Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet Chapter 752: I have the final say


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Chapter 752: I have the final say
Translator: eunimon_ Editor: Caron_

Ye Wanwan's words provoked a thousand ripples of waves - Xue Li, the group of experts and the owner of Hui Cui Workshop, Hou Mao Feng, all altered their facial expressions dramatically.

"Boss Hou, please don't be mad. There must be a misunderstanding somewhere. I'll definitely handle it!"

Xue Li placated Hou Mao Feng while speaking to Ye Wanwan in a tense tone: "Miss Ye, I know you have hard feelings against director Qin, but you should keep your personal and work affairs separate. You didn't even discuss anything with us and made a decision on your own recklessly. What's the meaning of this?!"

Eleven stood up when he heard that and said, "Deputy director Xue, you guys didn't discuss anything with Miss Wanwan before making a decision - aren't you the one making reckless decisions?"

Xue Li took a deep breath. "You... fine, since you want to have a discussion, let's have a proper discussion right now. I've already mentioned all the reasons we should purchase this. This batch of materials is top-notch and director Qin spent a lot of time and effort on this..."

Ye Wanwan supported her forehead with her hand but she didn't interrupt him at all. She simply listened to Xue Li's eloquent speech about Qin Ruo Xi's merits.

After he was done speaking, Ye Wanwan mumbled, "Are you done? May I get a word in? I am the person in charge of procuring the stones, so I have the final say."

Xue Li nearly choked on a mouthful of blood. "YOU..."

She's using her power to crush me...

Why bother reasoning with her?

Eleven was initially worried about how Ye Wanwan was going to deal with this and he didn't expect her to be so simple and cruel. He couldn't help but cough lightly and rub his nose.

Did that really work?

In the next moment, they heard a cheer as if a cheerleader team was shouting their slogan in unison. "Boss Famous, as pretty as a flower, pretty pretty pretty pretty, beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful!"

"Pffff——" Ye Wanwan spat her tea out.

This was what these fools meant by getting back at them without using violence?

Xue Li's face turned nasty when he looked at the five people who had been following Ye Wanwan around, adding fuel to the fire.

Seeing as the atmosphere was becoming deadlocked, the three experts attempted to persuade Ye Wanwan.

"Miss Ye, please consider things carefully!"

"Even though the task isn't critical this time, it's hard to find a good piece of jade. The jewelry business has been waiting for more than half a year and if we miss this opportunity and let others buy this batch of goods, we'll take huge losses..."


A loud "bang——" resounded. Hou Mao Feng had been listening the whole time and he suddenly slammed the table, throwing a huge fit.

"This is ridiculous! What high-sounding sentiments you got there! I turned away businesses who offered me a much higher price and kept this batch of goods for you, yet you despise Hui Cui Workshop's goods? Mr. Xue, is this what you meant by sincerity?"

Xue Li glanced angrily at Ye Wanwan and hurriedly said, "Misunderstanding, this is a misunderstanding. Boss Hou, let me explain..."

Hou Mao Feng's face turned cold as he waved Xue Li off. "Forget it, you don't have to say anymore. Anyway, I didn't want to hand this batch of goods over to anybody except Miss Qin herself, so since none of you have any idea of what's good for you, I don't have to give any face to you! Please leave!"

The shop assistant looked at Ye Wanwan in disdain and spoke in a sharp voice. "This lady over here doesn't understand the market at all. You think precious stone stores are everywhere in H city and the streets are filled with goods, huh? For such a top-notch material, you might not even be able to obtain it after waiting several years - do you have any idea how many people want these goods?"