Phone App: Portable Armory Chapter 22: Hackerman


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One night, when in the minimarket, one thing always needed to be remembered, never aim a gun at the person that you met because you could be the one in the receiving end.

"Ok, let me introduce myself, I'm Sierra," the man kept aiming the pistol at his eyes. Not that he wanted to intimidate him, but the way he dressed was similar to Lima, a skull balaclava, on his face.

"Ok, put the gun down," Patrick said as he put down his hands slowly on the table.

He put his SMG on the table, "I'm Sierra, I'm the militarized hacker. You can ask anything from me," he said with a cold tone. He didn't try to be friendly nor intimidating. He just what he was, scary as hell.

"Nice to meet you, Sierra, I'm Delta," Patrick shook his hand. Sierra's grip was very tight, a sign of a very confident person.

Of course, for the cashier, the sight of two persons aiming their guns on each other wasn't in their job expectations. Still, the cashier managed to keep her cool, either that or she was too scared to move.

"Ok, Delta, first question first, is the rounds inside that SMG is subsonic?" Sierra pointed his hand at the SMG.

"Of course it is," Patrick said as he grabbed the magazine of the MP5 and showed it to Sierra. Sierra nodded, he also grabbed his Vector and showed the magazine of his pistol which was a tranquilizer bullet.

"Tranquillizer bullet is quieter and cleaner. It's better for you to have one. Here is mine, do you need a new tranquilizer pistol mag?" He offered him a magazine of tranquilizer bullets.

"I will think about it later, I prefer a more lethal approach," Patrick said as he showed Sierra his MP5SD and they stood up from the tables.

"Nice to meet you Delta, I hope we will get along," they left the chairs and left the convenience store. They went to the backdoor of that office building.

The backdoor only had a locked door that was shined by a lamp on top of it. Besides that, there were two CCTV near that building.

"Mmm, Should I shoot the CCTV?" Patrick asked Sierra as he took an aim at the CCTV with his MP5SD.

"No, watch this," Sierra pressed a button in his phone and the two CCTVs were put on a loop according to the System Hack app. They walked to the door and as expected, the door was locked.

Patrick grabbed the crowbar on his back, "No! Don't do that dummy! We have the technology!" Sierra pulled him before he preyed on that door and Sierra pushed a button on his phone and the door opened, "Maybe next time, you use your phone ok." They entered that building.

The door was leading to a hallway, Patrick was in front of them and Sierra was covering the flank with his Vector in front of his body. They went through the alleyway of that white building. The alleyway leads to a staff changing room.

Patrick opened his phone and hacked the lamp so it turned off, "Good job Delta, looks like you get the hang of it," Sierra said as he covered Patrick's front, and Patrick was covering the flank. They were avoiding the guards.

"Patrick, use the NetHack view from your phone. It should highlight some of the things that you can hack more clearly," Sierra said.

Patrick opened the System Hack app and pressed the NetHack button. The camera on his phone turned on and the view changed to a blueish invisible pixel that only showed humans and cameras on the phone and other hackable things. It felt as if he had a wallhack, 'Holy shit, this is the same shit as in Watch Dogs 2.'

He looked around and found several guards that were marked red, "Two guards up ahead Sierra. Should I put them down?" But Patrick had appeared on the end of the hallway and noticed that there were two guards there that was patrolling in that area.

'This is the usual Indian phone scammer hideout that I usually watch on YouTube isn't it?' he said as he hid behind a computer desk. The room was full of computers.

From the looks of it, the guards were armed with knives and pistol. They weren't the kind that would let anyone stay alive if they entered that building without any invitation. Sierra hadn't gone to that room yet, he was still in the backroom.

"Patrick, turn off the CCTV quick! Before they see you and sound the alarm!" Sierra said as Patrick hacked into the camera and put it into a loop.

"We must find the security room, this camera will be annoying," Patrick said through his headphone, "Got any idea how?"

"The NetHack should give the location though. Initiate scan mode," Sierra said and Patrick opened the NetHack again and initiate a scan mode.

The camera showed up and was being connected to a cable that was heading to a room downstairs in the basement. "Find it, Sierra, it's in the basement. Could you take care of these guys for me?"

Sierra shot two bullets at the guard and both of them passed out from the tranquilizer rounds. Sierra moved to that room and hid right next to Delta, "Ok, we need to find the stairs first," they moved from that room and searched for the stairs.

The stairs that headed downstairs were only one and that was an emergency stair. "Delta, you take the lead."

Patrick opened that emergency door slowly and started walking downstairs while watching for any CCTV cameras. He continued walking until they stumbled upon a room in that basement. "Breaching ok," Sierra took the lead and kicked that door before Patrick pumped the guards full of bullets.

"Motherfucker, this person is sleeping," Patrick said as he looked at the guard.

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