Phone App: Portable Armory Chapter 12: Operation Anti-D: Part 6


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"Have you heard that a club downtown was burned by angry mobs?" The bus driver asked Patrick who was almost responsible for that attack.

"Not yet sir," he crossed his hands, "It's better for you not to ask too much, sir," he charged his AK.

"I guess so," the bus driver focused his eyes back on the road although the passengers behind him hadn't used to the view of an armored person with a black ballistic best and helmet sitting in front of them.

Five bus stops later, he got out of the bus, "Thanks for the ride sir."

"You're welcome," he closed the door and he pressed the pedal hard and accelerated from the bus stop quickly.

He walked to the gang hideout and it was located in a multistory car park. The car park had three floors and the third floor was the place where the gang leader was located.

The good news was that Lima had already waiting in the front entrance of the car park in her heavy body armor. Her body armor was the same as him albeit with protectors around her entire body. A girl that was leaning back against the white wall with a skull balaclava and tactical goggles on her eyes.

"Delta, are you ready?" She asked as she charged her SCAR-H. Patrick approached her and poked her back, "Sure, let's go."

Her SCAR-H was different today, instead of a foregrip, she had a grenade launcher under its barrel. It was the FN40GL grenade launcher and there were few grenade launcher rounds inside her magazine pocket.

He grabbed his silenced Glock, "I take the lead." Lima nodded and they walked through the backdoor of that multistory car park.

"Have you configure your radio?" Lima noticed Patrick's new headphone. "I don't think so," Laura said as she grabbed something that was new in his chest rig. It was AN/PRC-148, a radio made by Thales.

She turned on the dials and set the frequency so they're in the same frequency, "Delta, this is Lima do you copy?"

"Do you have to be like that when you're next to me?" Patrick shot a guard on his head and he opened the garage door.

They gained access to the building stealthy, but the gang members couldn't be spotted due to the fact that they're still on the first floor. "What is your reputation level?" Patrick asked Lima.

"Hmm, 45, how about you?" She said.

"45 huh, you don't take contract that much?" Patrick asked.

"Nah, I only take a contract when I need money and when there is something interesting. I met many people from Alpha to Zulu, but many gaps between those alphabets. You're an example of that,' Lima said to him.

"Delta was unoccupied?" Patrick asked.

"Yes. In fact, I haven't found all of them yet. Maybe they weren't occupied yet," Lima said as they arrived at the second floor where the gang members were patrolling.

This gang felt almost like a gentleman club due to the way that they dressed. Most of them were wearing suits and a fedora. It felt as if this gang was an ordinary meeting if not for the presence of SMGs and pistols on their hips.

"Hmm, could you ask for a distraction?" Patrick asked Lima for using the favor function on her phone. She pressed the button for light distraction.

Suddenly a guy shouted at the other guys, "Man, look at that car crash!" The distraction was a car crash that suddenly happened out of nowhere without any logical reason.

In response, Lima shot a 40mm High explosive grenade rounds at the crowd that was too curious at the car crash. The crowd got blown to pieces, "Nice, you're efficient. Let's go," they ran across the car park before the backup came in the forms of three persons wielding an AK-47, the classic wood stock variant.

"You flank them, I will provide you with suppressing fire," she switched her magazine to a drum magazine. She started raining 7.62x51 mm rounds at the three people while Patrick was moving from cover to cover while holding his AKM. The person took cover behind a car and the rounds couldn't penetrate three cars that were in front of those backups.

He noticed that there were several people that ran from the ramp that was heading upstairs. He shot a couple of rounds with his AK and put them all down. Lima reloaded the grenade launcher and fired another 40mm grenade at them and killing them instantly.

Patrick approached those guys and put one in each of their heads, "Floor Clear Lima."

"Roger that Delta," Lima got out of her cover and walked to his direction. The dead bodies were unrecognizable due to the fact that they were hit by the grenade launcher round.

"Let's take the ramp, I take point," she said as they walked to the ramp and stayed low and slow while hiding behind the wall of the ramp.

They peeked at the floor above them and they had a clearer view of the boss of that gang. His appearance was what you would expect from a godfather of a mafia, old and wearing an expensive suit. A lot of his underlings were wearing a fedora and were dressing up as if they were in the '50s.

"Kill them!" His underlings started shooting their pistol at them and bullets started to be exchanged between both sides. A bullet found a way to Patrick's body but was blocked by his bulletproof vest.

"You watch the back, I will cover you," Lima said as she reloaded her grenade launcher and shot it in the direction of the boss, and Patrick threw a smoke grenade at them.

A loud explosion followed afterward, Patrick moved behind Lima as he took cover behind a car and started laying down suppressing fire at the gang. They had the advantages since they had an automatic weapon and the others were not.

"You're going to die, old man," Lima shouted as she continued to fire her rifle in full auto.

The bullets started to die down and the smoke started settling down. They saw the dead bodies of the boss on the ground. The mission was a complete success. "guess he died sooner than he wants to huh," Patrick kicked that old man's body.

"No doubt about that," Lima put a round in that old man's head to make sure that he was dead.

"Do you get the reward?" Patrick asked Lima.

"Yup, 1000$ and reputation bonus," Lima said. They walked from that carpark, but suddenly tire screeching could be heard from the floor below. "SHIT, THEY'RE THE REAL BACKUP. QUICK, GET TO A DEFENSIVE POSITION!"

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