Perfect Match, Secret Marriage Chapter 213: We’re Over. Forever.


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Yang Yize remembered the day he had been caught cheating on Lu AnLing like it was yesterday.

Glimpses of memories flashed across his eyes. Seeing Lu AnLing's face from back then in his mind, Yang Yize felt his heart clench. Back then he was too angry with her to even see that she had been in pain.

Lu AnLing was the one who recommended to break and this had infuriated him, but at that moment, if the roles were reversed, Yang Yize could not say with conviction that he would have done any different.

"The girl was...Uhhhh..." Yang Yize said.

Hearing this, Lu AnLing frowned. Did he want to protect this girl that badly?

Not having any more time to waste, Lu AnLing walked away from him without a word. If he wouldn't tell her, she would have no choice but to get over it. It wasn't like she was losing sleep over it.

Seeing her leave, Yang Yize opened his mouth to speak but no words came to his mouth. Seeing this, Yang Yize forcefully coughed to clear his throat and then he said the name.

Lu AnLing had only heard a mutter, so, as she turned to him, she said, "What?"

"That day...I was with Zhao Fei."

Lu AnLing's face twisted.

Lu AnLing had barely been close to Zhao Fei. She was one of the socialites who hung out a bit with Xiao Mian and Lu Shuya but the girl was a loose cannon. Despite being known as a seemingly quiet socialite, Zhao Fei was known for her supreme cruelty when bullying.

Lu AnLing had seen it first hand with Wang Tingting and everyone knew about it.

While Zhao Fei never did anything directly to Lu AnLing, sometimes, the things Wang Tingting would do her reminded Lu AnLing of what Zhao Fei would do.

Was this a coincidence...?

Looking at Yang Yize, Lu AnLing became curious.

How did Zhao Fei end up sleeping with Yang Yize? The two —to Lu AnLing's knowledge— had never been close.

Lu AnLing asked him this.

Yang Yize looked at her nervously. "I... well... one day I was at the library, and then I saw you and Sheng hanging out. You guys seemed so happy, and then a couple of girls came up to you both. I didn't know what it was about but when they walked away I heard them saying how you and he were dating. I was devastated and right when I was going to confront you two, Zhao Fei bumped into me."

Hearing this Lu AnLing frowned. So it was her relationship with Sheng that affected Yang Yize.

Lu AnLing internally sighed but she didn't interrupt him.

"She and I ended up going for drinks and then we spoke a bit. We became fast friends and I ended up telling her about us..." Yang Yize scratched the back of his head. His posture became a bit hunched and he frowned more. "She would... uh... keep tabs on you for me...I trusted her."

Hearing this, Lu AnLing clenched her teeth. Someone had been watching her... The thought of this made her skin crawl.

Lu AnLing looked up to meet Yang Yize's gaze. "More than you trusted me. And then you slept with her?"

Lu AnLing wasn't angry. She just wanted to get the facts down. Though hearing the way Lu AnLing said this, Yang Yize raised his voice.

"No, I loved you! I was faithful to you even then." Hearing the panic in his own voice, Yang Yize stopped himself and calmed down. Then he looked deeply into Lu AnLing's eyes, lowered his voice and said, "Zhao Fei was kind to me and she supported me and told me that everything was going to be okay. Then one day she came to me and told me that she saw you and Sheng kiss. I was so angry and sad. I was going to go confront you but I ended up drinking... AnLing, I was a mess and then one thing led to another..."

"And you fucked her. Got it." Lu AnLing would be lying if she wasn't a little bit annoyed now.

She and Sheng might have been close but they had never been anywhere close to kissing and by the day Yang Yize had cheated on her, it had already been a month since Sheng had been gone.

Zhao Fei had ruined her relationship. She had done is consciously too. But not only that but Yang Yize had not trusted her, not even in the slightest. She knew hanging out with Sheng too much made Yang Yize jealous so she consistently avoided it. But the day Yang Yize was telling her about was a special one...

That was the last day she would have been able to see Sheng. He had been accepted to a music school abroad and he was going away for a long time.

She remembered those girl. They had come up to Sheng and asked him for his number. They had only spoken to the two of them for a moment. Then Sheng had said,

"I'm going away soon so it would be cruel to accept your phone numbers..."

Then the girls just left...

Lu AnLing's face became stiff and angry.

Seeing this, Yang Yize reaches for her and put his arm on her shoulder. Lu AnLing consciously moved back, she didn't want another man to lay their hands on her so intimately.

"Don't." Lu AnLing said commandingly as she pointed her finger towards the man in a warning fashion. "I don't need your comforting. My husband can take care of that just fine. As for what you've told me. I understand now. But now, I have a warning for you."

Yang Yize gulped. He had never seen Lu AnLing in such a light. She was fierce and cold and she didn't take any bullshit from him.

Lu AnLing: "No more of this loving me bullshit. We're over. Forever. I'm happy with my darling and you have Xiao Mian. For both mine and Xiao Mian's sakes, you better treat her right. She's a bit... eccentric... but she loves you and you know it."

Yang Yize nodded.

He knew what he had... He did... but in his heart, he still lingered a bit on Lu AnLing.

The girl noticed this in his eyes.

"I need you to give up on me." Lu AnLing said her voice showing signs of exasperation.

Hearing this, Yang Yize lifted his head. "...I don't know if I can."

Sighing, Lu AnLing frowned.

She could kick him, scream and tell him how amazing her new life and husband were but Lu AnLing felt as if Yang Yize wouldn't give up unless she sent a shock through him. Picking up her phone, Lu AnLing began to video call Kang Jun.

Immediately, the man picked up the phone. He was no longer wearing his white jacket.

"Jun..." Lu AnLing said softly.

"Are you okay?" Kang Jun asked nervously.

When Lu AnLing had pulled out her phone Yang Yize was confused at first but then, hearing a male voice speak with love and softness on the other end, the man froze.

"Jun, can I reveal our relationship to one person?"

Hearing this, Kang Jun paused and then asked, "Who?"

"My ex-boyfriend." Lu AnLing didn't beat around the bush.

Kang Jun: "Pass him the phone."

Lu AnLing did as Kang Jun ordered. As soon as the man brought the phone to his face, Yang Yize felt his whole body freeze.

It was like he had looked into the eyes of Medusa and turned to stone.

Since when had Kang Jun gotten married? and to Lu AnLing, no less?!

Looking into the eyes of the devil, Yang Yize felt as if he was going to die a thousand deaths for everything he had done to Lu AnLing.

Suddenly, Kang Jun said, "Hello Mr. Yang I'm pleased to meet you. My name is Kang Jun. Thank you for taking care of my wife all these years."

Kang Jun's face was completely frigid. He didn't even put a business smile on but hearing these words, Yang Yize was a bit more comfortable. It seemed like Lu AnLing hadn't told him anything about the cheating incident.

"I'm pleased to meet your acquaintance Mr. Kang." Yang Yize tried his best not to stutter as he said this.

But Kang Jun could smell fear from miles away.

"Yes... now then, Mr. Yang. Please excuse me if I sound a bit rude, but I love my wife very much. She's an important person in my life and when... certain things approach her, I become very... agitated."

Kang Jun continued with his ambiguous way of speaking until Yang Yize's face turned completely pale. Lu AnLing. Watched this and immediately wanted to laugh out loud.

Kang Jun didn't hold back against opponents. Even if they weren't a threat whatsoever.

Watching Yang Yize squirm, Lu AnLing found a weird satisfaction.

When Kang Jun was done talking to him, Yang Yize immediately apologized to Lu AnLing and then he walked away aimlessly.

Watching this, a small smirk appeared on Lu AnLing's lips.

"Satisfied?" Kang Jun said warmly as he watched the girls refreshing aura spread.

"Very. Thank you so much, darling." Lu AnLing smiled wide.

"No need for the thanks. Whatever you want or need, I'll procure it for you." Kang Jun said in a heartbeat but even so, Lu AnLing thanked Kang Jun one more time and then she hung up.

Once she did, A voice suddenly spoke to her from behind.

"How many men have you seduced so far, you bitch?"

Hearing the voice of one of the many socialites that used to bully her. Lu AnLing groaned.

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