Phone App: Portable Armory Chapter 17: Operation Anti-D: Part 11


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Tininit tininit, that was the sound from the alarm that always rang at 4 a.m. Patrick was sleeping on his bed with an unplugged headset on his head to cover him from impurities.

He woke up from his bed, 'Is it morning already?' He looked outside at the dark sky. He had changed into loungewear. 'I think the morning gaming session should give me the energy to wake up, ' he sat down in front of his desk and turned on his PC.

He checked on his phone and he had a message from Lima and Charlie from the armory system. He checked the message on Lima first.

Lima: "Hey, thanks for saving my life."

Delta/Patrick: "No sweat partner."

Lima: "Thanks, but don't expect me to join your next debut. Charlie can help you, but be aware that she only excels in sniper support."

Delta: "She can't do CQB?"

Lima: "Sort of."

Delta: "Ok."

He switched the message from Lima to Charlie.

Charlie: "Lima told me that you might need a hand. I think I can help with that. Though, I will only provide sniping support or rear echelon support. Is that clear?"

Lima: "Yes, yes, that is clear enough for me."

Charlie: "See you next time then."

The computer finally booted up. It was the time for a morning gaming session. He wanted to try the [Combat Simulation] in the Armory System PC version.

[This system will turn any game into a combat simulation? Do you want to proceed?]

He clicked the yes button and chose his game that was installed on the computer. 'What should I play? EFT, BF4, COD, or GTA?' He scrolled through his steam account.

He chose Escape From Tarkov, a looting shooter game with a normal amount of realism. The game background was in eastern Europe in a fictional place called Tarkov.

He chose his equipment which was an Ak-74 with a Gen4 assault armor. He wore a Fast MT helmet with ballistic glasses and headphones. He was deployed in a place called The Factory. It was one of the places on Tarkov.

As he pressed the start button, his vision went blurry then replaced by a dark factory. It was messy with rubbles everywhere and a lot of scavengers were there to kill him if they saw him.

[Bullet wounds will be felt by the user as if it is real. However, injuries won't be transferred to the real world]

'That will make the immersion better,' he started walking to a room in that dark factory. He would search for loot on that factory.

He stopped for a second, there was the sound of footsteps from another direction. He put his rifle in front of his body as he moved slowly and he listened to that footstep that was getting closer and closer.

Then he noticed that person, a scavenger that was holding an MP5 on his hands. He blasted his body full of 5.45x39mm rounds. He dropped dead on the ground and ready to be looted.

'Let's see. An MP5, four magazines, and a canned meat stew. Not bad for a scav, ' he looted his body and put the loot inside his backpack. One thing for sure though, his rifle wasn't suppressed and suddenly footsteps were coming from multiple directions.

'Shit, I hope it's not the PMC,' he ran from that position and threw a smoke grenade in his last position to unmark his location.

PMC and scav were playing on different levels. Scav was an A.I while PMC was a legit player that had the brains to kill him in many ways that he could imagine. The question was which direction that had a PMC and which direction that had a scav.

He heard another gunfire from the other directions, it had the biggest potential of being a PMC since they had intelligence.

He slowly approached the source of gunfire from behind.

He looked at him, 'Oh boy, that's a 6B43 body armor, ' he said as he saw the heavily armored opponent that was wearing an Altyn helmet. He was using an M14EBR as his main weapon.

He walked all the way to the back and switched his ammo to 7N39 Igolnik rounds for better ammo penetration. The igolnik was an expensive round and will cost more than 5 dollars per round due to its penetration abilities.

He replaced the magazine after he cleared the chamber and he looked at that same person again. He aimed at that person's head and pulled the trigger.

The bullet traveled through his head and killed him in one shot. He ran to that person and looted him. It was a sweet loot with three magazines of 7.62 ammo, an M14, and a new unscathed armor of 6b43 Zabralo armor.

He ran to the extraction zones to finish the game and got out of that virtual world. 'It was fun, time to wake up both of them,' Patrick looked at the clock that showed 4.30 A.M.

He walked to Alex's room and woke him up, "Oy, wake up. You have to cook for us," Alex immediately woke up got out of his bedroom.

Both of them walked to the kitchen, and they started cooking their foods, Alex grabbed a loaf of bread and a box of processed cheese, "Is grilled cheese ok?" He heated up the pan.

"Sure," Patrick slice that bread with a bread knife, and a question rose up in his head, 'Who the fuck that will wake up miss horny McGee?'

"Patrick, since you can't cook, you go wake up Mrs. Helena," Alex suddenly said.

"Hell Nah, you go first. It's your idea in the first place to give her aphrodisiac," Patrick argued.

"Hmm, let's not wake her up. It's going to be embarrassing to notice jello like substances on top of her bed," Alex said as he finishes cooking.

"You're right," Patrick said as he grabbed two sandwiches and put it in a plate all for himself. He then grabbed a syrup from the fridge and mix it with a glass of cold water. He drunk it and Alex finished up eating as their teacher came out of their room.

Her face was pale as if she was dried from inside and out. The way that she wore the pajama was wrong, and her hair was messy unlike the usual. Both of them noticed that, ''Do you have a goodnight ma'am?" Alex asked her.

"I have a very good night Alex, thanks," She answered as she grabbed one of the sandwiches and ate it. In curiosity, Patrick sneaked back to his teacher's room and took a peek.

He saw her teacher's bedroom. He observed that clean room although, the bed was absurdly wet. He closed the door and went upstairs since time showed 05.30 and he hadn't taken a bath yet. The school started at 06.30. He took a bath and wore his school uniform.

He then went to his school with Alex. Mrs. Helena had his boyfriend picking him up so she didn't have to walk. They would talk about last night's success.

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