Overpowered Soul Transmigrate In Apocalypse Chapter 8: Chapter 8: It's a whole new adventure when a legend goes out the front door!


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Month May - Day 19

After a night of sleeping soundly‚ he has decided to head out and train himself in «Dance of Dragon». The mystical art for which he nearly became a breeding machine.

He picked up his glaive and walked towards the front door of the house‚ as his two servants followed behind him. Dracula wearing the huge backpack.

No one realized‚ that a great legend would start his journey from basically going out the front door of the house.

Not even the masterminds behind the devastation knew‚ that this simple person basic act of walking‚ would later on‚ mount terror in their entire being.

Taking away their breath with the echo of his every step!

For now‚ the soon to be legend was depressed over the death of his little lily!

Little Lily was the name of his flowerpot which he placed at the right side of his house front door.

He named it little lily‚ simply because the flower pot was small and the flowers in the flower pot were purple lilies.

The flower pot was crushed under a huge black rock‚ and only a single dry purple petal managed to escape its fate.

He lowered his head "Little lily‚ you have accompanied my house front door for a long time‚ rest in peace‚ may your soul find a place in heaven!" he sighted‚ and bent down to pick up the last dried petal and placed it in the pocket of his black hoodie.

He lifted his face to stand up and move out of the house toward the street but realized that he was facing a bigger problem right now!

He has unknowingly trapped his body between the two rocks and the house door while bending down to pick up the dried purple petal!

Totally unintentionally‚ his body fat was stuck at his house front door‚ and he was unable to move it. He could move but he was afraid that by moving he would rip off the skin attached to his white tummy!

All this happened because of two Huge rocks - that looked like they were siblings birthed from the same mother - had somehow crashed right at the right and left side of his house front door‚ unknown time ago!

He justified this as the cause of the earthquake he felt while he was sleeping more than a week ago.

Goddamn‚ he really needed to modify his servant A.I‚ but it was also all his fault as he installed a program called T-humane in both his A.I.

The program was intended to works in a way to make an A.I as humane as it can become through interaction with its owner.

Because of his years of negligence‚ he realized that he had two socially retarded A.I to take care of‚ who have learned about the world only through animes‚ where every main character has a plot-armor and barely have any common sense!

His two servants were waiting behind their master‚ who was showing them his arse.

They saw their master take out his phone from his 3XL trousers and googling

"What to do when your body Fats is stuck in the front door of your house"

Sadly‚ even google didn't have any information about his dilemma!

"Master‚ do you need help?" asked Dracula‚ after seeing their master started to moan out loud and try to wiggle his stuck body back inside the house.

"Yes‚ I need help! Please do something about it before Uncle James eats me alive" shouted their master as he started to wildly flex his body.

Uncle James was the owner of the Saminos pizzeria chain from where Feng Mei used to eat his pizza.

He used to be a handsome and dashing middle-aged man though now‚ his face was gray and rotten‚ with decayed teeth, yellowed and full of pulpy bits of bloody flesh, with chunks of intestines dropping out from his guts and have basically‚ turned into a zombie.

With half-shrug shoulder and making Hiss! Hiss! sounds, Uncle James was dragging his body towards his luxurious meal Feng Mei!

"Chandni‚ activate battle mode" said Dracula.

"Affirmative" An strict military lady voice came out of her mouth as her mechanical eyes turned red and a huge white metal box appeared behind her. It wasn't a mere white metal box but a rocket launcher.

"Mission Thousand years of pain: At the count of 3 we both will strike master at the bullseye" He mentally passed the bullseye location over to her. The bullseye being Feng Mei ass.

"Affirmative" she replied and moved back a distance of some feet.

Feng Mei was not ready nor aware of the pain he was going to feel right now.

"3....2....1 Go"

Dracula kicked right on the bullseye and Chandni also rushed and hit their with her mechanical hand‚ both performed their action at the speed of lightning and hit the targeted area at the same time. Sending their master flying towards Uncle James!

"Ahhhhhh" Feng Mei shouted due to pain and felt that his ass might have busted.

Feng Mei body hit Uncle James and crushed it beneath the fat.

Uncle James being a pizzeria man was stubborn as hell, and refused to die‚ making hiss hiss sound and tried to bite Feng mei‚ who hurriedly rolled to the side and stood up.

"Hello Uncle james‚ you are looking handsome today‚ goddamn I will miss your tasty pizza" he said while picking up his glaive with a attach pole and raising it up.

Seeing its meal going away uncle James produced an ear-shattering sound that attracted the wandering zombie towards his location

~Shessh~ he swung the glaive and cut off uncle James head sending it rolling on the street and shutting the voice.

"What a great man‚ he even went off with a bang" he praised and looked ahead seeing a wave of zombies‚ moving very slowly towards him.

Dracula easily jumped over towards his master and Chandni being short and small in structure‚ easily moved through the small passageway.

"You guys don't need to help me at all! Just look at the awesome performance this young master will generously perform for you," he said while rushing into the wave of zombie‚ excluding battle intent and expressing excitement clearly shown through the twinkle present in his eyes!

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