Phone App: Portable Armory Chapter 35: The Russian's Gambit: Part 11


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Hotel: "Firing."

A very loud explosion was heard from the other direction of the house. Then a large sound of gunfire could be heard.

"It's the signal, light em up," They took cover, and Lima pressed the detonator on the C4 and it blew the fence clean. They charged to the backdoor of the house and threw a flashbang inside of the house.

They kicked the front door open and the first thing that they heard was, "Get down on the ground!" Alpha shouted as the barrel of the minigun spun.

"HEADS DOWN!" Lima laid down on the ground as Alpha started shooting her minigun indoor and shoot through many things including the wall.

With 7.62 ammo, every cover turned into concealment, so you only could hope that the ammo didn't hit you or you're doomed. The minigun fired at around 2000 rounds per second, so it was very very fast.

The wall was mowed down by the 7.62 rounds as the minigun shot everywhere to random places. The ammo rain stopped, "Let's go, guys," Lima stood up, kicked a door then threw a flashbang inside of the room. Echo and Foxtrot stood up and did the same thing.

She kicked the door, shot two Spetsnaz who was blinded by the flash and in the head, "Room Clear!" The Spetsnaz dropped dead in the ground with a hole in their head.

"Clear!" Echo shouted from another room.

Lima put her rifle away and searched the wardrobe for the other Russians in case someone was hiding there. She opened the wardrobe a bit then throw a flashbang inside the wardrobe.

"Aaaaa," a loud scream came out from the wardrobe. Lima opened the door again. It was a scream from a rented prostitute. She aimed her rifle at her, "Get down on the ground now!" The woman was half-naked. She laid down on the ground, slowly and Lima tied her with a zip tie.

Bravo: "Group B, Is the back area clear?"

Lima: "Room clear."

Lima got out of that room and headed towards the toilet, she kicked the door open and found a dead Russian that was taking a shower in that bathroom. He was holding a phone or something.

Lima: "Area clear. How's the front?"

Alpha: "They're all dead."

Lima, Echo, and Foxtrot walked to the front area and noticed that Hotel was opening a rugged laptop on a desk. It was a very vital laptop.

"FSB's laptop. It couldn't get any better than this," Lima said as she grabbed that laptop. The laptop had a folder that was written in Russian. She opened that folder and noticed that the folder was full of documents from FSB.

Echo stopped her from accessing, "Is this laptop trackable?" He asked.

"Negative, ECM doesn't report any signal coming out of this laptop except for regular internet," Foxtrot said as he checked his smartphone.

Alpha put her minigun on a table and sat down on a couch. "We have a big catch today huh?" She asked.

"Yeah, Russians' motive of operation is here in our hands," Bravo commented as he tried to translate the name of each document. "Hmm, Google translate is unreliable isn't it? I will translate the words that make sense, map, terrorist, base, and cache."

"Better send this laptop to Herring. He knows better than us," Lima said as she closed the laptop and carried it with her hands. They walked back to their respective car. But before that, Lima told the others to go without her, "You guys go first. I will take care of the family."

The whole Group B except for Lima went back to their car. Lima untied that family first with the bomb threat and her rifle. She wanted to take responsibility for breaking their house wall.

"Look, I want you to have this. Just take this as my responsibility to pay for that damage," Lima gave them a kilogram of 24k gold. That's worth more than 50k dollars. She left them after she called her car to the location. She brought the EMP device with her. She entered the car and opened the window.

The son of that family approached the car and he wrote something, most likely to be the license plate. "it's useless boy, I can change my license plate whenever I like," Lima changed the license plate of her car multiple times and the boy was shocked as she pointed the end of her rifle at her.

She pressed the gas pedal and drove away from that neighborhood. After she drove far enough, she changed her loadout into casual clothing. She went for the nearest package delivery service and delivered it to Langley. She used a specific address so the package arrived at Herring's office doorstep.

"Who's the sender of this package?" The worker there asked.

"Mike Coxlong, thanks," she paid for that service and went back for her car. She went back to her home on the other side of the town. She knew what exactly she could do right now. Wait on her couch while waiting for an update from Agent Herring. So, she contacted that agent.

Lima: "Yo, you need to know that I send you a package there."

Herring: "It's 3 AM here Lima. What did you send?"

Lima: "A nuclear device for Langley."

Herring: "That's not funny. You can put the US to Defcon 2 just from that threat alone."

Lima: "I'm just joking. Deuh. I send you an FSB's laptop. Have fun deciphering it."

Herring: "Nice. Good night Lima."

He closed the call without giving any chance for Lima to say goodbye to him. Well, that was expected since nobody likes to be wakened up at 3 AM in the morning. Well, it was expected.

'Better do what I do best when I'm bored. Cook instant noodles while watching TV,' Lima said as she stood up from the couch. She went to the fridge then she got a message from Tango.

Tango: "Lima. Delta has passed away."

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