Phone App: Portable Armory Chapter 2: First Mission: Got shot In The Foo


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"Who's there?" He shouted in panic as he held his phone on her left hand. A figure will long-sleeved white shirt and navy blue long skirt appeared from that door. A girl opened that door, it was his friend, his childhood friend to be exact. Her name was Lynn McGrath. She was an immigrant under a protection program.

She was shorter than him, around 165 cm. He likes him very much, but luck wasn't on his side yet. She has black eyes and black short hair. She wore glasses. She was the librarian in this school, she was a bit introverted. One of the reasons why he always visited the library after school.

"Hmmph, you almost stop my heart. What do you want? What makes you visit me?" He asked her.

Lynn put her hands in the railing, "Don't know, I just wonder why is the view in this rooftop is so soothing," she looked at his face, "What do you think?"

Talking to a woman/girl was a big task for him, even looking at a girl was something that made him nervous. With the girl that she liked? He might lie with his mouth, but the blush in his face just couldn't disappear, "Nothing... Just admiring the view you know? Why? Is there something wrong with that?"

"I wonder what kind of view that you are admiring," She said as her face became closer to him. The view was split between Lynn's face and the city view. Lynn's view was more dominating than the city view.

"Mmmmmmmm, you know?" He walked away from that railings. "I have a business that I need to attend," he said as he took a thousand footsteps downstairs. He left Lynn in the rooftop alone. He ran as fast as he could because he just couldn't hold the embarrassment in his face.


[Location of gang hideout has been marked on the map]

'Say what?' he opened his smartphone as he walked away from the school's gate. The security guard greeted him as usual as he left the school for his home.

He looked at the location which was near his home which was very fortunate because he didn't have any cents to pay the bus. He walked home and searched for a hiding place to change form to the combat loadout. He opened that app again and reads the extra details on the mission.

[Cops will turn a blind eye on anything that you do]

[Emergency service will be unavailable]

"Convenient, but not that convenient considering that this country has many surprises upon its sleeve. Not to mention that this country is a gun control country," he mumbled while reading the mission details on his phone.

There were multiple pictures on that gang hideout and also the picture of the main target, a bald man with a lot of piercings across his ears. His gang had 20 members. The request was to neutralize them and let the police handle them. It was an easy job because he had a pistol and they didn't. But it was most likely that they had at least a sharp melee weapon such as machete and katana.

His distance from the location was about 2 kilometers and he reached that location after 15 minutes of walking. The residential zone, the place where people could live, but there were multiple problems in that region. Drugs, hookers, and alcohol was the problem in that region. The rich district was well guarded, but it didn't stop them from being a criminal. Hell, even a drug Lord was living there at the moment. The slum was where he headed, he went to that location and searched for the hideout. He found it eventually. It was a broken house in the slum zone which was badly maintained.

The house didn't have any doors and there were multiple people smoking and drinking in the front terrace. They weren't hostile, but they would be soon.

He grabbed his smartphone and switched his loadout to the combat loadout. Once he pressed the button, his looks were changed into the black outfit with a pistol on his hip. He took cover behind the gate before launching his assault.

"Ok, let's finish this and go home," he said as he pulled out his pistol from its holster.


Three shots were fired from the M1911. The member was in shock than in panic after Patrick suddenly scored a headshot on the thief's head. Patrick wasn't a good shooter in the first place. The other members were getting out of that building with their machete. In response, he shot the remaining bullets in his magazines and put them all down.

A bullet was traveling down someone's legs and crushed it like an apple pie. He entered the building and gained entry through the door and all of a sudden, someone attacked him from behind the door.

"Shit," he said as someone pinned him down to a wall.

He grabbed his blade and stabbed him with it. Blood was spurting from his neck and he left him be and searched for the leader. But suddenly, that leader came out... With an assault rifle.

"Get some!" He shot the rifle everywhere.

"Holy shit," Patrick jumped out of the window in reflects. He pulled his pistol and dumb fired it through the window. He looked at the gang leader that wore a bulletproof vest.

As things weren't worse enough, everyone started shooting at him a gun. Either it is a pistol or a revolver. He ran to the gate again, but sadly, a bullet found a way to his legs and he became crippled. He laid down on the ground and shot the member of the gang with his pistol until a bullet found a way to his hand.

"Arggh, I shouldn't install that app in the first place," he said as he tried to reload his pistol. Before that, another person appeared and he lost his ability to grab on to the pistol. He searched his pocket for anything that injectable, that must be a good healing item.

He found a rectangular shaped container that contains a blue solution. Behind it there was a label that was called, "Stim shot". He injected in on his chest and it healed his body in just a seconds after he Injected it

He took an aim with his pistol and killed the gang leader with a headshot. The rest of the gang members were shocked, "BOSS IS DOWN!"

He replaced the magazine with a new one and shot the remaining gang members with his pistol. They were dead now, at the very least, mortally wounded.

He entered the room again for his spoils of war. There were many weapons lying around and it could be looted. He sold some of that in a pawn shop and managed to get around 700$ from two pistols alone. Then, he saw the dead bodies of the gang leader. It was the biggest loot that he ever find. There was a ballistic vest and an assault rifle, a black AKM. It has a holographic sight on it with a vertical foregrip. It was well customized for a rifle in a gun controlled country.

Suddenly, he heard footsteps again coming out from the outside of the house. It sounds very heavy compared to ordinary footsteps.

Just before he turned around, he felt someone was pointing a barrel of a rifle at his head, "No sudden movement ok."

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