, which one is the file on Al-Qaim?" She put her hands on the keyboard as the mouse was pointed to the search bar.

"Intelligence On The Stolen Russian's WMD," Lizeth typed that words on the search bar, and a folder appeared. It was a folder containing pictures and a PDF document. Inside the PDF document, there was a detail on the Russian WMD. The Russian suitcase bomb. The bomb was constructed during the Soviet era.

[Amar Al-Jamari Ibn Somali]

This is the mastermind behind everything that happened on [REDACTED]. Amar Al-Jamari, more known as Blast Amar, has stolen more than 200 tons of potential IED material on the town of [REDACTED]. Based on the Intel gathered, his location was still unknown. Intel suggested that Amar has another plan. Intel said that Amar has stolen a nuke from Grozny during the Chechnya war.

The nuke was a portable suitcase nuke bomb that has the ability to level the entire city. The state of the nuke was unstable due to the experimental state of the bomb itself. It is advised to find this bomb as soon as possible.

The bomb was last seen in the southern region of Al-Qaim. The village was located far away from Al-Qaim. It is expected that the area itself is quite inhabited. Tread carefully, the villager used to be a staging base of IS.


The bomb was a silver suitcase. The suitcase wasn't that conspicuous at all. The problem was finding that silver suitcase in a place as big as an entire city. It could be anywhere. Hell. It could be under your bed if the terrorist wanted to place it there.

Lizeth wondered how a nation as big as the Russian federation could get their nuke stolen by Insurgents. Especially when the nuke was an experimental one. Everything seemed to be too unreal if she wasn't a contractor. She was too busy with her laptop and she didn't notice that they had arrived at their next destination. It was the city of Hit.

"Lynx, we have arrived," Abdul parked his car on a town that had the same name as a verb on English. Lizeth switched her loadout to casual one which was her shirt with a shemagh. She grabbed the bag from the back of the car and they walked.

"Hit? Is this really the name of the town?" Lizeth asked Abdul as they walked on the street of that small town. Different than Fallujah, this town was more civilized. The citizens were walking like an ordinary person. The buildings in that town weren't expressing that the city was in a war-torn country. She saw that Abdul was greeting several people on the street by calling them Habibi or habibti. The people just smiled at both of them.

The situation of the city made her wonder, 'Why the hell the things I see in the news is only woman in burka when the reality isn't?' she smiled at a woman in her veil. Abdul and Lizeth walked to a house near the river of that city. It was a safe house.

"I know you're very tired. Here's the key to your room," Abdul said as Lizeth took that key and walked to her room. Abdul left her because he wanted to walk around the town.

When she opened the room. She felt a cold breeze hitting her face. The room was a room with a simple bed, an air conditioner, and a bathroom. It was comfortable in comparison to sleeping in the middle of the car. She put her bag on the floor and put off her shoes. She put her body on the bed. Comfy. She then fell asleep.

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