Phone App: Portable Armory Chapter 36: The Russian's Gambit: Part 12


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'As long as my carrier as a combat surgeon. Never in my life, I have seen someone survives so many gunshots.' Tango commenting on Delta's condition. He was currently under her treatment. She put him in a white room located on a FOB in the capital.

She had contacted Lima this morning. She told Lima Delta's condition.

Lima: "Oh, I see. Just that?"

Tango: "Why you have to be so cold?"

Lima: "People dying in our line of work is usual right?"

Tango: "Yes, I know. But this is the same person that saves your life from .50 Cal."

Lima: "So what? Gotta go, bye."

Tango: "I shouldn't tell you this, but Delta's real name is Adrian Patrick Grant."

She closed her phone and put it on the table near Patrick's bed. She looked at the electrocardiogram machine and saw that his heartbeat has stabilized and he no longer needs help on breathing.

He woke up, "What are you doing here?" Was his first question. Well, it was expected because he wouldn't suspect Tango would be here.

"Yes, Patrick. I'm always here, helping Alpha, Charlie, and the others, " Tango said.

"Hmm, our teen red cross weeb is apparently a contractor too huh? What a surprise eh? Aline," she said to her. Aline Moore was one of the 11-H students. She was a member of the red cross and she was also a member of the culture club aka weeb club.

"Our Dictator's friend is also a contractor huh? Patrick Grant," She accused him who was laying down like a mummy on his bed. She approached him, "I guess you won't be too surprised if I'm revealing some things to you."

"What do you mean? Aline," Patrick asked as she got out of her room to pick up a small ammo container. She showed it to Patrick. Patrick was shocked, as expected.

"Yup, the Russians shot you many times," she said as she put her hands inside the ammo container and scoped the fragments with her hand.

He couldn't respond with a word. He only responded with a heartbeat that suddenly increasing.

"You're lucky. Most of the people will die you know? Luckily, this hidden nuclear bunker has a state of the art medic robot that let me clean your body out of fragmentation and fix it all," Aline said.

Aline walked to a coffee table in front of that bed, she grabbed a large envelope in the coffee table. It was the place where she put the X-ray scene. She showed it to him one by one.

"You see. I discovered more than 2000 fragments in your body. Yes, you should be dead. In addition to bullets, there are also bricks and other things like dislocated bone and other kinds of stuff," she said as she showed her the X-ray picture one by one.

"2000 bullets? Those Spetznaz aren't playing around aren't they?" Patrick asked.

"Sure, they aren't," Aline said. They laughed together and Aline said something quite confusing.

"Mmm, sorry to say this, but you're sort of my guinea pig," she said.

"For what? Healing me? I appreciate that," Patrick said.

"You will notice it sooner or later. I don't want to ruin the surprise," Aline said with a smirk on her face. She just gave him a print of the X-ray and a single sentence, "The Russians had seen your face."

Patrick thought, hard. He didn't know what he had to do with that one sentence alone. He tried to sit down on that bed instead of lying down. He grabbed the TV remote on a table beside that hospital bed.

He noticed something about his mummified body. The bandage was covering almost his entire body and he noticed that the bandage around his chest was thicker, 'Massive hemorrhage at chest area I think?'

He looked at that bandage and noticed something was missing. Something that supposed to be there, but it wasn't there. Hmm, he wondered what it was. He looked at that X-ray scan one more time.

Nothing was too suspicious. It was just an ordinary x-ray scan with a lot of white stuff that was suspected to be the fragments that were still in his body. He looked at his x-ray one more time and noticed something, 'Hmm, is my hands usually this small?' he looked at that X-ray.

"Situation in ***** has begun heat up again by a recent exchange of gunfire between the military and foreign agency."

'Spetsnaz huh?' he said as he watched that tv. That TV showed the soldiers patrolling around his city with their pride. Though, the contractors couldn't be seen yet. It was expected due to the way that they worked.

Aline came back again, this time, she bought a rack full of surgical tools and a lot of saline water. She placed a water-resistant cover behind his back, "I'm going to remove some of your bandages. It won't hurt, trust me."

She bought a menacing scissor that made a loud snip-snip sound. She started cutting into the bandage started from his belly. She then cut the bandage on his hands. He noticed something different on his skin, scars were almost everywhere.

"You know," Aline sat down on his bed, "I will give you an instant noodle for dinner if you can guess how many fragments in your body."

"Hmm, I don't know. Around 2000?" Patrick asked.

"Wrong, no instant noodles for you. Your dinner is just lazy oatmeal," she laughed. He didn't know why.

"How many fragments are there in my body?" Patrick asked Aline.

"A lot to be honest. If I'm not wrong when calculating, it was around 6128 fragments," she said as Patrick was shocked again. She could see that from the electrocardiogram machine.

"Do you have more surprises for me?" Patrick asked as he saw a scar stretching from the top of his abdomen to his neck.

"Nah, but I will remove the chest and bottom bandage last since it is the place with the most scar," she said with a smirk, "Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, but 100 of those fragments were in your thing. You can be impotent you know."

Patrick screamed from the top of his lungs, "MY BOYYYY!!!"

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