Overpowered Soul Transmigrate In Apocalypse Chapter 5: Chapter 5: First battle! Against the bed Month May – Day 17 .


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Though before anything else‚ he has a bigger challenge to face on right now.

It's not slaying a human turned zombie‚

fighting an armed(with weapons)–army of human‚ nor taking on all alone and dominating an alien colony but something as simple as standing up. Yes‚ standing up which even a two years old can do nearly perfectly.

Sweat dripped down his face‚ his heart hammered in his chest‚ terrifying thought filled his mind when he realized that he couldn't stand up. Sadly‚ this is what happens when you don't move from a single place for 6 months and increase your body weight by 50 KG.

"Master‚ do you need help? should I help? master....." Said Chandni the cute housemaid‚ her melting honey-like voice contained traces of concern‚ as Feng Mei's emotion was completely shown upon his face.

"Ah‚ no need this is a perilous situation. One that I must face on my own‚ I must defeat this bed by myself at all cost no matter what no matter how dangerous! this is my first battle in this world" he replied back as he used both his hand to push himself upwards. Sadly‚ he invented this bed to be more softer than 'Extra Soft' which led to his meaty hands drowning within the cushiony bed which was also a sofa‚ message chair‚ shower‚ toilet, etc...

Feng Mei stopped trying to force himself to stand up. He closed his eyes and went slightly deep into thoughts. He was thinking about the different Techniques that included 'Mystic Skills' and 'Unique Arts' he has learned during his stay on «Astral Haven»‚ Until a cool‚ yet nearly silent voice disturbed his thoughts.

"Master‚ upon your permission‚ I can perform a liposuction surgery‚ getting rid of all the fat from your body" Said dracula‚ his voice pleasant to the ears‚ as soft and murmurous as the flapping of wings‚ though his right hand held a white surgical knife.

Feng Mei looked eye to eye with his second trustworthy companion the A.I robot Dracula as he was considering the offer. Though Dracula was wearing glasses with a cord that reflected imaginary light which stabbed into his eyes‚ causing him to lower his head. Dracula looked better in both shape and face‚ even though he was only 163cm tall he still was 1000% better looking than he himself. It felt like Dracula was the actual master between the two and also had the chance to become the main protagonists of this Apocalypse novel.

"Well‚ I need some time to think about it‚ maybe I can take some information from other Techniques and make all this fat useable" he explained his thoughts since there was almost no hidden secret between the three.

"As Master commands" Replied Dracula lightly inclining his head towards his master. He stood back up and affix his glasses than turned around and went out of the room.

"Chandni there is no need to prepare supper or dinner today" Feng Mei said.

"Master are you sure? not eating is not healthy for the body" she replied like a concerned mama. Sadly‚ she has no medical knowledge‚ as she was merely created to be a housemaid. Feng Mei didn't update her too much since she was so cute! and there was Dracula to take of stuff like these.

He looked down at his body and nodded his head confirming that he didn't want to eat.

"I will be going in deep meditation... Chandni Close the door and don't interrupt me until I say. Also inform to Dracula to set up surgical equipment that's in the basement. I will undergo surgery if I find no way to make this fat useable"

"Ok‚ than I will go and Inform Mr.dracula" and so following his command Chandni too went out the room‚ closed it and went towards dracula‚ leaving the still thinking – what to do – Feng Mei all alone in his room.

Feng Mei started revising all the information present in his mind that will make him the most powerful being in a single day. The information contained was about such rare and godly skills‚ that it will even make the eyes of Gods burn with passion and try their hardest to obtain.

Most of his information was related to such epic Magic that could change the terrain of land or even shatter a world into pieces. But these Magic spells required mana which this world don't have. Some that used the energy of sun and moon to make the body so powerful that at its peak could headbutt a God to death‚ freely bath in the fiery hot sun and jump from one planet to another planet. Sadly these energy particles were blocked by Earth magnetic field. Some that required killing mystical beings and using material obtained from them to become powerful. Call it ill fate or bad luck since there also was no such being present in Earth‚ at least he didn't know of one.

In the end‚ he realized that he had been fooling himself about the fact that he could easily become powerful in a single day if he tried. He had grand knowledge/information about all the most powerful skill and godly arts‚ but this goddamn world lacked the necessary material needed to even begin training in them.

A sigh escaped his mouth as he continued mulling‚ but this time about the low-level information that will be useful for a useless fatty and transform him into becoming powerful.

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