Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet Chapter 700: Quick, kiss me


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Chapter 700: Quick, kiss me
Translator: eunimon_ Editor: Caron_

Hearing her reply, heatwaves immediately emerged in Si Ye Han's obsidian-colored eyes; the heat was enough to melt a person.

Ye Wanwan could clearly see the desire to rush out of the water gate from his eyes...


Oh dear... I went too far...

The moment Si Ye Han's mouth approached her again, Ye Wanwan hurriedly smushed her head onto his chest and said pitifully, "Uh, I was so busy the whole day that I haven't eaten anything. I'm so hungry... I want to have some noodles... but my hand hurts..."

Si Ye Han looked at her quietly from a distance so close that she could smell his breath.

How could he not know what Ye Wanwan was thinking about...

She was so daring to stir up his emotions then quickly run away each time...

He bit her lips hard then strode over to the fridge.

"The apron is hanging at the side of the fridge - I'll get it for you!"

Ye Wanwan skipped over cleverly and took out a pink apron that was a free gift from the supermarket with the image of Hello Kitty printed on it.

Si Ye Han looked disapprovingly at the apron and was obviously very unwilling to put it on, but seeing Ye Wanwan holding it up with eager expectations, he finally held his arms open.

"Eh, wait a minute. Do you know how to cook noodles?" Ye Wanwan suddenly asked.

Si Ye Han shot her a look of disdain out of the corners of his eyes.

Ye Wanwan smiled guiltily and said, "Uh, alright, alright, my bad. How could you not know how to cook noodles, right?"

Si Ye Han had just entered the kitchen when Ye Wanwan's phone started ringing suddenly.

The caller ID indicated that it was Xu Yi.

Ye Wanwan answered the call. "Hello? Housekeeper Xu?"

The second the call was connected, Xu Yi's urgent voice came through the receiver, "MISS WANWAN! Are you alright? I'm already at your apartment building! Eleven and Feng Xuan Yi are on the way as well! Please hang in there - calm down and don't be rash!"

Ye Wanwan was totally confused. "Huh? What are you talking about? What happened?"

Xu Yi was taken aback by her questions. "What happened? Isn't master there yet? He raced over at a speed of 400 yards per hour, so he should be there by now..."

"Uh..." Raced over at a speed of 400 yards per hour...

"Master saw the video of you getting injured to protect Gong Xu and the worst part was the nonsensical comments appearing everywhere, saying things like you and Gong Xu were very compatible. How can two men be compatible? What are these netizens thinking about..." Xu Yi spoke at his fastest speed and explained what happened. His voice shook the whole time.

"That, housekeeper Xu, ah..."

"Miss Wanwan, when master finds you later, please remain calm, alright? We'll be arriving very soon!" Xu Yi urged repeatedly.

Ye Wanwan coughed lightly and interrupted him again, "Housekeeper Xu, please calm down a little and let me say something, okay?"

When Ye Wanwan was done speaking, she tapped on the video icon and changed it to a video call. Then she directed the camera to the kitchen.

In the next second, Xu Yi saw his own master wearing a pink cartoon apron around his waist in the kitchen. The sleeves of his white shirt were rolled up messily and he had a spatula in his hand. Then...


In the video call, Xu Yi froze.

Ye Wanwan stood up and brought the phone to Si Ye Han. "Baby, look at me!"

Si Ye Han turned to Ye Wanwan and all he saw was her holding the phone to his face. Xu Yi seemed to be in the small box on the screen.

Ye Wanwan hopped over to Si Ye Han and angled the front camera so both Si Ye Han and herself fit in the frame. "Quick, kiss me! Your housekeeper is going nuts!"