Phone App: Portable Armory Chapter 34: The Russian's Gambit: Part 10


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The Russians were tailed by Lima on the highway. She was tailing them in the motorcycle. However, she wasn't the only one that tailed them. Alpha's car was also tailing them. Her SUV was similar to an unmarked police car so she could skip checkpoints unlike Lima in her motorbike.

Lima: "Bravo, do you copy?"

Bravo: "Loud and clear, Lima. I'm here with Alpha as usual. The others are also here."

Lima: "Don't shoot them before I told you to."

Bravo: "Copy that. Over and out."

The car that the Spetsnaz used was a black van that didn't have any windows. Her guess? The Spetsnaz was either going to take care of a terrorist or went back to their hideout fully armed. Either way, the contractors were going to kill them.

If her experience taught her something about special forces, killing a special force operator was not about how many of them you could kill. It's more about how many of them you could bring down before you're getting killed.

Luckily, Lima didn't have to face that kind of thing every day, except when she was working abroad. One thing when dealing with special forces was you had to have a technological advantage or anything that could step things up a notch. Fighting special forces without armor was practically suicide.

Bravo: "We don't have air support this time. Only Juggernaut."

Lima: "Nice, who's the lucky guy?"

Bravo: "Girl actually, Alpha is the juggernaut."

Lima: "No shit. Loli-chan is given the juggy?"

Alpha: "I can hear you loud and clear Lima."

Lima: "I'm just joking. Don't take it too seriously."

Alpha: "You don't want to be in the receiving end of this M134 minigun Lima."

Lima: "I won't, the Russians will."

Alpha: "Ok."

Some might think, how in the goddamn world a 5 feet girl could hold a 19 kg miniguns with 40 kg worth of ammo and 20 kg worth of armor? Well, it was because of the personal skill tree, but it was a story for another day.

They followed that car and the ended up in a house located on the other side of the town. The residential area where Patrick lived was located on the east side of the town while this residential area located in the west of the town.

The house was surrounded by a large yard and had two possible entry points. The backdoor and the front door. The house window was covered with steel. It was a house in a bad neighborhood after all. Lima stopped her bike in front of the house.

Lima: "We have lost the element of surprise from the start. The house has a perfect 360° coverage. We can't storm the house without alerting the Spetsnaz."

Hotel: "Hmm, I have a plan. Care to listen?"

Lima: "Sure."

Hotel: "I will fire a Panzerfaust on that house. The Russians should be surprised and we stormed in through the front door."

Lima: "Let me park this bike somewhere else first. Meet you there blocks from this location."

Lima rode his bike to an empty lot around three blocks away from the house. She returned her bike back to her house using a feature in the armory system. She changed her loadout to a usual combat loadout, SCAR-H with a foregrip and armor. The loadout was a medium combat one. She only wore the bulletproof vest with an arm protector and thigh protector. Her helmet was equipped with a ballistic visor as usual.

Bravo's car arrived at that lot and six people came out from the car. They were Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Echo, Hotel, and Foxtrot. With Lima, the group made a simple plan to strike the house efficiently.

Lima grabbed her combat knife and drew rectangles at the ground. She wrote it as "House" and made another bigger rectangle surrounding the house. She made another three houses that were surrounding the Russians' house.

Lima started explaining her plan, "Ok, here's the deal. We will split into two teams. Echo, Foxtrot, and I will storm the house using the backdoor," she explained that she would blow a hole in someone's else wall to storm the backdoor. She wouldn't take the house inhabitants hostage as long as they didn't possess any threat.

"Now, the rest of you guys must storm through the front door. Once we heard the A group blew the house with Panzerfaust, we will blow the wall with C4. Is that clear?" Lima asked.

"I see. My group will be group A, while your group will be Group B," Alpha said. She put the minigun on her back. The fire rate had been turned down to 3000 rounds per minute.

"It would be a better idea if we split into two cars," Echo said.

"Hmm, yes," Lima agreed as Echo called his car using his phone. His car appeared on the road automatically as if it was teleported there. His car was a Camry.

"Hmm, an ordinary sedan?" Lima said as she entered the backseat. She put her rifle on her lap. The boys entered the front seat and Echo started driving the car.

The other entered their Suburban and drove out of that empty lot. They took a different way. Group B had to go around the block to storm the house from the backside. Group A had to drive slow enough so Group B could finish its business.

Group B had arrived at the house which was occupied with a single-family. They had a nice car in front of their house. Echo, Foxtrot, and Lima got out of their car, and Lima was holding a crowbar with her hands.

They walked to the front door and let the house owner opened that door, the house owner was a single mother apparently. Once that mother opened the door, Lima kicked the door open, "Everyone get on the ground!" She shouted.

Echo and Foxtrot tied that mother with a cable tie and searched for her kids. They cleared the room and found that her daughter was hiding in a wardrobe. Echo got her out and tied her next to her mother.

Echo: "Room clear!"

Foxtrot: "Kitchen Clear!"

Lima walked out of the house to the house's backyard and she got attacked by a boy from behind, "Motherfucker," she pushed the boy to the wall and hit decapacitated him with her crowbar. She put handcuffs on that boy's hands.

All of them taped the family's mouths and put them in the living room. Foxtrot put a bomb in the middle of the table, "Move a bit and boom!" He said as he armed the ECM jammer that had the same appearance as a bomb.

The mother passed out and they continued heading for the backyard. They placed a C4 on the wall of the Russian's house.

Lima: "Group A in position."

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