Overpowered Soul Transmigrate In Apocalypse Chapter 6: Chapter 6: The first art Month May – Day 17


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Month May – Day 17

Muffin city – Feng Mei house – Chandni and Dracula point of view!

Chandni moved‚ yes she moved‚ not walked as she have no legs‚ toward Dracula and soon reached him.

"Mr.dracula‚ Master said to start preparing for surgery just in case if he managed not to find any suitable way of making his fat useable" she passed Feng Mei words over to Dracula.

"Ok‚ Than I will go out and get the necessary equipments to perform the surgery" Said dracula‚ as he affix his lightly lose glasses with cord and got ready to head Out‚ outside the house‚ to get equipment and materials necessary to perform liposuction.

"Oh Oh! Oh! he also said that the surgical equipment is inside the basement of the house" she Hurriedly stopped Dracula from heading out of the house‚ red appears on her face due to embarrassment of not being able to pass her master message correctly and almost causing Mr.dracula to waste his time.

Dracula look at the silly lass"So cute" he said and pat her head‚ which caused the lightly blushing her to blush more. Dracula went towards the basement of the house while chandni followed him.

"What should I do today? master don't want to eat food today and the house is also clean" said chandni while biting on her mechanical thumps with her no teeth dumpling like face.

Dracula turned towards her "You can help me out" Her face brightened up‚ literally excluding bright light. Dracula words turning up her mood‚ almost the same as when a person who lives life with no reason finds a new reason to live his life. She followed Dracula towards the basement to help him out and get the equipment necessary to perform surgery.


Month May – Day 18

Muffin city – Feng Mei house.

A day has passed by as he stayed still‚ standing in front of the soft bed in deep meditation‚ like the statue of a buddha. Yes‚ he was standing!

The very first day‚ after complementing the various information he have‚ he had managed to drive out a skill useable for his current situation through his extensive knowledge. And also spend the whole day cultivating it.

The skill is the most basic art and is used to train and strengthen the physical body.

This skill uses the energy present in the fat to cause the blood vessel to vibrate. Causing the fat storage in the body to disintegrate! Annihilate the fat cell‚ and expel impurities.

Doing all this while also increasing strength.

The skill is divided into two path. External path and internal path.

The external path is the path in which the bones and skins get strengthen by expelling impurities.

In this path‚ those blood vessels are targeted that are located near the bones and skin. They vibrate and strengthen the external parts of the body.

The energy from fat are used to make them vibrate‚ While mental and physical pressure is needed to increase the flow of blood in the blood vessels‚ which increase the vibration speed.

These vibration in terms hit the 206 bones present in an adult body‚ as if a person playing 206 drums‚ which tempers and strengthen bone and hardens the skin.

While the internal path also follows the same way of strengthening‚ except the fact that the Internal path uses the veins that are close to the internal organs of the body and tempers them through vibration.

Even a grandmaster of martial arts wouldn't dare to try out such an art‚ as it need extensive knowledge about all the veins present inside the human body and a great level of endurance. To endure the stress and pain caused by mental and physical pressure.

Even a single mistake could lead to an injury as small as a little cut or as severs as internal and external bleeding and even death.

He who had the knowledge that even gods would want to obtain decided to cultivate both external and internal art at the same time.

Though Right now‚ as he stood straight in meditation and using energy from the fats to vibrate the blood vessel and expel body impurities‚ he also was busy deciding the name of this art!

"Should I name it «Art of physical tempering» Nah! that sound too overused and cliche" He rubbed his forehead while thinking of a name.

"I got it‚ I should name it «Vibrator art» no! «Art dela vibrato» seems better‚ it also sounds good and italian!" Which he also declined‚ when a memory of a women using a stuff with a totally similar name popped out in his mind...

He kept on thinking. Large droplets of sweat tickled down his face‚ as if this was the hardest decision he had to make in his life. Almost as if this was second battle which he absolutely had to win with perfection.

Thinking and thinking hours went by as his A.I. robots looked at the closed door.

One mechanical face expressing her emotion clearly‚ as it showed a concerned face. While the other stood silently without any trace of emotion.

But internally he was deeply worried about his master and both the robots were ready to break inside the room at moment notice.

~Ahahaha Hahahaha Huhuhu Hehehe ~ they heard the crazed laugher of their master that have changed tones 4 times and hurriedly broke inside the door.

For a while‚ their eyes were blinded by an imaginary holy light dropping down from the heaven upon their master who was still crazily laughing.

They saw their master who had lost at least 20 Kg standing in front of the bed!

He finally stood up after 6 Months. Six whole months that equate to approximately 186 days and around 4464 hours!

Chandni was going to cuddle with her master but Dracula hurriedly stop her‚ as their master was covered in a sticky black liquid with a horrendous smell.

He looked towards his two servants and said

"I have decided‚ I have finally decided the name of the very first body tempering Art which I have created by myself in this world"

"This art that will begin my rise to the path of power I will name it «Blood Vessel tempering Heaven and Earth» The Heaven basically defined as all the internal organs and the Earth defined as the physical body–bones and skin."

"Congratulations Master! but I believe you should take a Scented water bath first" Said Dracula as he hurriedly pressed some button that changed the bed into a bathtub full of water and kicked his master inside of it.

~ Every creature including zombie that were near Feng Mei house had also ran away because of the horrendous odour ~

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