Phone App: Portable Armory Chapter 31: The Russian's Gambit: Part 7


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Lima wore her combat loadout again and entered her garage. She got into her car and drove down to the location that Echo showed on the map. The location was located on the outskirts of the city. There were checkpoints in the town. A lot of them in fact that a checkpoint was established in every single block of the city. The citizen felt very uneasy because of this.

"I'm a law-abiding citizen. You can't arrest me," someone said as his car was being searched by the EOD team and he was being put down with a rifle on his back by a SWAT team. The EOD team searched the car to the point that they ripped off the seat cover of the car to search for the bomb.

Lima got out of her car because she could, she approached the soldier that was guarding the checkpoints, "What's going on fellas?"

"A terrorist threat, nothing too fancy. How's it, boys?" He shouted to the EOD team.

"Haven't found anything suspicious sir," The man that wore a bomb disposal suit shouted at him. They were looking under the engine cover with a flashlight on their hands.

Lima took a quick peek and asked the soldier, "Have you guys search the tires?"

"We have, the weight is ok," He said.

Lima thought again for a possible location, "Under the seat?" She asked.

"We have searched there and we didn't find anything there too," the soldier asked as the EOD team found something similar to a pipe bomb.

"Found it, sir," The EOD placed the bomb in a bomb container and exploded it. The container just made a large poof after they opened it. The bomb was destroyed and the man was arrested. The car got taken away to an empty lot beside the checkpoint.

'Great,' Lima entered her car again and the traffic moved slowly again as the bomb threat was removed. The soldier waved his hands and Lima waved back her hands at them. She drove through the checkpoint just to drive to another checkpoint. It was a pain in the ass.

Echo: "Hmm, it looks like they will leave soon. How far are you?"

Lima: "Around 10 kilometers left with two more checkpoints. It's not their hideout?"

Echo: "No, more like a supply shipment."

Lima: "I will be there shortly."

She pushed the throttle on the car and she drove through the checkpoints. Luckily, the checkpoints didn't make another traffic jam like the previous checkpoint. She took a left turn and drove to a hill overlooking the city border. It was a very empty hill with a few houses and a lot of vacant areas. She turned off the light of the car and headed to an empty lot where there was a bike parked there. She got out of the car and saw Echo was holding a Cheytac Intervention with a bipod on the ground.

She laid down beside him, "What do you have?" She looked at the scope and noticed that thing.

It was a container truck very far from the checkpoint in the middle of a container loading docks. From the looks of it, the container was transferring something similar to an ammunition box and firearms. The people there were transferring it to a trunk of a car.

Their equipment was very Russian. They were holding an As Val or PKP. Still, it was the perfect set up, in the middle of this lockdown. No one would suspect military personnel in the middle of a city.

"Yup, Altyn Helmet. Definitely the Russians," Lima said as they observed them from around 800 meters away.

"Could it be that the containers are their supply depot?" Echo made an assumption based on the fact that the Russians had a bigger number than what they had predicted.

"Maybe. The train station and loading docks could be the Russian's supply depot," Lima observed them, "Echo?"


"Have we noticed any ISIS in this city?" Lima asked.

"Except for the bombs, no we haven't," Echo said.

"Either we wipe out the Russians or we wipe out the reasons why they came here in the first place," Lima explained.

"Couldn't agree more. This lockdown is irritating," Echo said to him, "It's easier to bypass a checkpoint using a combat loadout than my civilian equipment."

"I agree," Lima observed that loading Bay as the Russians moved their weaponry to a car.

"Is the checkpoint isn't strict enough?" Echo asked due to the fact that the Russians were carrying their weapons in their car.

"We are talking about a special force that has the same grade as the Delta. Of course, they know a way to bypass an ordinary checkpoint," Lima replied.

"I see. Well, should I shot them?" Echo said as he loaded a bullet to his sniper rifle. He moved the rifle a bit and aimed it at the car. He took a shot and disable the engine block of that car. It should immobilize the Russians for a short period of time.

They went back to their vehicle and went downhill while avoiding the Russians. Now they learned how the Russians got a massive amount of ammunition. Now, they just have to learn the location of the Russians HQ in that region and stroke it as hard as they could.

She drove away from that hill and met another traffic jam from a checkpoint.

[Incoming Phone Call From Agen Herring]

"Evening Lima," he said with the usual wise tone of an old man.

"Evening Agent Herring. What do you have for me? Is it about the Russians?" She asked.

"Nah, it's about something else actually. I feel sorry for the bombing in your country. Now, to the important things, ISIS actually has a massive bombing plan in your city," Herring said.

"As if this isn't worse than 9/11. What're the details?" Lima asked.

"Apparently..." A loud explosion appeared on the checkpoint. It was a car bomb from one of the cars in that checkpoint.

"Please continue, it's just a car bomb in front of me," Lima said with a flat tone although there was a car exploding in the checkpoint in front of them, and civilians started running away from that checkpoint.

"It's that bad eh? Ok, I will keep this short. The organization wants to do a bombing spree for a week. After that, they would plan a massive raid on the mayor's office," Herring said as a bullet sound could be heard from outside.

Then, Lima suddenly saw two pickup truck that was carrying a lot of people with AK appeared. They started shooting everywhere including at the traffic.

"Herring, speak to you later. Some fool decided to shoot at my car," Lima said as she closed the call and grabbed her MG5 from the back of her car. She pulled the charging handle and put the safety to full auto. She put down her ballistic visor and took cover from behind her car.

Lima: "All contractors in the area. I need backup in this area over."

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