Phone App: Portable Armory Chapter 14: Operation Anti-D: Part 8


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In the silent road with a wrecked on the residential area, Patrick was parking his car while looking at the pawnshop of the Armory System. He sold the broken AKM and the Type 56 assault rifle since he got a 3000$ transfers from the other contractors and another 800$ from those things.

[Reputation: 9]

"Well, I think there are some weapons on the market that I can buy. Honestly, I need something, " he said before Lima shook her head.

"What happened?" She asked herself as she looked at the mirror of the car and she noticed that there wasn't anything unusual. She looked at her left-hand wound that had been covered in a bandage and the wound on her thigh. She sighed, "You opened my pants didn't you?" Her eye expression clearly expressed that she succumbed to the end result.

".....Yes?..." He said as he looked at Lima with a guilty look on his eyes.

She sighed, "I guess so, it was an emergency," She laid back on her chair and saw that Patrick browsed through the weaponry section.

[Eastern Block Weaponry: Assault Rifle]

[AK-47: 400$]

[AKM: 500$]

[AK-74: Rep Lvl 15]

[AK-103: Rep Lvl 18]

[AEK-971: Rep Lvl 20]

[AK-74M: Rep Lvl 25]

[As Val: Rep Lvl 30]

[QBZ-95: Rep Lvl 49]

[ADS AR: Rep Lvl 56]

[AK-12: Rep Lvl 60]

[AK-15: Rep Lvl 65]

[Western Block Weaponry: Assault Rifle]

[M16A1: 300$]

[H\u0026K HK33: 400$]

[Nexter FAMAS: Rep Lvl 20]

[SIG SG 550: Rep Lvl 23]

[IMI Galil: Rep Lvl 24]

[Pindad SS1: Rep Lvl 28]

[Steyr Aug: Rep Lvl 32]

[Beretta AR70: Rep Lvl 38]

[H\u0026K G36: Rep Lvl 43]

[FN F2000: Rep Lvl 45]

[IWI Tavor: Rep Lvl 48]

[M16A4: Rep Lvl 50]

[ST Kinetics Sar-21: Rep Lvl 54]

[FN SCAR-L: Rep Lvl 60]

[H\u0026K 416: Rep Lvl 65]

[Beretta ARX160: Rep Lvl 70]

[H\u0026K HK433: Rep Lvl 75]

[Upgrade kit: 50% Weapon cost]

"You want to buy a new weapon? I suggest a 5.56 rifle, it's better in terms of recoil and more accurate in comparison to 7.62x39mm, but please don't buy the HK33," she said as she pointed the M16A1 on the background.

He bought the M16 and it appeared on top of his body. It was a regular M16 with a triangular handguard and 20 round magazines. He checked the mechanism and decided that the rifle was somewhat ok. "Customize your rifle so you get the most of it. Basically, an indirect upgrade," she said.

He browsed the gun shop accessories and found something for his guns. There were enough accessories for his new rifle.

[Weapon shop: Accessories: M16]

[Magazine: 30 round magazines]

[Stock: Magpul Industries UBR Gen 2 stock]

[Sight: Eotech Holosight]

[Muzzle: Muzzle Break]

[Total: 800$ including modification]

The assault rifle disappears then reappeared as a heavily modified assault rifle. The carrying handle was replaced with a Holo sight and the rifle stock had been replaced with a more modular one. Basically, he turned the rifle into a fully modular full-auto AR-15 platform.

"M16A3, the triangular handguard is replaced by a tubular one. The Picatinny rail was a good option," Lima said to him and she grabbed that rifle, "Nice choice."

"So, with that out of the way, do you have any Oxycodone left?" He asked her as he continued driving to the residential area, "I can't let a wounded girl walked all by herself. Where's your home?"

"Please just drop me near a dark alleyway," Lima put the SCAR-H in front of her body as she put her hand on the door handle.

Patrick stopped on a dark alleyway and let her get out of that car, "Thanks Delta."

"No worry, but take care of yourself, that was a .50 BMG that grazed your hand and thigh," Patrick waved his hand and he closed the door by himself and went for the usual car park on the residential area.

He parked the car on that parking lot and looked around to make sure that nobody was around. He then changed his loadout to his school loadout then got out of that car. The car disappeared immediately after that, 'I wonder what kind of magic was that,' he walked to his boarding house.

He walked and accidentally came across Lynn again who was in her uniform, "Ehh, what are you doing here?" She tottered, the way that she walked was funny.

"Hey there, ouch, you know, the usual, menstrual cramps," she said to him, "What are you doing? Does it take that long to find your phone charger?"

"Nah, need a lift?" He worried about the way that she walked. He offered her to be carried on his back.

"Thanks," she was given a piggyback ride by him and Patrick was more worried about the way he walked than their dignity. He could feel her two thighs on his hips, the soft and warm thick thighs.

They walked slowly on the side of the residential area roads, somewhat, there was some soft quiet moan coming from her. It was whispering to his ears. Somewhat, it felt as if she was having pain from her period.

"Ah, ah..." she whispered on her ears.

Patrick nodded behind, "Mmmm, could you turn down the volume a bit. I'm still a boy," he said as he walked slower, she stopped moaning, "Is it usual for a girl to be not able to walk during her period?"

"Yes," she said as they arrived at her home, "Should I enter or shouldn't I?" He put her down.

"Nah, I'm good for now," she said as she entered the house. She closed the door for him and said goodbye.

It became quiet for a second, then it became poor joy as Patrick ran to his boarding house like a freak with a big blush on his cheeks. He felt that today was the best day ever because reasons, 'Get thigh and see a girl's underwear in one day, this is the best day ever.'

He ran back to his boarding house and took off his shoes and put them in the shoe rack. He walked to his room when all of a sudden, "Alex, it's so big," in a woman's voice.

'Could it be? MILF is inbound?' he investigated the source of the sound.

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