Perfect Match, Secret Marriage Chapter 298: A Poor, Jobless Man


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Hearing this, Kang Jun smiled. "I'll tell you soon, first let's deal with the situation concerning our children."

Lu AnLing nodded.

"For now, there is nothing much to be said. We need to bond with Yuxi. I thought it was going to be hard to get her back but my mother said that she is always ready and willing to give us custody. As for Mei Xue, we need to win in court. I hope everything goes as planned..."

Hearing this, Kang Jun shook his head.

"Don't worry. There are no more problems concerning that." Kang Jun said in a low voice before he spoke again. "Zhengyi has no blood relation with Mei Xue. There is no way that she will be able to take her."

Hearing this, Lu AnLing frowned. "But she's your grandmother..."

"No. She isn't." Kang Jun said simply as he looked away into the distance. "I'm not a Kang."

For a moment, Lu AnLing was stunned by the man's response. Though she did not want to ask too many questions, in fear of triggering unhappiness within him so she didn't say a word.

Kang Jun understood his wife well. He knew that she wouldn't ask any questions so he then suddenly began recounting to her what his mother had said to him, making sure not to leave out a single detail.

After hearing everything, Lu AnLing looked at the man with complete horror.

"Jun... I'm so sorry..." Lu AnLing said sadly. She knew how it felt like to find out that everything you believed was true was a lie. It was heart-wrenching and it made a person doubt everything they knew in the world.

When she had found out her father was alive and her aunt had hidden this from her the whole time, a part of Lu AnLing wanted to die but Kang Jun was there for her...

If necessary, Lu AnLing wanted to be there for him in the same way.

Touching his hand, Lu AnLing looked at him with love.

Seeing this, Kang Jun smiled and then he shook his head. "Don't be sorry. I'm glad."

After he said this, he just looked at her with clear eyes and an expression which was synonymous with peace.

Kang Jun didn't have to say anything anymore. Lu AnLing understood. The man was now finally free to do as he pleased.

Never had he ever been so free. Not even when he had left his family. The name 'Kang' had always followed him like a ghost. This was not something due to other people though. On the outside, Kang Jun didn't seem to care how he acted but truly, on the inside he was shackled. But Now, he would no longer have that problem in his heart.

Smiling softly at Lu AnLing, Kang Jun put his arm around her waist and then, he pulled her close to him before he said, "Are you okay with being married to a poor, jobless man?"

Hearing this, Lu AnLing couldn't help but laugh.

"I can sustain us with the money I'll be making from songwriting, the infinity project and my freelance translation work but if we need more money, I have loads of it in the bank!" Lu AnLing said in a joking manner. She was pretty serious, but for some reason, the strange happiness that emerged from her made every word change. "Though, I'm sure you'll be restless at home. So you'll be back to work in no time."

Kang Jun looked at her smugly.

"Maybe in five years." Kang Jun said simply as he kissed Lu AnLing on the lips.

Hearing this, Lu AnLing, smiled a bit and then she pursed her lips. "Five years? Why five years?"

Kang Jun shrugged.

"I want to be there for Mingyu, Mei Xue and Yuxi..." Kang Jun said simply before he toppled Lu AnLing over onto the bed. The man hovered inches above her face. So close, that Lu AnLing could feel his breath on her lips. "Also, We'll be having another child soon and I want to spend a lot of time with them."

Pinned under Kang Jun's body, Lu AnLing, despite being tired, could not help but feel aroused.

Grabbing Kang Jun by the neck, she pulled him closer to her and then, she whispered to him,

"If you truly want to have another child, why don't you start working on it right now." Lu AnLing said in a low seductive voice.

Hearing this, Kang Jun could not help but smile and as he did, Lu AnLing felt as if time had stopped and she could no longer stop herself from claiming the man as hers.

Pushing Kang Jun to the side, Lu AnLing's eyes turned hungry and fervid. She was no longer herself... at the moment, all she wanted was him and she would stop at nothing to satisfy this desire.

Feeling her heart beat hard in her chest, Lu AnLing crawled on top of Kang Jun. As she did this, her back was arched like a cat and the upper part of her body was lowered which allowed her breasts to press up against the man.

Because they were fully clothed, Kang Jun and Lu AnLing could only imagine how good it would feel to have skin to skin contact but just the anticipation of it sent shivers down their spines. They wanted that, but for now, they would take things slow.

Looking at Kang Jun innocently, Lu AnLing brought her head down to plant a light kiss on her husband's lips. It was soft, gentle and childish. Then, the girl stopped at looked at Kang Jun with innocence just before she began to give him a flurry of light kisses.

Feeling these sweet touches, Kang Jun's heart skipped a beat. He wanted to be rough with her, as usual. It was what both he and Lu AnLing liked the most but being slow and gentle sometimes, was equally as satisfying...

Suddenly, Lu AnLing's kisses began to spill from his lips and onto his cheek, then down to his neck... and then, before he knew it, Lu AnLing was unbuttoning his shirt as she kissed down his chest.

Kang Jun, looked down at his lover with love and care as he brought his hand to touch her wavy hair.

Feeling Lu AnLing move on top of him, Kang Jun's lower half reacted instantly. Between the fabric of the man's pants and the fabric of the girl's panties his rod longed to be buried deep inside the girl but neither Lu AnLing nor Kang Jun would allow that just yet.

The two had been through so much pain lately so they needed this pleasure to last. Together, without saying a word, the two had mutually decided that they wanted to spend the whole night forgetting about their pain and giving themselves to one another.

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