Phone App: Portable Armory Chapter 11: Operation Anti-D: Part 5


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President or Nathaniel Davis bought a special notebook that was wrapped in white cover just for the sake of not getting a D. A teacher made a big mistake if they're disrespecting their students and messed up a whole class grade. It was basically like what Nazi Germany did in WW2 who fought the Allies. The juvenile and the smart students would forge an alliance to take down the teacher. Though 11-H was neither of them, they're just pandora box.

"Listen up!" He knocked on the whiteboard. He drew something that had the similarity of the school map. It was time to go home but the 11-H decided to have a meeting first.

"We agreed on framing Jordan as the suspect. But we are quite lacking in evidence, so I spent all night long to formulate a plan. This is the plan," Someone played "Master Plan by Simon Viklund" in the background. 'So random,' Patrick thought.

A line was drawn between the school library and the Admin office and it was marked as, "Data bank". He drew a box in the corner of the school and it was marked as, "Power Source". Then he drew another box that was located in front of the school and called it "Main Power Source".

"Ok, I know that you might have an idea, but this plan is foolproof and we have Aiden and Lisa to help us by making bombs," he put two tubular things on top of the teacher's table. It was a plastic tube that was filled with explosives. Around the tube was a small detonator that was so small that you couldn't see it.

Aveline interrupted, "What are you planning to do? Blow the whole school up?"

"Good question. The answer is no, but not quite. We will use the bomb to trigger a blackout in the entire school. The main power box should be the main priority," Nathan said.

"Hmm, a terrific plan," the dictator said.

"Not bad," Patrick said.

Aiden Carlsen and Lisa Dean were the leaders of the chemistry club. Though, they were the only members of it. As a result, they became the unofficial lab assistant for the school. Though the official lab assistant was very very lazy and always quit work and they took over the lab.

As a result, the students always stop by the lab to see their stunts with chemistry. They tried every single experiment that had the mark, "Don't try this at home" at the school.

Their last attempt was making chloroform. They got a good amount of donations from the students and they continued their mad projects. Usually, you could find them in the lab wearing a type C HAZMAT suit due to the dangerous nature of their experiment.

"Who's going to place the bomb?" Laura asked.

"Good question. The lucky person will be Jordan himself. Don't believe me? This dude is stupid as fuck," Nathan said.

They all nodded to their president's plan and everything would be going smoothly as planned. Aveline was the one who was very pissed because one of the parts of the plan was to seduce Jordan to put the bomb near the main power box. Lynn and Patrick were paired again and their job was to storm to the administration office in the middle of the night and find the correct tape of the CCTV.

The chloroform would be used on the security guards to put them out of commission. The one that would take care of them was Laura with her dart rifle that her father bought.

President would monitor the operation using the group call feature of everyone's phone. The other students' job was to be on the lookout for police. All of this was done so they didn't get the D. Either doing this or failing the grade was their choice. This was their desperate attempt that didn't include wounding or killing their teacher. This had to be the greatest and stupidest plan that any class in the world had ever produced.

"Ok, done. Any question?" Nathan asked everyone that was present.

"Repeat after me, dead to normies," Ryan shouted.



"DEAD TO NORMIES!" Everyone shouted.

Then the plan was set in motion. Aveline walked downstairs to the 11-B class. Jordan was a member of the basketball team, he wants to be another Michael Jordan in the future. Aveline bought chocolate that Nathan prepared for this plan.

A valentine special edition chocolate that he kept for a very long time, but it was also drugged with a high amount of slow effect laxatives. Patrick and Shaddam observed from the balcony that faces the basketball field. For a note, they weren't observing Aveline's progress, they were observing another "Things", the boy's stuff in particular.

"Look at the back of the GYM," Patrick tried to keep his straight face.

"What?" Shaddam looked around and found a boy and a girl was confessing in the back of the GYM. The boy had a rose in his hand.

They tried to mock that lovey dovey by impersonating them in a particular manner, "Hey there beautiful, nice face eh," Patrick impersonated the girl.

"Oh my God. You're so handsome, I wonder how you look on the side of my bed in the morning," Shaddam impersonated the girl.

Things were unfortunate for that boy. Instead of getting a girlfriend, all that he got was a slap in the face. Both of them laughing loudly, "Yo mate," Patrick shouted, "The Virgin club is still open," they burst into laughter.

The boy looked at the second floor of the school building and his face turned red. He just ran away after giving both of them fell down on the ground from laughter.

Shaddam pulled Patrick's sleeve and he saw what they would see soon, Aveline gave the limited edition Valentine chocolate to him. Jordan retrieved it with a smile on my face, "C'mon Lolita, help us eradicate that harem king," Patrick said.

Nathan approached them from behind, "So boys, Has Aveline succeeded yet?"

"You can see for yourself," Patrick said. Jordan was kissing Aveline in the cheek, it was something. "As if five girls aren't enough," Shaddam said.

Patrick went back to the classroom. He grabbed his bag and asked everyone permission to go home, "Yo, I'm off."

"See you tomorrow Patrick."

"Watch out for wet dream Patrick," Shaddam said.

"Whatever dude," Patrick replied as he headed downstairs.

Lynn was in front of the library, she was done with her business. She was locking the library. She looked at Patrick, "Hey there Patrick."

Patrick nodded at her and he blushed again, 'Shit, can I just disappear now?' she approached her. "Want to go home together?"

He answered, "You know, eeeeeee. I don't have anything important today, but..." She grabbed his hand without permission. "The answer is yes then."

They walked home shortly since it was rude to refuse an offer from a girl. But that was awkward as hell too.

A gust of wind hit their faces and Lynn's hair was blown by that wind. She held her white neck as if she wanted Patrick to put a mark on it. Of course, he wanted that, but his moral guidance forbids that.

He looked at his phone to take a contract from the Armory System in order to prolong his life. But he wanted to browse through the shop first. He didn't want to take a risk so he sent Lynn to her house first, "Lynn, I'm sorry, but I think I left my phone charger at school. Ehh, could you go alone?"

She nodded, "Sure," she walked away as Patrick walked back to his school, but on his way, he opened the shop of the Armory System.

[Balance: 4700$]

[Weapons Shop: Armor Section]

[Shotgun rounds armor: 400$]

[Pistol rounds armor: 600$]

[AP pistol rounds/PDW rounds armor: 1000$]

[Intermediate rifle rounds armor: 1500$]

[AP intermediate rifle rounds armor/Full powered rifle rounds armor: 2500$]

[AP full-powered rifle rounds armor/Sniper rifle rounds armor: 3000$]

[AP sniper rifle rounds armor/Anti-materiel rifle armor: 8000$]

[AP anti-materiel rifle armor/20mm rounds armor:  20000$]

[HE-AP 20mm rounds armor/30mm rounds armor: 60000$]

[HE-AP 30mm rounds armor/ 40mm rounds armor: 200000$]

[Coming soon...]

[Additional Arms, elbows and shoulders protector: 40% of armor price]

[Additional legs and knee protector: 50% of armor price]

[Additional neck protector: 10% of armor price]

[Helm: 200% of armor price]

[Ballistic glass: 400% of armor price]

'I will buy the AP intermediate rounds armor. It's around 2500$, the helmet will cost 5000$ so it will be too much. I will buy the PDW helmet and will cost me around 2000$. I will have around 200$ left. Good deal I think,' he bought that helmet and that armor and added it into his loadout. It would leave him some money to buy a tactical headset.

[Weapon shop: Tactical Gear]


[Low quality: 100$]

[Medium quality: 200$]

[High quality: 400$]

[Very High quality: 800$]

[Top quality: 1600$]

[Supreme quality: 4000$]

[Top-of-the-line quality: 10000$]

He bought the medium quality headset and the money ran out instantly. He decided to test it out by doing a contract.

[Gang Hideout Activities]

A gang hideout is known for its ruthlessness to a bypasser. It is also known to extort bypassers. The gang hideout is located in downtown. Urban combat is expected. Armor is required for this op.



[Reputation ++++]

He contacted his Ally, Lima, she was more trustable than the other contractors. Besides, her combat experience was something that she could be proud of.

Patrick/Delta: "Lima, could you help me?"

Lima: "Sure. What can I do for you?"

Patrick/Delta: "I'm going to clear a gang hideout. I will mark the location for you. Rendezvous at front."

Lima: "Ok."

He went for a dark alleyway again and changed his loadout. Now he had a bulletproof vest with a helmet. Though, the armor wasn't as heavy as Lima's. He walked to the nearest bus stop and took a bus downtown.

Well, the bus driver was the usual, "You again?" He wasn't as shocked as usual.

"Yes, sir," he sat down behind the bus driver with an AKM with its barrel pointing at the ground.

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