Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet Chapter 225: Do you still want your wife or not?


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Chapter 225: Do you still want your wife or not?
Translator: eunimon_ Editor: Caron_

Ye Wanwan didn't really believe she'd used drugs so she didn't dwell too much on the test results. All that mattered was that she was finally free.

After she left, the first thing she wanted to do was see Gu Yue Ze, but what awaited her was the chaotic world outside...

Her father was driven out of the company and he lost the family house and car. In just a single night, Ye Wanwan fell from grace, going from the daughter of a rich family to a shameful, "balding phoenix" who was ridiculed by everyone. Her fiance, whom she loved deeply, even became Ye Yiyi's boyfriend...

In her past life, after she found out these circumstances, she attempted to expose Ye Yiyi's true colours but unfortunately, Ye Yiyi was well-prepared and she ended up empty-handed.

However, she did stumble onto a shocking secret...

With so many memories wreaking havoc in her thoughts, Ye Wanwan felt a sharp pain in her head and leaned against the edge of the sofa, slowly spiralling into a dark and deep nightmare.

Due to the sudden drop in temperature from the storm, her body trembled and her chest felt so heavy, as if it were filled with lead. It was becoming harder to breathe.


A ferocious, terrifying and low roar reached Ye Wanwan's ears. Her tightly shut eyes quivered and her mind was bogged down, unable to free itself from the fear.

All of a sudden, the white tiger, who was hiding at first, started to approach Ye Wanwan as he roared lowly.

Seeing her lying on the carpet with flushed cheeks and ragged breathing, the white tiger seemed a little nervous as it paced several times around her.


Another roar, yet she didn't show any response.

The servants at home usually remained in the servants' room unless they were called upon--they typically didn't walk around freely. Furthermore, Great White was roaring so fiercely in the living room which deterred anybody from rushing over, lest they send themselves to a quick death.

The white tiger kept roaring and pacing around her for a long time. Finally, it got closer to her and placed its enormous beastly body on her and laid down, embracing her in its warm white coat, its long tail covering her exposed calves.

Meanwhile, the black car travelled like a ghost in the stormy and dark night.

Through the rearview mirror, Xu Yi looked uneasily at Si Ye Han, who kept his intentions secret.

He thought his master wouldn't return home today, but he actually left the banquet early at 8.

He knew his master's greatest taboo was the loss of control.

And right now, Ye Wanwan was becoming more and more difficult to understand-- both her actions and her as a person.

It was great if she was well-behaved but even he could tell that Ye Wanwan was testing his master's limits, bit by bit.

Once she hit his limits, no matter how well she acted, it would be of no use.

Shortly, the car finally reached Jin garden.

The living room was strangely quiet. The master had left Si Lu Te at home on purpose and he guessed with Ye Wanwan's love of the beast, she would've made unnecessarily excited noises around it the whole night but presently, there wasn't a single movement inside.

Xu Yi took Si Ye Han's coat and followed him into the living room suspiciously.

The second the two of them entered, they saw a pile of white hair on the vintage, totem-printed floor with Ye Wanwan curled up against Si Lu Te, hugging its claws with both hands as she mumbled, "Mommy..."

"Roar——" Hearing the footsteps, Si Lu Te, who was locked in Ye Wanwan's embrace as she called for her mother, gave a deep roar.

Dumb humans! Finally, you came back? Do you still want your wife or not?!