Phone App: Portable Armory Chapter 10: Operation Anti-D Part 4


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A black car was overtaking every car that it saw on the road. The car that was driven by Patrick that had its siren turned on due to the sudden complication that they had. There were 5 Mitsubishi Lancer that was chasing after his BMW. The road was very narrow due to the fact that it was located in the middle of the city.

The speedometer of the car showed the speed of 200km/h, Patrick was driving like a crazy maniac, "Delta, I never thought that you can drive like this."

A blockade that was made from cars and motorbikes were in front of them. They were blocking the road. There were only two ways of ending that escape, "Surrender or go YOLO mode."

Echo grabbed an FD-203 grenade launcher from his pocket, "I got this" he opened the window which was armored and very thick. He shot a 40x46mm HE grenade at the blockade, especially to the side of the road that was blocked by motorcycles. It barely opened the road for the car to come through.

He drove through the narrow gap, "Coming through," and the two cars were still following them.

Charlie: "Could you tell Echo not to use the GL again?"

"Bossman, your partner doesn't want you to go boom boom, " he showed his phone to Echo. Echo put back the grenade launcher and switched the safety of his MP7. He started doing a drive-by from the window of that car.

5.7x28mm rounds started raining at the car behind them. Echo successfully disable one vehicle and killed all the occupants, but he had ran out of magazines as well. He sat back in the car, "Well, I have grenades, but not bullets."

Patrick looked at him, "Well shit. I can't shoot while I drive. Here's my MP5," he gave him his MP5.

"Ok," be grabbed that MP5 and checked the magazines. He rechambered the rounds by doing the infamous HK slap. He shot at the pursuer again. Suddenly, he had a good idea. He called Lima through the Armory System app.

Delta/Patrick: "Lima, I'm in the central district. Could you provide support?"

Lima: "Asshole, do you even know what time this is. It's one o'clock in the morning."

The call was ended shortly by a static voice. The car was still being pursued by the angry mobs which objectives were still unknown. "Delta, have any more mag?"

"Here," he handed more magazines as Patrick was driving through the main highway. His plan was to get out of the central district and shook them down. But that plan wasn't fool proof at all. It would require a high skill of tactical driving skill. Luckily, Patrick had that kind of skill set.

Patrick pulled Echo from the window and told him to wear the seatbelt, "This is going to be semi Tokyo drift." He pressed on the pedal harder and the car accelerated faster. He took a sharp turn to a small road.

The car that had its siren turned hit several trash can on the road. But Patrick was right, their pursuer wasn't any shitty driver either, they were professionals. They managed to chase after him.

Their passenger, Mrs. Lisse had passed out which made things easier for both of them. Still, that didn't change the fact that there were still three cars that followed them. After that, the clock turned 01.25. They need to return to the hotel as soon as possible. "Echo, where's Charlie?"

"She will be here soon," he replied.

"I hope so. The chasers are pain in the ass," Patrick pushed the gas pedal harder as he power slided in a corner.

Suddenly, a tanker truck was reversing out of nowhere, maybe the driver didn't see four cars that had the speed of 170 km/h at his direction. Patrick noticed that and took a sharp turn and ended up escaping in a very tiny gap between the pedestrian walkway and the back of the truck.

Two cars managed to narrowly escaped behind them while one car hit the tanker. The tanker fuel leaked and suddenly exploded. Echo made a joke about it, "This Chase is made by Michael Bay."

"Yeah, now where's the backup that Echo promised?" Patrick asked before a black SUV appeared in front of them. It was a federal car. Well, it was their backup.

The backdoor opened and revealed someone who was holding a Panzerfaust III at her shoulder. He shot the pursuing car and exploded them all. The pursuers were turned into burning remain of cars. Patrick stopped the car and took a deep breath, "phew, for someone to use an RPG to destroy Mitsubishis. We're safe."

Patrick got out of the car to meet his lifesaver. The lifesaver was a women because he clearly could saw a black long hair that came out behind her balaclava. She was wearing a helmet and there were a lot of rockets on her back. She shook his hand, "Name's Charlie, pleasure doing business with you."

"Pleasure doing business with you too," Patrick shook his hand. Her car was a Chevrolet Suburban, a standard issue for a federal car. It was their car actually.

"Echo, why are you walking like that?" Echo was walking like a drunk person. His way of walking was dumb.

Echo poked Patrick's shoulder, "Patrick's driving made me nauseous," he said as he entered the driver seat of the Chevy. Charlie nodded at that and he looked again at Patrick, "You know, Lima talked so highly of you and I guess she is right."

"She is?" Patrick asked her.

"Yup, she said that Delta is this and that," Charlie crossed her hands. "Well, Delta, if we need a driver, we know who's the guy."

"Thanks for the compliment," he looked at his clock which showed 2 A.M. "I have to go now," he entered the BMW again and he opened the window to see Echo waved his hands at him. He waved his hands back and he nodded behind to see the sleeping princess that had awoken.

"Morning, shall I take you back to the hotel?" He asked.

He drove the car back to the hotel and Clara said goodbye. He told him that night was unusual and exciting, but she would prefer a less adrenaline date. Patrick said goodbye and took the car back to the parking lot that was located four bus stops away from his home. He parked the car there and the car vanished instantly.

"Ok, tomorrow is school time. I still need to deal with my grades," he said as he walked home with his MP5 on the front of his bodies.

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