Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet Chapter 1126: Help tell your fortune


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At the same time, in a car nearby, Si Yehan, Xu Yi, Eleven, Feng Xuanyi, and the hidden bodyguards of the Si family all watched as Ye Wanwan smashed a large dent on the car.

All the hidden bodyguards: "…"

Please protect me, Buddha…!!!

A dead silence enveloped the area.

As Luo Chen stared at the large crater on the car, he was also dumbstruck and forgot to push Gong Xu away.

He hadn't drunk that much alcohol tonight, so he clearly saw the large crater on the car. It absolutely wasn't an illusion.

Was this a feat that could be accomplished by a human?

Han Xianyu's expression was identical to Luo Chen's. Han Xianyu only knew that Ye Bai liked to flirt with people regardless of their gender when he was drunk. He didn't know Ye Bai could be so… violent…

Ye Mufan looked at the large dent then at his unsteady sister before madly rubbing his eyes.

Gong Xu didn't dare to approach Ye Wanwan at all and hid behind Luo Chen as best as he could. He begged, "Brother Ye, I was wrong. Brother Ye, I don't want to be beaten! I don't like to be on the other end of your fists at all! Don't misunderstand…"

Would he still be alive if Ye Bai's punch landed?

"D*mn! What's going on! This…" Ye Mufan finally reacted and shot toward Ye Wanwan like a bolt of lightning. "Wan… Ah, Ye Bai! Are… are you okay???"

Han Xianyu also hurried over and quietly asked Ye Mufan, "Did she act like this after drinking before too?"

Ye Mufan was stupefied. "Um… If she drinks too much, she'll go on a rampage… But it's never been this crazy…"

This was utterly insane! Did he have a fake sister?

When Ye Wanwan saw Ye Mufan leaning close to talk to her, she narrowed her eyes, which were full of yearning. "What? You want to fight with me too?"

Pure survival instinct pervaded Ye Mufan, and he quickly waved his hand in negation. "No, no, no! I don't want to!"

Ye Wanwan glanced at Ye Mufan and felt that his face was quite pleasing to the eye, so she leaned toward Luo Chen. "Then… how about you?"

Due to Ye Wanwan's sudden approach, Luo Chen's eyes clashed into her unbelievably beautiful eyes and felt all the air leaving his lungs. He didn't dare to breathe too hard, let alone speak.

"I… I…"

Ye Wanwan stared at the youth's handsome and helpless face and pulled back. She pursed her lips as she said, "Forget it. You're good-looking, I won't hit you."

Luo Chen: "…"

When Gong Xu heard that, he nearly fainted from crying too hard. "Brother Ye, I'm also very good-looking. Wahhh, why were you so mean to me? My Land Rover, my little car… Ah, you hit the car, but it's my heart that hurts…"

Ye Wanwan ignored Gong Xu and turned to the forgotten Fei Yang. She sized him up before deciding, "You then! You aren't good-looking!"

"… Huh?"

Fei Yang was about to cry. "You… you can't discriminate against me like this, alright? I'm just slightly worse looking. Wait, no, I'm also very handsome, alright? It's just not apparent because of their looks…"

Fei Yang finally realized. Ye Bai was especially fond of good looks when he was drunk!

Everyone present, including Ye Mufan, was all very handsome. He was simply a bit more average, but that didn't mean she could discriminate against him because of that and hit him, right?!

Fei Yang wanted to say that his HP took a critical hit…

"Help… save me…" Fei Yang's bladder was about to leak as he stared at the large hole on the car.

Han Xianyu shot forward. "Ye Bai!"

When Ye Wanwan saw Han Xianyu, her eyes instantly brightened.

The man was as gentle as jade and had a soft temperament. He made the people around him feel like a spring breeze was brushing over them…

Ye Wanwan: "Little Big Brother, do you want me to tell you your romantic fortune? My fortune telling is super accurate!"

Han Xian Yu: "…"