Phone App: Portable Armory Chapter 33: The Russian's Gambit: Part 9


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"Where am I?" Patrick asked himself as he was laying down on a hospital bed. Multiple cables and catheters were attached to his bodies and he saw an electrocardiography machine beside his bed and a tube that connected to his nose.

He tried to move his hands for a bit, but he couldn't and found that his face was covered in bandages. Not stopping there, all of his body was covered in a bandage. 'What happened?'

He observed his surroundings, he was in a white room similar to a hospital room with a couch and a TV in front of him. 'Yes, I was getting shot this morning.' He tried to calm down from the circumstances.

A person came into his room. He was in a doctor's clothing while holding a paperboard on their hands. They approached Patrick's bed. "Hmm, yes, it looks like your wounds have healed quite nicely," one of the doctors said.

'Yes, I know. When can I get out of this place?' He thought to himself as he tried to move his mouth, but he couldn't.

"Hmm, Contractor Delta, Or should I say? Adrian Patrick Grant," He said to Patrick.

His heart beat faster from the surprise. The doctor injected something to his body, "Try to calm down. We have sedated you, please don't try to panic."

'Who are you? How do you know my codename? This isn't a real hospital is it?' he struggled as he felt calmer and calmer from the sedatives.

"If you can respond, please, blink twice," The doctor said and Patrick blinked twice. The doctor nodded.

He moved his face closer, "Please, look up," Patrick nodded up and he looked at the white ceiling of the room.

"Good, good," The doctor walked around his bed. The doctor seems to want to tell him something shockingly. "You might want to know, how can I end up here? How long have I stayed here? Yes."

'Yes, yes, yes, oh my God,' Patrick wanted to ask that question, but he couldn't move his mouth. The doctor walked closer to him, "Welcome to the hidden base in the capital city. This is an underground nuclear bunker for the contractors."

Patrick thought for a second and he didn't know how he could end up there. He noticed that his injuries had healed up. He must have spent a quite amount of time in that facility. The doctor approached him and he turned on the TV. The TV channel was on a news report on his city.

"Since the day that The Russians shot you, your city has turned into a warzone," the doctor said, "I'm afraid, it's been two months."

'What??? How about my school? Is Lynn ok? How's Shaddam?' a lot of things went through his mind. His heart rate went faster to the dangerous level. The doctor noticed that and he injected sedatives to slow the heart rate.

"Easy ok," He said as he injected the sedatives, and Patrick went unconscious again. The doctor sighed, "Let's continue next time."


Currently, Lima was following a car that was suspected to carry the Russian from the airport. She was a bit covert this time, she only wore a jacket and thick cargo pants. She currently waited at a coffee shop in the airport while waiting for the Russians to pick up their comrades.

She was messaging with Agent Herring. She asked him on ISIS whereabouts in her town since she knew that killing the Russians was ineffective. They just kept coming and coming. She disliked both, but she hated ISIS more than the Russians. The Russians were the Contractor's problem while ISIS was everyone's problem.

Herring: "You know that it took us 10 years to find Osama Bin Laden. [File Sent]."

Lima: "Thanks, Agent. I'm glad that the bombing has stopped, but they haven't made their move of attacking the mayor's office. My city is still under lockdown though."

Herring: "How much damage have you inflicted on the Russians?"

Lima: "This week alone. I've blown up four cars, raiding a container, and destroying a hideout with the others. My profit from selling the containers was around 400.000$."

Herring: "I see. No wonder you guys have an Apache and Two Blackhawks."

Lima: "It's all thanks to the taxpayer of the United States of America. It's been a year since we have the Apache."

Herring: "Back to the topic, apparently, there has been a large quantity of fertilizer being shipped to your town. Do you have any idea?"

Lima: "I know that you know better Agent."

Herring: "Major offensive. We're looking at around 60 tonnes of bombs here. To make matter worse, I heard that weapons-grade uranium was shipped to your country."

Lima: "Where do they get Uranium?"

Herring: "Russia."

Lima: "So, this is the main reason for all of this? Because the Russians forgot to lock its front door?"

Herring: "Yes. Good luck finding the nuke."

Lima: "Like finding hay in a needlestack."

Herring: "Did I mention that this thing is a portable nuke?"

Lima: "Thanks in making things more complicated. If this is heard by the world stage, the Russian Federation will have some serious explaining to do."

Herring: "The clock is ticking Lima. The clock is ticking for the Contractors and the Russians."

Lima: "I really hope that Langley can help more than this."

Herring: "Yeah, me too."

Lima: "Have to go now. The Russians have left the terminal."

Lima paid for the coffee and got out of the coffee shop. She then saw them, a lot of Eastern European faces in the terminal. The driver of the car greeted all of them in Russians and they got out of the terminal.

Lima followed them like an innocent girl she was. She went to the parking lot and rode her motorbike as the car went out of the airport. She tailed them from a distance. She wanted to know where their destination was. She and the other contractors would kill them in their hideout and look for another document that was made by the FSB.

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