Perfect Match, Secret Marriage Chapter 297: Lu AnLing Was Reluctant To Agree


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When Lu AnLing returned home to the Kang Manor, her head was pounding and her heart was heavy. She wanted to just sleep so that the day would be finally over and done with but as soon as she walked inside the living room she saw Kang Jun with an expression that expressed exactly like how she herself felt at the moment.

Seeing this, Lu AnLing quickly made her way to the man and sat beside him.

Touching his ashen face gently, Lu AnLing turned his face towards her and said, "Darling, what's wrong?"

Hearing her voice, so gentle and so sweet, Kang Jun gave her a heartfelt gaze before he stood up from his seat.

Then he took her hand and brought her all the way upstairs. Lu AnLing didn't say a word as Kang Jun pulled her up the stairs. She understood that something must have happened to the man and so, he was bringing her to a quieter place so they would speak without worries.

Once upstairs in their room, Kang Jun closed and locked the door behind them as Lu AnLing made her way to the bed.

They both took a seat on the bed and unconsciously, their hands found their way to the others. The couple, feeling their fingers brush up against each other turned to look at their partner in the eyes before they entangle their fingers warmly.

Today had been a long and hard day and before coming home, Lu AnLing felt horrible but now, with Kang Jun by her side, she felt calm and able to think about her situation rationally.

This was the same for Kang Jun. After learning many things from his mother that day, he could no longer live his life as silently and passively as he had before. And before he had seen his wife, many bad thoughts had crossed his mind but Lu AnLing's presence brought logic and warmth to his world.

As if this feeling was about to overflow, Kang Jun felt the strong urge to embrace the woman. Not wanting to hold himself back in her presence, Kang Jun wrapped his arms around Lu AnLing and squeezed her just right.

At first, Lu AnLing was shocked by such a random gesture but then, witnessing the way Kang Jun seemed to sink into her Lu AnLing's heart trembled. Without care, she put her arms around him and squeezed as well.

They stayed in their protective embraces for a while, but then, Kang Jun pulled away.

"How was your meeting with your mom?" Kang Jun asked simply.

Hearing this, Lu AnLing wasn't sure where to start. She didn't want to worry him much, but she didn't want to hide anything from him either.

Lu AnLing: "The meeting itself was fine. I finally found out that Yuxi is our daughter."

After saying this, Lu AnLing turned to Kang Jun with a smile. She touched Kang Jun's shoulders gently and then she said, "Jun... our daughter is alive and well..."

Small tear droplets formed at the corner of Lu AnLing's eyes.

Seeing this, Kang Jun caressed her face and said, "Now that we know that Yuxi is our daughter, what do you think we should do?"

"I thought about it and I really want Yuxi to be with us... I told my mom to speak with Uncle Shen and find a good day for the play date and also tell Yuxi that her parents want to see her. I just hope that she'll want us..." Lu AnLing said with underplaying sadness in her voice.

Nodding Kang Jun smiled softly before he turned the girls face towards him. "She will."

"Also, I found out why we thought that Yuxi was dead. It's because of Zhao Qin and my mother." Lu AnLing said. After hearing this, Kang Jun turned to Lu AnLing with confusion. Seeing this, the girl explained to him everything her mother had told her. And then she said, "I'll try to get a meeting with him soon so I can find out more..."

Kang Jun shook his head. "I'll have Liang do it. The man should know both you and me well. I doubt he'd want to say anything to us but Liang is different. He's likeable and people seem to tell him things regardless."

Lu AnLing was reluctant to agree. She didn't understand why they had to involve Kang Liang. Seeing doubt in her eyes, Kang Jun explained to Lu AnLing what Kang Liang was doing for them.

Hearing about the situation, Lu AnLing's eyes widened. "We were both drugged?!"

Lu AnLing did not expect such a turn of events. She could not understand why her life couldn't be simple. She had half a mind to move halfway across the world right then but she stopped herself from telling Kang Jun to do something hasty.

Kang Jun: "I don't know who did it or why but Liang and I are trying to figure this out. Maybe with this we'll know who the mastermind is."

Lu AnLing understood where Kang Jun was coming from but if there was one thing she didn't understand it was the reason for Kang Liang's involvement. So Lu AnLing asked, "Why is Liang helping?"

Kang Jun: "He found the information and for some reason he doesn't want to let it go so I allowed him to do as he pleased."

Hearing Kang Jun say this, Ku AnLing gained a whole new level of respect for Kang Liang.

"You have such a good brother" Lu AnLing said in appreciation.

Kang Jun paused for a second due to the word 'brother'. Right then, he was beginning to realize that he and Kang Liang were not brothers at all...

It was strange... Kang Jun was used to being alone but Kang Liang had always stuck to him and followed him around like a lost puppy. Because of this, out of all his siblings, Kang Liang was the one Kang Jun was the closest to but now, what would happen to their relationship if Kang Liang knew the truth?

Kang Jun wondered if his brother would distance himself from him...

Noticing something was wrong with Kang Jun, Lu AnLing approached him and then she leaned onto him before saying, "Are you okay? You've been a bit off..."

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